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           A Stuctv of the charltv and oatr1ot1c cards and labels used In the British carlbbean In World War I
           and World War II:


               (a)  World War I

           The display starts with a detailed study of the 1914 Trinidad Red Cross label issued to raise funds for
           the British Red Cross at the outbreak of World War I and which was even authorised for use as a
           postage stamp for one day only on 18th September 1914.

           There then follows a detailed study of all four issues of the Grenada Red Cross Label.  This label was
           initially printed in Trinidad by the printers of the Trinidad Red Cross Label again to raise funds for the
            British Red Cross during World War I.  The first label was issued in 1914 and the last in 1918.

           Jamaica Patriotic Labels were issued after a charity was formed by Lewis Ashenheim in November
           1915 to raise funds for the voluntary assistance to the British Red Cross Society, the creation of a
           Jamaica Aeroplane Fund and a fund for relief of suffering Jews in Poland.  Again there is a detailed
           study of the labels which includes a rare lewis Ashenheim cover.

            In 1916 the Trinidad Red Cross Society produced a Red Cross postcard and a philatelic receipt to
            supplement Red Cross income when Trinidad and Tobago issued a stamp overprinted with a red
            cross to raise funds for the Red Cross Society.

               (b)  World War II

            World War II starts with a 1940 Barbados Voluntary War Workers Association red cross label sold on
            behalf of the British Red Cross.

           This is followed by a detailed study of the Bermuda Patriotic Label showing a beach scene and
            includes a full sheet of 24 labels.  There are at least 6 different printings of this label.  The label was
            first Issued in 1941 by the Bermuda Red Cross Society to raise funds for the Red Cross during

           This is followed by Jamaica Red Cross and St. Dunstan's fund card and labels, and a Trinidad and
            Tobago economy envelope label.  The display continues with a group of covers bearing patriotic
            labels and  issued in the British Caribbean islands. These patriotic labels were issued  to raise both
            spirits and funds during the grim years of World War II.

            The display closes with a 1946 Grenada Peace Commemoration cover.

            Highlights not to be missed:

            Jamaica Patriotic Label on cover signed by Lewis Ashenheim - one of three such covers known to

            The full sheet of 24 Bermuda Patriotic Labels - probably unique.
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