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Cayman Islands

                          THE HALFPENNY IS THE KEY

           Prior  to  1908  mails  from  the  Cayman  Islands  were  small.  irregular and  infrequent.
           Often  as  fe,  as  I 00  letters  or  so  would  make  a  mail  every  t\J  o  to  eight  weeks.
           Approximately 550 sheets of the  Yid and the  Id with 400 sheets  of 2Yid  stamps  were
           supplied in  the five years  1902 to  1907.  This resulted in shortages of these low  alues
           at various times.

           The  postal  history  of  the  islands  is  shown  both  local  and  overseas  through  the
           keyplate  design  halfpenny  stamps  of Edward  VII  and  George V  including  the  1907
           surcharge,  various  rates,  town  and  village cancels,  special  postal services and  mails
           arc shown.

           Local Mail


           Following the  reduction  in  local postal rates from  1 d  to  Yid  in  June  1908 a  1.00 p.m.
           daily local mail  delivery service within Georgetown was introduced in January  1909.
           No local mail  prior to  1908 has been recorded.

            Local  Georgetown  cover  with  type  V  cancel  to  Miss  G.  A.  Parsons,  formerly
            postmistress,  promoted  111  1908  to  Clerk  of the  Council  addressed  to  Government
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