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Early BWI Covers Perkins Bacon Adhesives – Barbados
The original idea of recording as many covers as came on to the market must go to Michael Hamilton; his listing of philatelic events and covers posted at the time is a goldmine!
The next plaudit must go to Fitz Roett; from his lair in deepest Alberta, he has over the years amassed a fine collection of items from the island of Barbados. In 2013, he collaborated with that fine philatelist, the late Charles Freeland FRPSL and Peter Longmuir to produce a book entitled ‘BARBADOS –The Britannia Issues’.
The list that follows emanates mainly from these two sources. Other collectors have contributed as well and I list their names in alphabetical order: Graham Booth FRPSL, Jonathan Guy, Joseph Hackmey RDP FRPSL, Christopher Harman RDP Hon FRPSL, Stefan Heijtz FRPSL, Michael Medlicott FRPSL, Michael Rego, Simon Richards FRPSL, Ray Stanton, Richard Stupples and Takashi Yoshida FRPSL; all of these collectors have fine collections of Barbados covers.
Acknowledgement must also go to dealers and auction houses who have generously supplied me with high resolution scans of covers in their keep. These have been noted beneath the illustrations.
As with all these lists, it is a work in progress and we do not expect that we have listed all covers; others will no doubt exist and we would hope that collectors seeing this list will add to it with items we have failed to record.
Compiled by Peter Ford FRPSL 2022 Letter size, perfect bound (softback), (vi) + 236 pages £28 / £26
The Untold Story of the Lady McLeod
This well researched book delves inside the prized Lady McLeod covers, untangling the family and business history that seeded their existence. It gives a detailed account of the Lady McLeod Steamer. The study takes a closer look at the contents of Lady McLeod letters, and raises questions about their markings. It links David Bryce, Alexander Taylor, Edward Bacon, James Graham Taylor and even King George V to the Covers, describing the stamp enthusiasts and forgers of the time. Readers are transported to Glasgow and Trinidad in the 1800s, where merchants using the steamer for communications, ran their businesses. There is also an updated census of the covers. A fascinating read for philatelists and a ‘must’ for any cover owner.
Susan Taylor, Edward Barrow, Nigel Mohammed & John Park 2021 Letter size, perfect bound, (vi) + 110 pages. ISBN: 978-1-907481-49-9 £20 / £18
This book covers the pre-stamp handstamps, the Chalon Head issues in depth, including the Revenues, and numerous emergency overprints; the later Victorian and Edwardian issues, the 1912 – 36 King George V issues, including the War Tax stamps, and issues of King George VI up to 1952 are also covered. Commemorative stamps are included as well as postal stationery and postage dues and a revised list of the handstamps and postmarks from 1783 – 1952. There is a large chapter covering miscellaneous matters: Red Cross Stamps, and other Cinderellas, forgeries and fakes, and Censorship marks and labels. Appendices include Dan Walker’s work on the manuscript cancellations in the 1880s.
NOTE: If any member of the BWISC wants to pre-order a copy to collect at the Convention (to save on postage), please contact Only a limited number of copies will be available otherwise.
Tim Pearce 2021 A4, Hardbacked with dustjacket, with (vi) + 188 pages. ISBN: 978-1-907481-44-4. £40 / £36
The Farthing
The humble farthing, which not that many people will remember was the cost of posting Printed Papers locally in some colonies of the Empire. Most were in the West Indies. This book catalogues all of these stamps and shows some very uncommon uses. The coverage extends outside the West Indies to Malta in particular and also to Fiji. There are instances where farthing stamps/labels were used as revenues in Australia, South Africa and diverse places, such as Heligoland. There are listed examples of the farthing labels used in the Highland Railways of Scotland. Places where farthing stamps were used are all covered and as a special treat there is an appendix showing some rare uses from the Ronald Rong Collection.
Richard Capon, Bill Gibb FRPSL, George Stewart FRPSL 2020 Letter size, perfect bound, (viii) + 102 pages. ISBN: 978-1-907481-46-8 £18 / £16
King Edward VII Imperium Keyplates
Printings, Plate Number Allocations and Key Plate Varieties
This work provides a study of the Imperium style key plate issues within the 16 colonies that employed this design. The formats of the key plates are determined and a detailed plating study of Key Plate 1 is provided, a rare example of such a study on a surface printing plate, whilst the ‘Spaven’ and ‘Missing Frame’ flaws are examined in depth. Philately has long misunderstood the format of Key Plate 2 and its true size and format is revealed. A study is made of the damage sustained to the marginal areas of the plates, particularly the marginal rules, which can assist in determining the date of printing of certain marginal examples.
Individual colony sections list all printings for each colony and the use of ordinary or chalk-surfaced paper is recorded for all printings.
The basis on which the plate number allocated to each printing has been deduced is given. Additional information has been derived from the De La Rue and Crown Agents records, together with that from philatelic literature, and any exceptional events noted.
Peter Fernbank FRPSL, Jeff and John Blinco 2020 A4 size, hardbacked with dustjacket, (viii) + 200 pages.
ISBN: 978-1-907481-48-2
Trinidad and Tobago - The Stamps & Postal Stationery
Following on from the two previous publications, one on Trinidad by Sir John Marriott and the other on Tobago, it seemed only fitting to complete the trilogy by publishing a book on the unified colony from 1913. This book covers the early De La Rue Britannia issues and the 1921 – 22 King George V issue up to the early QEII definitive stamps. Aside from this, commemorative stamps are examined, including some never issued; postal stationery, revenue stamps and surcharge issues are also included. There is a large chapter covering miscellaneous matters: Red Cross Stamps, War Tax Stamps and Official Stamps amongst others. Appendices include Printings and Consignments, Postal Rates and Postal Orders.
Peter C. Ford FRPSL, Ed Barrow and David Druett 2020 A4, Softback £24 / £22
Trinidad and Tobago - The Stamps & Postal Stationery
Following on from the two previous publications, one on Trinidad by Sir John Marriott and the other on Tobago, it seemed only fitting to complete the trilogy by publishing a book on the unified colony from 1913. This book covers the early De La Rue Britannia issues and the 1921 – 22 King George V issue up to the early QEII definitive stamps. Aside from this, commemorative stamps are examined, including some never issued; postal stationery, revenue stamps and surcharge issues are also included. There is a large chapter covering miscellaneous matters: Red Cross Stamps, War Tax Stamps and Official Stamps amongst others. Appendices include Printings and Consignments, Postal Rates and Postal Orders.
Peter C. Ford FRPSL, Ed Barrow and David Druett 2020 A4, Hardbacked, (viii) + 193 pages. £48
Trinidad Mail Coastal Service 1820–2000
Study Paper No. 8. This Study Paper traces the history of the mail service via the steamers that plied the coastal waters of Trinidad and Tobago from the early 19th century. There is much information on the vessels that sailed on these routes with tables of timings, lists of prices for various items sent by mail as well as many images of contemporaneous paintings of the ships and their ports of call. Any collector interested could not find a better reference book.
Michael Rego 2019 £22 / £20
Early BWI Covers Perkins Bacon Adhesives – Trinidad
For many years, there has been a listing of early Trinidad covers on the BWISC website; this book is an extension of that listing but now separating them into areas of destination. There have been many additions to the original listing and the book contains many high quality illustrations. This should be of great help to both dealers and collectors when researching the provenance of any particular cover.
Peter Ford FRPSL 2019 £20 / £18
The Riddle of The Registered Ovals of Jamaica And Trinidad 1949 
In March 2015 David Horry won a Julian Chapman Scholarship, via The Royal Philatelic Society London to travel to Jamaica and try to get to the bottom of this fascinating mystery. What he has discovered may change the way we view the use of the Colonial mails in a period before telephone tapping and hacking became the norm. The Cold War was warming up, just as the sun was slowly setting on the British Empire: and the so-called ‘Registered’ Ovals started their intriguing life as instruments of surveillance!
David Horry 2017 224 pages. A4, perfect bound £20 / £18
Bahamas – Stamps and Postal Stationery To 1970
Collectors of Bahamas have long awaited a successor to Harold G. D. Gisburn’s slim handbook of 1950 in which he briefly touched on most aspects of Bahamas philately. Since then many of the philatelic disciplines within Bahamas have benefitted from scholarly and detailed publications but stamps and postal stationery have remained substantially neglected. This book, a joint project between the Royal Philatelic Society London and the BWISC, attempts to remedy this situation. Each series of stamps is examined in detail, from its inception and development through to its issue and eventual demise. The various archive items that exist in both private and public domains are examined and listed, including artists’ essays, die and plate proofs, colour trials and Specimens, etc.
Peter Fernbank 2017 334 pages. A4, hardback £31 / £28
St. Vincent 1899  –  1965
The purpose of this book is to act as a Supplement to the outstanding handbook on St. Vincent philately, St. Vincent, by Pierce, Messenger and Lowe published by Robson Lowe Ltd. in 1971 (PML). While comprehensive in its coverage, this book did not include stamps and revenue stamps after 1897 while the coverage of the Postal History and cancellations only went up to 1915. The present volume will extend into the 20th century and add a couple of missing sections.
Charles Freeland, Roy Bond and Russell Boylan 2017 294 pages. A4, softback, £22 / £20
Study Paper No. 7 – Colonial Bank in the West Indies
The history of the  Colonial Bank is intricately wound up with both the social and philatelic history of the British West Indies. This book is full of interesting illustrations of adhesives used fiscally as well as covers and cards to and from the branches of the bank in various colonies. Of interest to collectors of both philatelic and revenue material, this is a useful addition to this series of Study Papers.
Michael Rego. 2017 72 pages. Letter size, perfect bound £12 / £10
The Tudway Letters
"This book concerns the Tudway family’s correspondence from 1751 to 1858. Over 1,400 covers were discovered and this work by Mary Gleadall examines the history of the family, the history of their employees in the West Indies and the correspondence emanating from that relationship. Mary’s dedicated researches into the old families of Antigua and Barbados over an extended period and her persistence in getting deep into the social history and political events that allowed the plantations of this period to flourish is breathtaking. It comprises a serious and thorough record of the contents of the hundreds of letters that reflect the concerns and challenges facing the writers, problems with weather, crop fertility and difficulties in managing the workforce. A very thought-provoking book which goes beyond pure philately and should be valued by all interested in the West Indies."
Mary Gleadall 2016 266 pages. Large, card cover £20 / £18
The Tudway Letter Inventory
The listing references were entirely compiled by John Willem in the 1970s and for more details on the Antigua marks please refer to Antigua, The Stamps and Postal History by Charles Freeland, FRPSL and John Jordan (BWISC, 2016). It was normal in the early days to send duplicate letters in case the original was lost due to pirates, enemy action or storms. These are noted by the inclusion of two or more dates, the letter containing a copy of the previous followed by the current letter eg. 26 Feb/19 Mar or 19/26 Mar as below. Abbreviations used in the Location column are as follows: M of A&B – Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, SHC – Somerset Heritage Centre.
Mary Gleadall 2016 pages. Digital £0 / £0 Download
The Tudway Letter (Ships & Captains)
This listing was compiled from the contents and cover markings of the letters. Spelling is exactly as transcribed. 
Mary Gleadall 2016 pages. Digital £0 / £0 Download
Antigua – The Stamps and Postal History’
Coming so early in the alphabet Antigua has always been one of the most popular of the small Caribbean islands. It has an interesting mix of early stamps printed by Perkins Bacon and De La Rue including a number of rarities. On the postal history front Antigua is especially well endowed, with the Codrington and Tudway estate correspondences. There is also a rich variety of early postal markings, including some unique marks. The original inspiration for this book was the Antigua Monograph published in successive issues of the British Caribbean Philatelic Journal over a 15 year period between 1973 and 1988. This book collates all this information, updates it and presents it in a most readable form.
Charles Freeland, and John Jordan. 2016 299 pages. A4, hardbacked with dust jacket, Now £25
Was £37 / £33
Classic Collections – St. Lucia
This book is a  continuation of the series highlighting the finest  BWI collections. Freeland's St. Lucia is the definitive collection with much material from the pre-stamp era, the St. Lucia Steam Conveyance Company, the early Perkins, Bacon issues through  to the De La Rue keyplate issues. More modern issues are not neglected and there are sections on the Postal  Fiscals as well as the Postal Stationery. Fully illustrated in full colour throughout, this is a worthy successor to the previous Classic Collections books.
Charles Freeland 2016 36 pages. B5, saddle-stitched £10 / £8
The Airmails of Trinidad And Tobago'
This book contains a detailed history of aviation in Trinidad plus listings of first flight covers. An in-depth study of the airmails from the early days up to Concorde, complemented by contemporary photographs, many never published before and illustrations of first flight covers, many in colour. Winner of the prestigious George D. Kingdom Literature Award by the American Air Mail Society. The Judges found the book `exceptional in content, quality of illustrations and fine production'.
Ron Wike 2015 214 pages. softback £18 / £16
The Encyclopaedia of Jamaican Philately Volume 9 – Military Mails
This is the third edition of this book, the original being written by the late Derek Sutcliffe. More than any other branch of Jamaican philately, this aspect is one where there seems to be an inexhaustible supply of new information. These two authors have correlated all of this latest material and produced a book that the original author would have been proud of. Now with a great number of superb colour illustrations, it is a must for all collectors of Jamaica. Awarded a Gold Medal and the Grand Award at CHICAGOPEX 2015.
Paul Farrimond and Raymond Murphy. 2015
2017 update

2020 update

458 pages. A4, perfect bound, £29 / £26

Jamaica Military Mail

The Encyclopaedia of British West Indies Postmarks. Queen Elizabeth II Coronation - Independence
Detailed fully illustrated listing of all known postmarks with useful rarity guide. Besides the Caribbean islands this work includes Bermuda, British Guiana and British Honduras.
David Horry 2015 393 pages. Large, card cover £25 / £22
Cayman Islands Postcards
This long awaited book is here at last. Tom has over many years collected information on all aspects of Cayman Islands philately and has written this catalogue which is and will remain a steadfast guide to the cards of these islands. The postcards (and QSL cards) are lavishly illustrated in colour and it will be a book which collectors of BWI picture postcards will refer to as a standard work for many years.
Thomas E. Giraldi 2015 210 pages. A4, softbacked, perfect bound £16 / £14

Cayman Islands Postcards

Nevis. The Stamps and Postal History 1661-1890.
A comprehensive philatelic handbook covering pre stamp postal history, the stamp issues, postal markings, postal stationery, revenues and forgeries profusely illustrated in colour. Highly recommended.
Federico Borromeo And Charles Freeland 2014 211 pages. Now £18
Was £35 / £32
Tobago. The Philatelic Story of A Small Island
A comprehensive handbook on the stamps and postal history up to 1913. A companion to the Trinidad handbook by Marriott.
Peter Ford, Charles Freeland & Ed Barrow 2014 150 pages. Now £20
Was £34 / £30
The Trinidad Red Cross Label.
In depth study of this local stamp which was valid for postage on only one day. Includes analysis of the different settings, postal use and also background info on other Caribbean islands Red Cross labels.
Ian Jakes 2014 54 pages. in card covers. £12 / £10
The Encyclopaedia of Jamaican Philately Volume 8: Air Mails Steve Jarvis & David Atkinson 2013
2017 Update
268 pages. Card Cover £18 / £16
British Guiana: The Provisionals of 1882 Study Paper No. 5 Richard Maisel 2013 71 pages. Card Cover £14 / £12
Barbados: The Britannia Issues
This book examines the early Britannia issues of Barbados and lists all known blocks and covers of the period, together with their provenance. Profusely illustrated in colour this book is a must for all Barbados collectors.
For collectors in the US or Canada, this book is available from the Author at 806, Kincora Bay NW,  Calgary, Alberta, T3R 0A7,  CANADA.
Fitz Roett 2013 220 pages. A4 Softbacked, perfect-bound £15 / £13
King George V Key Plates of The Imperium Postage And Revenue Design (Second Edition)
Since its publication in 1997 this work has become the standard reference for collectors of the issues of this King George V Universal key plate style. It was awarded the prestigious Crawford Medal by the Royal Philatelic Society, London, for the most valuable and original contribution to the study and knowledge of philately published in book form during the relevant period. It was further awarded a Large Silver Gilt medal in the Literature section of the British National Stamp Exhibition in 1998. This study encompasses the issues of all of the 17 colonies that employed this design. From a comprehensive examination of the De La Rue and Crown Agents archives it has been possible to produce a listing of every printing made of this key plate style. A wealth of additional information has been added to this basic framework that adds flesh to the bare bones of printing statistics. A fascinating feature of this issue is the large range of different numbered key plates employed during its life and collectors will find here listed all value/plate number combinations that were used for each colony. Of particular interest to the specialist is an in-depth study of the flaws that developed on the various key plates and the damage sustained to the marginal areas of the plates, and this section has been considerably enhanced. In certain cases these can provide significant evidence of printing dates. A further important aspect of this work has been a review of the philatelic practices and procedures employed by De La Rue and the Crown Agents during the King George V period and this information may well be of great relevance to students of other issues within this period. This second edition updates the original work and provides much new information. In addition the vast majority of the original black and white illustrations have now been provided in colour and a considerable number of further illustrations have been included.
Peter Fernbank, 2013 514 pages. A4, h/b with dustjack Now £35
was £49 / £44
Leeward Islands Notes for Philatelists (2nd Edition)
Primarily covering the Leeward Islands Federal issue postage stamps and stationery, excluding the Presidential issues. The Federal Colony was formed in 1871 and shortly after comprised five Presidencies —Antigua, Dominica (until 1940), Montserrat, St. Kitts - Nevis and the Virgin Islands. Anguilla and Barbuda had their own post offices and Barbuda its own stamps in 1922. The history of Thomas De La Rue & Co's developments of their colonial key plate types is inseparable from that of the Federal issues when these types were used throughout the Colony's philatelic life. The proofs, essays and colour trials listed are those items which were, or may have been, subsequently employed in the production of Federal postage stamps and stationery. A brief summary is given of the postal arrangements from 1840 for each of the eight islands. Tables covering all 70 post offices and their postmarks (170 are illustrated) include known dates open and periods of usage. Postage rates for letters, stationery and airmail are recorded with tables and lists summarising the minimum rates from 1840.
Michael Oliver 2011 324 pages. Hard bound £40 / £36
The Locally Overprinted Special Delivery Stamps of Bahamas, 1916–17
This Study Paper examines in detail the Special Delivery agreement made between Canada and Bahamas in 1916. National Archive sources in both Canada and the UK have been investigated to provide an in-depth review of the Canadian and Bahamas Post Office procedures for dealing with such mail. There has been some misunderstanding regarding the full validity of Canadian covers with a Bahamas Special Delivery stamp affixed, and a grading system is provided for assessing such covers. Further sections define the three settings of the overprint for each position in the sheet, and go on to examine in detail the major errors that exist on this issue. This work sheds much new light on the subject and reveals that in the past there have been a number of misconceptions regarding this issue. 74pp, Softbound, colour illustrations.
Peter Fernbank, 2011 74 pages. Softbound £19 / £16
St. Kitts Postal History – Brian Brookes Classic Collection.
This is the fourth booklet in our series of ‘Classic Collections’ and details a highly acclaimed display given by Brian at the Royal Philatelic Society London in March 2010. Brian’s collection is without doubt one of the finest collections of St. Kitts ever assembled. The booklet describes and illustrates the earliest pre-stamp covers, as well as the early 1870 issues, the numerous provisional stamps, postal stationery and lastly the revenue stamps. Fully illustrated in colour throughout, this 34 page booklet is a must for collectors of both St. Kitts and general BWI.
Brian Brookes 2011 34 pages. Card Cover £12 / £10
British Guiana Coded Postmarks
The third in our series of Study Papers looks at the early coded postmarks of British Guiana. Almost all marks are illustrated on stamps and covers in colour. It also contains an analysis of the movements of the various marks between postal agencies.
Michael Rego 2010 63 pages. Card Cover £15 / £13
Montserrat By LE Britnor
The original work was completely updated and re-published in 1998 using modern day desk-top publishing. Since that time, much new information has come to hand and this edition contains not only this new information, but has new colour illustrations. It is still the only philatelic handbook on this island. It contains details of the stamp issues including proof material, postmarks and postal history.
Charles Freeland 2010 120 pages. A4, in a perfect-bound softback £24 / £22
Barbados - Frank Deakin's Classic Collection Reprint
This is a reprint of Frank’s original booklet, but the images have been re-scanned and the booklet is a far finer publication than the original. To tempt members, we are offering to the first 50 purchasers of this booklet a free customised CD with a commentary by Frank Deakin of the text of his work. All the illustrations are from his collection, sold at Harmers earlier this year. It’s mouthwatering stuff!
Frank Deakin 2010 26 pages. Card Cover £12 / £10
Trinidad - A Philatelic History to 1913
This book was c.onceived by .John Marriott to follow on from his original 1962 Study Paper; unfortunately he did not live to com1>lete the work. With the help, not only of the two co-authors, but many other Trinidad collectors, our two societies have collaborated to publish this book. As the title suggests, the book covers the Trinidad-only period before the advent of Trinidad & Tobago issues. It details all Postage Stamp issues within the period, as well as the Postal Markings; the coverage includes Postal Stationery, Postage Dues, and Revenue and Official Stamps. The final chapter examines the' D22' markings ofCiudad Bolivar, the 'TOO LATE' marks, Ship Letters, Military Mail and many other more esoteric aspects of Trinidad philately. There are five Appendices which include a listing of Trinidad Governors and Postmasters-General, details of the printings of all the Postage Stamps as well as a census of the Lady McLeod stamp with many of these illustrated in colour. And lastly, there is a long list describing many of the early Trinidad covers, pre-1860.
Sir John Marriott, Michael Medlicott & Reuben A. Ramkissoon 2010 359 pages. Now £25
Was £42 / £38
St Vincent - Cancellations on Stamps 1861-97
Obliterators, St Vincent and Kingstown datestamps.
Michael Louka 2009 44 pages. in pictorial card covers. £15 / £14?
War Tax Stamps of The British Empire First World War - The West Indies
During the First World War, many countries in the British Empire issued stamps overprinted "War Tax". This book covers those issued in the 17 colonies in the British West Indies. It is an extensive and detailed illustrated study of these stamps from their origins through to the repeal of the enacting legislation. "As readers will see, the value of this book lies in its scope, depth and, inevitably, weight. The meat of the book is the record of the detailed stamps from each territory, starting with the local context behind their issue and following with different printings, varieties and flaws on each issued stamp, examination of the surviving proof and essay material and their potential usages. It is difficult to think of any detail however trivial that has been omitled. "
John GM Davis 2009 pages. Available through the Royal Philatelic Society, London £n/a / £5
Steamship Lines to The Caribbean – Volume Three
This volume covers the French Line as well as some of the smaller lines serving the Caribbean. As before the format details the history of each line, advertisements of the time, route structure, listings of offices and agents, any local stamps used, agents markings and ship markings, together with illustrations of some of the ships themselves and a Fleet List.
Michael Rego 2008 240 pages. A4 softback £29 / £26
Steamship Lines to The Caribbean – Volume Two
The second volume of this set covers the United Fruit Company, Canadian National (West Indies) Steamships, Imperial Direct West India Mail, Fyffes Line and the Royal Netherlands Steamship Company. As before the format details the history of each line, advertisements of the time, route structure, listings of offi ces and agents, any local stamps used, agents markings and ship markings, together with illustrations of some of the ships themselves and a Fleet List.
Michael Rego 2005 300 pages. A4 softback £30 / £27
Cayman Islands - The Classic Collection Formed by Richard Maisel 2nd edition
 vi + 42pp. 1st ed., fine in pictorial card covers. B.W.I.S.C., 2006. Lavishly illustrated throughout in colour describing the author's award winning collection which traces the history of Caymans philately from the first use of Jamaican issues through to the King George V pictorials.
Richard Maisel 2013 42 pages. Card Cover £12 / £10
Bermuda Civil Censorship World War I
The first of a new series of Study Papers, devoted to small but nevertheless important areas of research. Stewart Jessop chose a subject with which he was very familiar as one of the foremost specialists of Bermuda philately. Full of colour illustrations of covers of the period and it contains explanations of all known censor marks.
Stewart Jessop 2006 40 pages. Card Cover £15 / £13
Steamship Lines to the Caribbean - Volume 1
This book is the first of four volumes covering the Steamship Lines which served the Caribbean from the earliest days to more modern times. It covers two of the most important lines, the Royal Mail Line and Hamburg-American Line. The format details the history of each line, advertisements of the time, route structure, listings of offices and agents, any local stamps used, agent markings, together with illustrations of some of the ships themselves and there is also a Fleet list. This is all supplemented by a comprehensive Fleet Index at the back. There are 20 colour plates with illustrations of covers.
Michael Rego 2005 230 pages. softbound £28 / £26
British Guiana - Picture Postcards
A new exciting book from the BWISC which catalogues all known picture postcards of British Guiana. It includes a listing of the hand-painted postcards, QSL cards and postcards of ships associated with British Guiana. There is also a scarcity guide which will be of value to collectors of these picturesque postcards
Terence Dickinson 2005 170 pages. A4, Softbound £28 / £25
The Encyclopaedia of Jamaican Philately Volume 9: Military, Censorship and Patriotic Mails
Housed in the familiar customised multi-ring binder, this volume is an update on the author's original work published by the now disbanded Roses Caribbean Society. Many of the listings have been expanded and rationalised. Illustrated profusely, it is a fitting addition to the Encyclopaedia volumes.
Derek Sutcliffe, 2004 350+ pages. £38 / £32
The Encyclopaedia of Jamaican Philately Volume 6 - GB Stamps Used In Jamaica
Housed in a fine customised multi-ring binder, it is a detailed catalogue illustrating and listing all known examples, and giving background information on this interesting area of Jamaican philately.
Steve Jarvis 2001 350+ pages. Multi ring £38 / £21
The Encyclopaedia of Jamaican Philately Volume 1 - The Postage Stamps To 1935
The first volume in a series that will eventually be the definitive Jamaican collector's handbook. it contains a detailed illustrated catalogue listing of all known proof material, shades, varieties and Plate Numbers.
Derek Sutcliffe & Steve Jarvis 1995 400+ pages. multi-ring binder, £12 / £
The Philately of Nevis
This is the second in the 'Classic Collections' series. It contains notes on Nevis philately with many fine colour illustrations of items from the author's prize-winning collection.
Federico Borromeo 2000 32pp pages. in card covers £13 / £11
Dominica - Its Postal History, Stamps and Postal Stationery To 1975
First published in 1995 it describes the pre-adhesive marks, stamp issues with listing of proof material, postal fiscals and stationery.
E V. Toeg 1995 216 pages. £9 / £
The Leeward Islands Adhesive Fees Stamps
First published in 1991 it contains a detailed study of these revenue stamps and cancellations.
E V Toeg 1991 72 pages. in card covers £10 / £
Barbados Post Office Markings To 1981
This book was first published in 1982 lists and illustrates all known marks.
Clarke, Radford And Cave 1982 71 pages. Hardbound Qto £5 / £
EndOfList 0 0 pages. £ / £