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Link 2021-0628 Ford, Peter Barbados Barbados Covers Franked with Perkins Bacon Adhesives
Link 2021-0613 Borromeo, Federico & Ford, Peter Trinidad Listing of early covers updated
Link 2017-1229 Watson, David Maritime Courtesy Visits to the BWI by US Navy Ships
Link 2017-1000 Watson, David Maritime Faster Caribbean Mail By Steamship
Link 2017-0400 Freeland, Charles Barbados Inventory of adhesives sold
Link 2017-0300 David Watson Maritime Caribbean Cruise Ship Mail
Link 2015-0800 Freeland, Charles and Forand, Michel Bibliography Philatelic Auction Bibliography
Link 2015-0100 David Watson Maritime Some sources of information about West Indies maritime mail
Link 2015-0100 David Watson Maritime Check List Of Shipping Lines That Have Carried Caribbean Mail
Link 2013-0601 David Watson Maritime Scheduled Local Mail Services Along the Coasts of British West Indian Territories
Link 2013-0600 Rego, Michael British Guiana Postal Rates 1858-1879
Link 2013-0300 Parmenter, John BPOs Abroad
Link 2012-1000 Brooks, Peter Leeward Islands Notes for Philatelists Corrigenda and Addenda
Link 2011-0721 Zirinsky, Steve BWI BWI Meter Marks
Link 2011-0500 Post Office Barbados Barbados Airmail rates effective 2012
Link 2011-0200 Leverton, Allan Bermuda Prague covers
Link 2009-1200 Ford, Peter Trinidad This is the section of the book 'TRINIDAD, A Philatelic History to 1913' by Marriott, Medlicott and Ramkissoon, which deals with Ship Letters. As will be seen some of the illustrations are far from perfect, either because of them being scanned from old auction catalogues or a copy has only been obtained at a very poor resolution. Either way, if any reader can provide improved scans or even better send a scan of an as-yet-unlisted cover, I would be most grateful. Send any scans or queries to"
Link 2009-1200 Ford, Peter Trinidad This article on the Lady McLeod stamp is basically what is in the book 'TRINIDAD – A Philatelic History to 1913'. Some of the illustrations are not as good as one would like. If any reader can provide better scans, could they please contact".
Link 2009-1200 Watson, David British Honduras / Belize British Honduras to an Independent Belize: 1970-83
Link 2007-0800 Bayley, Herbert (Summarised by Johnson, Robert) British Guiana Barbados Postal Rates from 1851 to 1933
Link 2006-0900 Knight, John Maritime BWI Slave Trading 1799-1800, Triangular Route
Link 2003-1200 Elias, Peter St Vincent Newsletter
Link 1982-0000 Dr. Joany, also Alexandre, Barbey, Brun and Desarnau Maritime French - BWI Maritime Postal Tarifs - Extract from Vol 1 of "Les Tarifs Postaux Francais 1627 - 1969",
Link 1980-0000 Barbados BBI Collection
Link 1970-1986 Roses Caribbean Philatelic Society BWI Caribbeana Journal
Link 1955-0900 Hosang BWI, WW2 Propaganda Issues, Stamps-In-Battledress
Link 1955-0300 Marriott, Sir John Trinidad Handstruck Stamps Cancellations
Link 1939-0000 West Indies Year Book 1939 (Airmail Rates)
Link Link 1925-1931 Husband, WA British Guiana British Guiana Philatelist (click bookmarks link to see start of each edition). To view individual edition in pdf click Link-2
Link 1908-1921 Dominican Government Dominica PO related extracts from Colonial Gazettes 1908 1921
Link 1903-0000 British Guiana Government (Ashmore) British Guiana British Guiana Village Administration 1838-1903
Link 1894-1969 St Vincent Government St Vincent Colonial Gazettes
Link 1891-0000 Bacon, ED BWI The postage stamps, envelopes, wrappers, post cards, and telegraph stamps of the British colonies in the West Indies together with British Honduras and the colonies in South America .
Link 1890-0000 Rodway, James British Guiana Post Office before 1860
Link 1887-1899 Leeward Islands Government Leeward Islands Colonial Gazettes
Link 1851-1966 Trinidad Government Trinidad Extracts from the Trinidad Royal Gazette relating to Post Office matters.
Research and scanning by Michael Rego.
The following dates were missing / poor condition and are therefore fully or partially excluded: 1915 Jan-Jun, 1919 Jan-Dec, 1921 Jan-Dec, 1922 Jan-Dec, 1923 Jan-Dec, 1938 Jan-Dec, 1940 Jan-Dec, 1950 Jan-Dec, 1951 Jan-Dec, 1952 Jan-Dec, 1954 Jan-Dec, 1974 Jan-Dec.
Link 1665-2000 Jarvis, Steve Jamaica Encyclopaedia of Jamaican Philately