We promote interest in and the study of the stamps and postal history of all the islands that comprise the West Indies. In addition, it should include Bermuda, The Guyanas (British Guiana, French Guiana, Suriname) and (Belize) British Honduras and the interaction with applicable countries on the littoral of the Caribbean Sea.

We hold regular meetings including a week-end Convention (with partners) every other year,  have a Study Circle Library, publish a Quarterly Bulletin (in colour) and actively publish Books & Monographs. Our annual auction offers 600+ quality lots.
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New publication (January 2021): The Farthing by Richard Capon, Bill Gibb FRPSL, George Stewart FRPSL

The humble farthing, which not that many people will remember was the cost of posting Printed Papers locally in some colonies of the Empire. Most were in the West Indies. This book catalogues all of these stamps and shows some very uncommon uses. The coverage extends outside the West Indies to Malta in particular and also to Fiji. There are instances where farthing stamps/labels were used as revenues in Australia, South Africa and diverse places, such as Heligoland. There are listed examples of the farthing labels used in the Highland Railways of Scotland. Places where farthing stamps were used are all covered and as a special treat there is an appendix showing some rare uses from the Ronald Rong Collection.


Image Gallery

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'ANGUILLA/ROAD' T.R.D. 29mm. diameter single circle used from 1928 until 1931 on a airmail cover dated 15th July, 1930 sent via St.Kitts on 17th July, 1930.

Antigua: 10 June, 1864. cover prepaid at the 1s 1863 rate. Adhesives cancelled A02 at St. John's.

Dominica: Bisects
1883 cover to the UK with twelve ½ red bisects paying the 6d rate (4d packet plus 2d registration)

Bermuda: Docks Issue
Colour trials

Bahamas: The Queen's Staircase Issue - Special Delivery. Earliest known cover. Toronto duplex cancelled 'Oct 12 1916' and backstamped '18 Oct 1916' on arrival in Nassau..

Barbados: Bootheel Cancel Officer's Letters from Staff Surgeon Major Poole
June 1868 6d Concessionary Rate
— St Michael GPO 1

British Guiana: Ship type
Corner marginal block of 8 showingfour different types (B, C, D, E)

British Honduras: 1899 Revenue overprint
Top row ovpt 12mm
Lower row  ovpt 11 mm

Cayman Islands: Jamaica adhesive used. Local cover with Stake Bay TRD

Grenada: 1903 De La Rue Essays June and September essays with different vignette designs
Jamaica inverted frame

Jamaica: 1919-21 Pictorials
Inverted frame variety

Leeward Islands: Fees adhesives on indenture

Montserrat: Horseshoe handstamp. 9 Jan 1805 cover to London

St Kitts: 1922 Essay

St Lucia: Express Special Delivery. 1948 registered cover to USA with AR (avis de Reception)

St Vincent: 5 Pence on 4d

Tobago: 1838 cover with Fleuron cancellation

Trinidad: Dead Letter Office. Much travelled 1939 cover with Trinidad postage due

Turks Islands: 1881 2½ overprint setting V
Virgin Is missing virgin

Virgin Islands (British): 1867 issue. Missing Virgin variety