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The Thompson flaw
                                       Die proof/or the QV Die 1 general keyplate

                                                                                                          ex Homan
               The break in the inner frame appears only on the right hand pane of Die 1, Plate 2 of the general
          keyplate used by Antigua, Br.  Virgin Islands, Cyprus,  Montserrat, Natal,  Nevis, St.  Lucia and Turks Islands.


                               CA watermark printings from plate 2 invoiced on 1May1886

                                                 Only recorded example

                                                    1879 CC Watermark

                    A number of "phantom " varieties. arising.from accidental breaks or rubs similar to this
                   have been reported. However,  since it is on Plate 1 it cannot be the true state of the flaw.
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