Further to my note in the June Issue regarding Organisational Issues for the BWISC and the potential merger with the BCPSG, the following information was sent to John Seidl and was circulated to the members of the BCPSG.

Overall Position

• We can see advantages in combining our Societies, particularly producing a single journal, but a single journal cannot be done in isolation, as it impinges on membership records and subscription collection.
• The BWISC has a strong and active Committee, whereas the BCPSG seems to lack volunteers to take on roles. Therefore, we would want to largely retain our existing organisational structure but supplement it with an Americas chapter, with representation on the Committee. If other America-based volunteers want to join the Committee, they would be eligible for election by the membership in the same way as anyone else.
• In order for this to be acceptable to BCPSG members, we would make certain changes to our existing modus operandi - see later.
• We have formed a BWISC Sub-Committee to progress details, consisting of: Steve Jarvis, Simon Richards, Darryl Fuller, John Jordan and either Ray Stanton or Geoff Richards.

Key Points

1) The Society would be renamed, suggested title West Indies Philatelic Study Group (WIPSG). This
combines name elements of both societies but drops the word "British", as the connotations are no longer
helpful. WIPSG,org is available as a domain name.
2) There would be one combined membership list.
3) One journal would be produced in US letter size. It would be printed and distributed from two locations, in North America for Americas members, and in the UK for the Rest of the World. That should enable us to have a consistent membership subscription. (I assume you have existing arrangements for printing and despatch).
4) The Society would be UK based as far as accounting and governance / law is concerned.
5) The WIPSG would have bank account(s) in the UK and possibly in the USA (we would need arrangements for: collecting subscriptions paid in US$; auction purchasers and vendors; meeting income and expenditure; etc. What money resides where would need to be defined by the WIPSG Treasurer / Auction Manager and endorsed by the Committee. All funds held in the UK and US would be included in the WIPSG balance sheet.
6) All BCPSG funds would be transferred to the WIPSG and treated as a gift. The transfer of funds would be at least sufficient to cover any existing BCPSG life memberships, which would be provided for ten years.
7) The Society would need to be active in both the UK and the Americas and we would need volunteers from the Americas to organise activities on that side of the Atlantic (i.e. for an Americas chapter). We should introduce regular Zoom sessions as these are / can be worldwide events (subject to time-zone constraints).
8) Scope and Constitution:
• As already discussed, we are more than willing to incorporate articles on more modern material
• We do not want to extend our scope to the stamps of other Caribbean / West Indies countries but recognise that the ex-British islands do not exist in isolation, particularly for postal history subjects. We are changing our objectives to: We promote interest in and the study of the stamps and postal history of the English-speaking islands that comprise the West Indies. Also included are Bermuda, the Guyanas and Belize, together with other adjacent countries that have a strong historical or geographical connection.
• BWISC have agreed we should have a Constitution, wording to be agreed.
Steve Jarvis