We promote interest in and the study of the stamps and postal history of all the islands that comprise the West Indies. In addition, it should include Bermuda, The Guyanas (British Guiana, French Guiana, Suriname) and (Belize) British Honduras and the interaction with applicable countries on the littoral of the Caribbean Sea.

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Publications News

Grenada Stamps and Postal History 1783-1952 by Tim Pearce (August 2021)

This book covers the pre-stamp handstamps, the Chalon Head issues in depth, including the Revenues, and numerous emergency overprints; the later Victorian and Edwardian issues, the 1912 – 36 King George V issues, including the War Tax stamps, and issues of King George VI up to 1952 are also covered. Commemorative stamps are included as well as postal stationery and postage dues and a revised list of the handstamps and postmarks from 1783 – 1952. There is a large chapter covering miscellaneous matters: Red Cross Stamps, and other Cinderellas, forgeries and fakes, and Censorship marks and labels. Appendices include Dan Walker’s work on the manuscript cancellations in the 1880s.
NOTE: If any member of the BWISC wants to pre-order a copy to collect at the Convention (to save on postage), please contact peterf@bwisc.org. Only a limited number of copies will be available otherwise.

Barbados Covers Franked With Perkins Bacon Adhesives, compiled by Peter Ford (June 2021).

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The original idea of recording as many covers as came on to the market must go to Michael Hamilton; his listing of philatelic events and covers posted at the time is a goldmine!
The next plaudit must go to Fitz Roett; from his lair in deepest Alberta, he has over the years amassed a fine collection of items from the island of Barbados. In 2013, he collaborated with that fine philatelist, the late Charles Freeland FRPSL and Peter Longmuir to prouce a book entitled ‘BARBADOS –The Britannia Issues’.
The list that follows emanates mainly from these two sources. Other collectors have contributed as well and I list their names in alphabetical order: Graham Booth FRPSL, Jonathan Guy, Joseph Hackmey RDP FRPSL, Christopher Harman RDP Hon FRPSL, Stefan Heijtz FRPSL, Michael Medlicott FRPSL, Michael Rego, Simon Richards FRPSL, Ray Stanton, Richard Stupples and Takashi Yoshida FRPSL; all of these collectors have fine collections of Barbados covers.
Acknowledgement must also go to dealers and auction houses who have generously supplied me with high resolution scans of covers in their keep. These have been noted beneath the illustrations.
As with all these lists, it is a work in progress and we do not expect that we have listed all covers; others will no doubt exist and we would hope that collectors seeing this list will add to it with items we have failed to record.

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It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that our President and Chairman, Graham Booth died suddenly, just before Christmas.

His funeral is being held on Monday 10th January 2022, 11:00am, details here:


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Now Available


The Untold Story of the Lady McLeod by Susan Taylor (December 2021).
This well researched book delves inside the prized Lady McLeod covers, untangling the family and business history that seeded their existence. It gives a detailed account of the Lady McLeod Steamer. The study takes a closer look at the contents of Lady McLeod letters, and raises questions about their markings. It links David Bryce, Alexander Taylor, Edward Bacon, James Graham Taylor and even King George V to the Covers, describing the stamp enthusiasts and forgers of the time. Readers are transported to Glasgow and Trinidad in the 1800s, where merchants using the steamer for communications, ran their businesses. There is also an updated census of the covers. A fascinating read for philatelists and a ‘must’ for any cover owner.

Image Gallery

alt text

'ANGUILLA/ROAD' T.R.D. 29mm. diameter single circle used from 1928 until 1931 on a airmail cover dated 15th July, 1930 sent via St.Kitts on 17th July, 1930.

Antigua: 10 June, 1864. cover prepaid at the 1s 1863 rate. Adhesives cancelled A02 at St. John's.

Dominica: Bisects
1883 cover to the UK with twelve ½ red bisects paying the 6d rate (4d packet plus 2d registration)

Bermuda: Docks Issue
Colour trials

Bahamas: The Queen's Staircase Issue - Special Delivery. Earliest known cover. Toronto duplex cancelled 'Oct 12 1916' and backstamped '18 Oct 1916' on arrival in Nassau..

Barbados: Bootheel Cancel Officer's Letters from Staff Surgeon Major Poole
June 1868 6d Concessionary Rate
— St Michael GPO 1

British Guiana: Ship type
Corner marginal block of 8 showingfour different types (B, C, D, E)

British Honduras: 1899 Revenue overprint
Top row ovpt 12mm
Lower row  ovpt 11 mm

Cayman Islands: Jamaica adhesive used. Local cover with Stake Bay TRD

Grenada: 1903 De La Rue Essays June and September essays with different vignette designs
Jamaica inverted frame

Jamaica: 1919-21 Pictorials
Inverted frame variety

Leeward Islands: Fees adhesives on indenture

Montserrat: Horseshoe handstamp. 9 Jan 1805 cover to London

St Kitts: 1922 Essay

St Lucia: Express Special Delivery. 1948 registered cover to USA with AR (avis de Reception)

St Vincent: 5 Pence on 4d

Tobago: 1838 cover with Fleuron cancellation

Trinidad: Dead Letter Office. Much travelled 1939 cover with Trinidad postage due

Turks Islands: 1881 2½ overprint setting V
Virgin Is missing virgin

Virgin Islands (British): 1867 issue. Missing Virgin variety