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                                                 Artwork by Jennifer Toombs
                                                   Issue of 19 October 1971

                                                       Issued Stamps

           The stamp designs for the  1971  Christmas Issue of the Bahamas by Miss Jennifer M. Toombs were based on the work of local
           artists supplied in the form of collages of cutouts from Christmas cards and similar materials.  The following sheets show the
                          development of Tombs'  ideas as she worked ideas into the final  designs for the stamps.

           Printed by Lithography at the Walsall Security Printers Ltd, with additional embossing on the gold part of the  15 cent design.
                                        Watermark: Multiple St Edward's Crown Block CA

                                             Sheet issues comb-perforated 14 x 14.5

                                                             wmk upright                  wmk inverted
                       3c Stylised snow flake                      I le  Doves - Peace on Earth

                           !Sc Arms of Bahamas & holly wreath         l 8c Lagoon by starlight

                                            Miniature sheet line-perforated 15 x 15

                       CHRISTMAS 1971


                             Note the irregularities at the perforation crossings caused by the line-perforation
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