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                                              . . ..        ·.~  .
        A Deal Ship Letter
  from  Montserrat dated 21
          July 1773 which
  describes the purchase of
       an estate on Mount
   Anthony and negroes for
             £7387 6s 7d
  together with a plea to his
       brother, Sir  Robert
     Anstruther, for help in·
             paying for it.
       According the 2005
        House of Comons
     research paper on the
  value of the pound this is
     equivalent to a sum of
  · some £1 ,500,000 today



   Dear Brother,
   I wrote to you a few lines about ten days ago by the ship Ottley for London ... You are no stranger to the
   distresses which too many have been put to, on account of the failures at home, we have felt our part as will
   appear by this settled account sent you by Mr Gordon, therein we fall short of the original stock no less a
   sum than £1577.11.6 currency each partner the 1/i of which is £788.15.9 at 65 per cent is £475 or therea-
   bouts. This i!; a heavy sum & at once swallows me up unless your kind assistance keeps me out of the gulf.
   I formerly wrote you that by advice of Mr Gordon I had become joint purchaser with Anthony Gordon of the
   estate and negroes Mount Anthony, the amount of which £7387. 6s 7d is to our debit with AG & Co. Our
   accounts against the Partnership & the remainder of stock for which we have er reduces that to £3440 ... This
   Balance I know not how to discharge & much less how to settle your account, unless Anthony and I sell the
   Estate, which if we do, God only knows what we can do next ..... you may depend no improper use shall be
   made of the money, the scarcity of which in this country makes us look at it twice as the saying is before we
   part with it.
   Anthony, Bob and myself embark for Dominica this night. If I cannot get away 1 st August you will hear from
   me again,  if I do sail at that time, tis to be hoped soon to have the pleasure of taking you by the hand.
   Compts to all friends and believe me
   Dear Sir Your afft Brother
                                                                                Montserrat 21st July 1773
                                                                    To CA , British Coffee House London
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