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Lot Country Description Est £ Real £ Link Image
Anguilla Anguilla
1 Anguilla Censored cover of 13 AP 43 from ANGUILLA VALLEY to NY, 3d fare paid by St Kitts GVI single. Opened by censor and resealed with octagonal h/stamp Crown/Passed/BB8 (Anguilla). St Kitts and Charlotte Amalie transit stamps. Scarce 40 65 link
2 Anguilla The ANGUILLA FOREST cancel is very scarce and identifiable strikes are hard to find here you have a Leewards ½d showing (ANG)UILLA JAN 30 and at the bottom (FORE)ST, which is enough to be convincing 75 60 link
Antigua Antigua
3 Antigua Our past Chairman, Victor Toeg’s, own copy of his sale catalogue held by Christies RL in December 1990, with his signature and PR 10 uns
4 Antigua QV 6d die proof, one of only eight, see Freeland & Jordan p. 41. Ex Freeland, Mayer, Hill 320 250 link
5 Antigua The full top mgn of a used star wmk 1d vermillion pair SG7 has captured a tad of its former neighbours above, without sacrifice of its own design. Dignified central A02 killer on each, rather rich shade, even if slightly deepened over the years – a pair like this give body and character 52 uns link
6 Antigua Perf 12½ CC 1d lake with pt o.g., centred wholly within its perfs, which are line-perf, providing it with a rather unusual club foot at left, SG13, cat. £200 60 48 link
7 Antigua The detached triangle flaw from row 3 stamp 3 on the 2½d red-brown keyplate on CA paper, SG22a, is not priced mint or used by SG. The postmark on our example is well clear of the flaw, but extrapolating from the pricing on the ½d and 4d would suggest around 50x normal so £2,500 – clearly a rarity 250 uns link
8 Antigua Village manuscript “26/8/86” on QV 1d carmine-red CA wmk P.12½ (SG.24), mild perf. toning at top but a striking example. 24 uns link
9 Antigua 1884 QV 6d deep green (SG29), mint block of four from sheet positions 107-108, 119-120 showing mark in “UA” (Pos.107) and line over top outer frame-line (Pos.109), small imperfections. Cat.£240. 80 uns link
10 Antigua 1d Arms wmk crown CC inverted on blue paper (SG32a) comes with a David Brandon certificate 1979 which adds ‘small stain at bottom’ Ex Freeland 25 20 link
11 Antigua Collection on 12 pages, QV 12 u., 7 mtd m.; 1903 to 3d m.; 1908 to 1s m.; 3 war stamps in blocks of 4; SJ set m.; KG6 defins complete set m.; KG6 commems m. Cat. £300+ 105 uns
12 Antigua 1½d WAR STAMP pair optd SPECIMEN (SG54s) mint o.g.from bottom rt of sheet with full mgns and plate no.1 Ex Freeland and shown on page 104 of the Antigua book. 50 uns link
13 Antigua The 1921 MCA set of 7, 3d to £1, SG55-61 all f.u., a set carefully assembled, not plucked from a philatelic cover, cat. probably still £500 but that’s not what the market thinks 220 180 link
14 Antigua 1921 Script CA set SG62-80 mtd m.; cat. £200 65 52
15 Antigua 1932 Tercentenary set of 9, fine m. such a well designed set with a special freshness and glow about it. SG81-90, cat. £225 90 70 link
16 Antigua QE colln on 7 pages includes 1953 defin set mtd m.. SG120-134 and the 1963 change of wmk defins Cat. £130+ 40 uns
17 Antigua 12 cent Shakespeare with inverted wmk mint n.h. SG164w, cat. £80 25 26 link
18 Antigua FE 15 08 is the date given by Oliver (p. 130-1) as the EKD for the M.O.O (Money Order Office) in St John’s here on Leewards 1d carmine SG38 40 uns link
19 Antigua ST PAULS is about as much of the pmk as you can read on this Leewards 1d MCA purple and carmine SG30 20 16
20 Antigua The very scarce pmk of GREEN BAY SEP 29 (3)3 on 1d carmine pair SG63 35 uns link
21 Antigua A Leeward ½d with (OFFIC)IAL PAID AU 10 32 is it seems the LKD for this A13 type pmk per Oliver p130, so you do need one 50 uns link
22 Antigua MR 11 14 local philatelic cover with Leeward KEVII 6d and 1/- in both colours (SG34,35 and 42,43) with each one having their own good strikes of the St John’s pmk. Stamps off cover cat. £273, hard to find nicely u. 80 uns link
23 Antigua A block of eight 1½d WAR STAMP (SG45) and a 2d Arms (SG54) paid for this somewhat battered, but commercial, large envelope to NY from St John’s JA 24 19; cat. c£200 42 uns link
24 Antigua Neat, registered envelope to Oakland, CA with a pair of ½d (SG62) and pair of 2d (SG70) sent this item FE 20 24 via New York; 2d surface rate, 3d regn with St John’s single ring cds 18 15
25 Antigua Leeward 10/- green and red/green on ordinary paper, SG113b. lower magnl with plate no.1 on cover addressed to Bessie Harper. Only the top two thirds of the 1 plate survived something sticky which seems to have clung to the lower third. All the same it’s a genuine rarity and deserves an owner with taste. Cover was left unsealed and may only have paused at GPO to receive its postmark 70 56 link
26 Antigua KG5 King’s head issue on 6 covers to US, England or Canada with 1/- on 1921 regd to Frank P. Brown Co. Boden, 2d grey 1926, 1d violet + 1d mauve (Miss Robertson, philatelic), ½d + 1d 1935; 1½d red-brown 1929, ?1930 but this (from which address was dissected) is the scarce unlisted v. prominent deep shade 50 uns
27 Antigua We are unsure of the business connection of Geo. W. Bennett Bryson & Co. Ltd (using their in-house stationery) with G.F. Mitchell & Sons Ltd in Halifax NS. This clean and elegant 1932 cover was franked with tercentenary 1½d and posted at sea on Lady Drake and most fastidiously opened on arrival. The ships’ cachet was applied in delicate pink blending nicely with the violet ribbon that typed the address 36 uns link
28 Antigua Small cover to Mrs J Roosevelt in NY JU 16 33 pmk on front and on reverse 3x ½d seal and 2x KEVII p/s cut outs tied by pmk and h/stamped ‘From the Franklin D Roosevelt Collection’. 25 20 link
29 Antigua KGV Silver Jubilee commemorative cover sent to Philadelphia with Leeward SJ 1d on JU 3 35 from St Johns 8 uns
30 Antigua Cover of NO 22 35 to A. James in London bearing corner copies of tercentenary ½d and 1d each with its sheet no., posted from FALMOUTH. James is best known for his generation of “Knights of Malta” correspondence 54 uns link
31 Antigua This regd env to Nova Scotia has been roughly opened at rt and was sent with colourful franking from FALMOUTH AP 23 36 with A19R village regn label (No. 0060). 5d fare made up with Antigua 1½d, 2d (SG69,70) and Leewards ½d, 1d (SG59,62) 30 uns link
32 Antigua JU 6 1936 cover sent by registered airmail from St Johns to a school near Rotherham Yorkshire Rate 2s 4d made up by Leewards 2s SG74 and Arms ½d, 1½d SG62, 69 40 uns link
33 Antigua 6 SP 37 Coron set with addl 1d sent regd from ALL SAINTS to Chicago with All Saints printed regn label 15 uns link
34 Antigua DE 28 37 similar Coron set cover with addl 1d this one from PARHAM with printed village regn label 25 uns
35 Antigua AP 7 42 censored airmail envelope to Ohio; 1s 1½d fare paid with Leeward 1s black and grey on emerald (SG110bb) and Antigua 1½d (SG100) opened in Antigua and resealed with Label L7 by Examiner B/235 40 32 link
36 Antigua Censored commercial airmail from St Johns to Ontario 25 MY 44 cost 1s 2½d (6x 2d grey, 1x ½d green). Crown in centre of double circle ANTIGUA/PASSED BY CENSOR and blue crayon 2 attests to the plain brown resealing tape. 24 20
37 Antigua Quite a classy air mail cover franked with KG6 1/- went JU 5 46 to Arthur D Pierce of New Jersey from PARES. We value with reluctant restraint (it travelled unsealed) 36 27
38 Antigua Unopened env. to Frank Goodwin owner of the Gaynor’s sugar estate and mill with both Antigua and Leewards Victory pairs cancelled at ST PHILIPS, no date 40 uns link
Antigua Even in the present reign there would be an acute shortage of collectable cancellations from the smallest offices, without the enthusiasm of a handful of collectors and dealers to create them. The next lots explore the style of some of the more prominent contributors to Antigua
39 Antigua Bill Cornell made plentiful use of the 5c SG125 in blocks of four on cover in the 1960’s preserving margins, imprints and so on where stamps were from top, bottom or sides. Examples in this lot are from All Saints, Bendals, Bolans, Johnson’s Point, Liberta and Old Road (and see also under Barbuda) 40 uns link
40 Antigua Bill Cornell covers from All Saints, Bolans, Liberta and Nelson’s Dockyard, Cornell paid closer attention to postal rates. Thus 6c was produced by a single defin. and a cluster of two blocks with the 1966 defins full air mail rate from Liberta and second class rate from Bolans and Johnson’s Point (a poor strike) 28 uns
41 Antigua Variety is introduced when a correspondent wrote to him from Freetown (long airmail cover, 1963); same year self-addressed from Cedar Grove (not many of these around) whose 2-line inverted date of cds reads */10/JY 63, and no message; reply paid 7c US card to Ohio from St John’s 22 uns
42 Antigua We meet C. Wood Thibou as a resident of St John’s, when the local rate was a modest 2c. He procured covers from All Saints, Bolans, Gray’s Farm and Parham 18 uns
43 Antigua Stann Durnin was still going strong in ’68 when he regd a cover from Gray’s Farm overfranked massively with the Deep Water Harbour $1. As this stamp would seldom have been used at this office, we value upwards instead of down 18 uns link
44 Antigua A final lot in the line-up of philatelic covers offers a 1971 cover from that fairly wide-ranging Yorkshireman C. Hinchcliffe featuring Seatons; a Victory pair FDC from All Saints acquired by Charlesworth Ross (who for all we know may have been a personal collector); and covers of 1955 generating commem. covers of Princess Margaret’s tour for C Wood Thibou again (4 low value defins) and for London’s John Lister 15 uns
45 Antigua Wiegenau covers are philatelic with a flair, so the 4½d regd rate from St John’s to Illinois was paid with 1d p/s env and 2d both badge type on face, Leeward ¼d horiz. pair between them and ½d badge pair over flap, with all the right dated pmks and regn markings. 50 40 link
Bahamas Bahamas
46 Bahamas There was quite a fashion for reprints of Chalon heads in proof form up to the 1930’s but the numbers around are shrinking. This one is of head only in pure deep lake on white wove paper 28 x 32 mm 22 42 link
47 Bahamas An imperf Chalon 1d black plate proof on this paper with narrow nicely even margins all round 42 36 link
48 Bahamas The 1d Interinsular stamp in brown-lake, perf.13 nicely used, centred top and rt. SG17. Cat. £140 28 uns
49 Bahamas The 6d lavender-grey also perf 13 is centred to btm and left, with a neat A05 cancel, appropriate to packet mail use, cat. £475 90 uns link
50 Bahamas 1d Chalon with Crown CC wmk inverted and reversed, we think vermillion so SG25y, cat. £190 m. but no gum so 45 uns link
51 Bahamas Staircase 1d black and red fine lge pt o.g. with CC wmk inverted, SG 58w. As a matter of policy the inversion of the watermark happens more readily than other wmk varieties. Nevertheless SG’s cat. rating £170 makes it credibly scarce 48 65 link
52 Bahamas KE7 CA 1/- brownish grey and carmine mint NE corner pair with plate no.1 We presume from the r.h. pane as the r.h. mgn is guillotined narrow, SG68 cat. £44++ 33 uns link
53 Bahamas This is the QV 6d mauve showing the widened jaws of the final ‘E’ in PENCE from r.h.s. row 6; it’s fine mint, gum surface at this point in time is not as smooth as it was soon to become more and the hint of toning on the reverse is more illusion than real. SG54 m., cat. £200 80 uns link
54 Bahamas The same duty plate was used for printing the KE 6d, same variety also fine, almost full o.g,.with the much smoother white gum SG66a, cat. £170 75 80 link
55 Bahamas You therefore know now, if you did not know before, that the variety continues right through to 1922 without change of duty plate. The KE 6d MCA is mint, and the toning of the gum is real, for the face is toned too. SG74a cat. £275, but same estimate 75 uns link
56 Bahamas QV 5/- sage green mildly toned, Tercentenary 2/-, 3/- fresh of face, a little less so on reverse, each of these o.g. or large part so. SG56, 129/130, cat. £167 32 uns
57 Bahamas The lower left corner vertical pair of SG90 with full margins including plate no.2 n both red and black. Attractive, and whilst from a different sheet would display well alongside the next lot 10 8 link
58 Bahamas Unmounted mint block of ten from the bottom two rows of the sheet, right five columns, which means you get the ‘Long stroke to 7’ variety on the last stamp of the top row. SG90/90a 25 20 link
59 Bahamas In past times you might have had to collect your Specimen stamps one at a time, here we offer two singles the GV 2½d of 1912 and the GV 2d from 1927, SG 84s and SG118s, there is a pleasing contrast to the style of the Specimen overprint – call cat. £90 35 uns link
60 Bahamas 1919 3d WAR TAX (SG105), fine lightly mounted mint with rare combination "rifleman" and "half extra-treetrunk" varieties ovp'd "SPECIMEN". Few can exist. 75 80 link
61 Bahamas Collection in maroon 22 ring binder with 23 pages. You get 1884 1d, 2½d, 4d, 6d m. and u.; 1902 4d, 6d m.; 1912 7 values to 1s m.; staircase to 5d; War Tax incl 1s; 1921 8 values to 1s; KG6 set of 17 to £1 complete m.; Columbus set to 1s u.; SW £1 m.; tercentenary to 5s m.; various QE2. Total cat. £350+ 120 uns
62 Bahamas GOVERNORS ISLAND negative brass MAILBAG SEAL cancel on KE7 1d (SG.72), scarce strong impression. 48 uns link
63 Bahamas KNOWLES dated 30 DEC 48 on KG6 2d (SG.181) fragment, very fine upright strike. 9 uns link
64 Bahamas This is the Red Cross long stroke variety SG90a on 7 October 18 regd cover to Switzerland, along with horiz. pairs of ½d, 1d War Tax SG96/7 (cat. from £82,65 by our dead reckoning, which doesn’t multiply varieties). The tell tale dash at rt is there to prove plate position, but you’d think it was part of pmk if you didn’t know to look. A rare item on cover, with no overt sign of Dr Hess at work, but who else generated this type of cover? 60 uns link
65 Bahamas A lighter diagonal plate scratch affects the middle staircase 1d in strip of three taking regd cover free of War Tax Mar 17. We don’t have the short story (must have been very short) presumably enclosed to the Salem, Mass publishing house address. 1920 Peace set of five on regd Kimber cover Mar 1920 opened out (cat. £55 off cover) shares this lot 34 uns
66 Bahamas Regd. 8 Mar 19 to a local Nassau address, a clean, carefully opened cover bearing War Charity block SG101, gets bonus points from us for a plate scratch starting bottom rt, and seen on 3 stamps before petering out at upper left. Stamps are current, and with 1d deducted for charity, properly rated 18 uns
67 Bahamas 3d brown War Tax SG100 paid the 1d + 2d ordinary regd rate to Albany NY, 5 Sep 19 on crested OHMS cover from Nassau GPO reregd twice on the way 16 uns
68 Bahamas McFarlan always liked to kill more than one bird with a single stone. Our guess is that this cover to Downington beautifully franked with 1d carmine from ARTHURS TOWN (on Cat Island) 28 MAY 27, most carefully split open, enclosed a batch of the newly received script 2d and 2½d stamps from his usual contact on the island. We can therefore treat as commercial and pretty scarce 40 28 link
69 Bahamas Decorative FFC from San Salvador regd c/o Postmaster, Nassau 29 JUN 1931 (arrived 1 JY) and returned 27 JUL 1931, pmks and cachets in blue, violet and deep magenta, franked with current 10, 20c air values. Vertical fold extreme left 16 uns
70 Bahamas 1934 Alan S. Round reg. cover to Stourbridge with KGV 2½d, 3d pmk'd GREAT GUANO CAY (T.7 I, D3) 27 NOV 34 cds. 85 uns link
71 Bahamas 1935 "New Years Greetings From Bahamas" printed cover to Kingston, New York with KGV S. Jubilee 1½d pmk'd WEST END (T.7, D3) 30 DEC 35 cds. 40 uns link
72 Bahamas SEA FLOOR to Whitfield King with the usual attractive 4d franking for registration 10 uns
73 Bahamas If you want the full story of SEA FLOOR this lot combines a newspaper cutting from the Nassau Daily Tribune with an Aug 16 1939 first day cover and a signed commemorative cover from May 6 1940 to NewYork with an additional ½d to the usual 4d 55 uns link
74 Bahamas 1942 Nassau Daily Tribune envelope coupled with THE DEVELOPMENT BOARD departmental cachet dated MAR 18 1942 mailed stampless by EXPRESS DELIVERY with PAID AT BAHAMAS crowned Circle and Nassau 18 MAR 42 segmented circle to the Associated Press Correspondent in Miami, Florida, at left EXAMINED BY 3922 label. 40 uns link
75 Bahamas Three airmail covers with Wartime connections: 1943 to Birmingham (Examiner 4813 inspected on arrival) rated 1s 6d (SG155b & 169); 1944 to New York (Examiner 6311) rated 10d (SG152b & 170); 1929 first flight Nassau to Miami then on to Cuba, sent by Dr Hess, 2x 1d staircase and a late use 1d WAR TAX seemed sufficient to pay fare 32 uns
76 Bahamas Though endorsed by hand with Nassau box address this cover was posted with a 3d stamp from BIMINI 10 MAR 45 to its auditor in Jacksonville and was opened in transit by Examiner IG/5946 at Nassau 2 days later – any menace from submarines long shifted eastwards. As usual the wartime gum used on the cover has stained its brown mark on reverse, so we shan’t describe it as broadband 26 uns
77 Bahamas 2d PSRE to Montgomery Ward pmk THE FERRY. EXUMA 27 APR 26 with addl 1d KGV to pay postage, Nassau regn label affixed in transit 40 34 link
Barbados Barbados
78 Barbados 1832 outer on page from Barbados to Hatton Gardens, London with Stepped KINGSBRIDGE/SHIP LETTER on reverse with London arrival of 11 AU 1832, rated 1s 7d, 8d Ship Letter fees and 11d inland postage for 170 to 230 miles. 60 48 link
79 Barbados Whilst a tad underinked the 1836 Barbados Fleuron is complete on this letter to Major Leith Hay in Grenada. The date is indistinct as is the date on the Grenada arrival date stamp, but the rate of 4d is clear and the inter-island rate lasted from 1710 to UPU. Ex Brian Brooks 105 105 link
80 Barbados Fully transcribed ship letter date lined December 8 1838 from Bridgetown to London with stepped DEAL/SHIP LETTER 48 uns link
81 Barbados ½d deep green SG2, 4 mgn copies m. and u. The later has a 1980 cert from Philatelic Foundations saying ‘stained and diagonally creased’; cat. £475 80 65 link
82 Barbados 1d blue m. 4 mgns SG3 and 2 used copies with 3-3 ½ mgns; cat. £320 36 36 link
83 Barbados Attractive 4 mgn mint pair of the 4d brownish-red SG5 from the bottom left corner of the sheet; cat. £240 42 42 link
84 Barbados Back in 1972 an RPSL member submitted this ½d used pair for a certificate for blued paper, only to get a ‘bad’ saying this is SG7 and not SG1 – which it is, so is that bad or good? Margins are fine top and bottom but cut into at sides, lightly cancelled; cat. £220 36 uns link
85 Barbados 1d deep blue on white paper (SG10) unused block of 4 with full margins, some gum toning and creasing, otherwise fine, cat. £440 85 70 link
86 Barbados In August 1854 the postal clerks bisected 2d stamps when there was a shortage of 1d stamps – with this precedent was there a shortage of ½d stamps a year or two later? Whilst you won’t get a certificate for it, and nor can we guarantee it, this vertically bisected pair of 1d blue (SG10) are tied to a small piece with a valid postmark. A decided curiosity and possibly a howling rarity. 105 115 link
87 Barbados The 1855-58 Britannia imperf on white paper, nicely used SG7-10 margins close in places and possibly shaving the design on two; one 1d cancelled with first ‘9’ of St Andrew; cat. £390 80 65 link
88 Barbados The 1858 6d and 1s, both shades of each, mainly fine used, margins close in places and possibly shaving the design on two; cat. £485 72 uns link
89 Barbados Any ½d pin-perf, unused, is a scarce item. Here we offer SG13 which has four margins, only two show the pin-perf and with some imperfections, but the cat. is £2,750 180 140 link
90 Barbados Two nicely used examples of the pin-perf 14 1d in distinct shades, SG14,15 one with first series numeral 10; cat. £330 65 70 link
91 Barbados 1d vertical pair SG24 with sheet margin to the right of 1d blue rough-perf 14-16 unused 120 95 link
92 Barbados Rarely available DOUBLE IMPRESSION on 1861 (1d) deep blue (SG.24), good used, some short perfs. Used examples also found on this issue in the collections of Sir James Marshall (1947) and Hodsell Hurlock (1958). 375 320 link
93 Barbados The variability of the PB rough perf is explored here by our vendor with 16 examples of the ½d green SG20-22, each side of each stamp has been carefully measured for you. Shades and condn vary, pmk interest limited, cat. as cheapest £640 65 uns link
94 Barbados Our vendor has made a similar but even more comprehensive study on the 40 examples of the 1d blue SG23/24 displayed here on two pages, but of course cat. value, significantly less 36 uns link
95 Barbados Our final perf study looks at the 1/- value SG34/35 on 17 stamps, which may also give you a feel for how hard it is to obtain well-centred examples, total cat. £181 42 uns link
96 Barbados Selected for single lot status is a strip of 3 of SG35 1/- black which shows what a poor job of perforating PB made. Strips are quite scarce 32 26
97 Barbados 1873 Large star wmk 6d in mint corner pair from top rt of sheet with full corner margins. Oxidised and with gum wrinkles, minor perf split, scarce; SG60 cat. £1,800 200 160 link
98 Barbados Bayley tells us that PB had considerable difficulty perforating the 3d small star following a change to the size of the sheet. This unused example of SG63, possibly from the foot of the sheet, demonstrates this and you get a considerable piece of the left and right neighbour on our example here, striking and we view the perf misplacing as more plus than minus. Cat £350 85 uns link
99 Barbados Alternatively you can have pleasing unused (part o.g.) and used examples of the same stamp, but they won’t instruct much on the perf difficulties. The two SG63 cat. £460, used example missing a perf. 95 uns link
100 Barbados This year we can offer the 5s large Britannia in mint, used and Specimen form. First up is the SPECIMEN – Samuel BAR2 (SG64s), centred up and left and a slightly grubby, no gum; cat. £375 85 70 link
101 Barbados Our mint example of SG64 is centred centrally but so low the perfs cut the design at foot. The gum is largely complete, though slight toning and creasing with age, otherwise fine; cat. £900 180 145 link
102 Barbados Finally our used example centred low and left with JA 30 1875 date stamp, possibly with slight thin; cat. £300 75 uns link
103 Barbados 1878 1d in 5s with type 3a opt – an unsevered pair (SG86b), minor faults but bootheel cancel only affects one of the pair, comes with a 1931 Royal certificate; cat. £2,500 320 260 link
104 Barbados Here we have the type 3b opt (srt. Top to 1 – SG87) which the bootheel slightly obscures on rt half of 5s. Some faults upper rt. Cat. £950 105 105 link
105 Barbados An attractive piece of Small Star watermarked paper (145x 118mm) showing 30 impressions of the star under the nicely centred margin with the word ‘POSTAGE’ watermarked 75 uns
106 Barbados A page of 20 u. Britannias, including 1s black ( mgns), SG12a and 1861-70 no wmk ½d (2), 1d, 4d, 6d (2); Star wmk 4d, 1s; 1874 ½d, 1d; wmk CC to 1s. Fair condn. Cat.over £300 36 28
107 Barbados Collect inverted watermark in style with this top left corner block of four of the 1d Nelson Centenary (SG146w) with full sheet mgns; cat. £400 150 120 link
108 Barbados ¼d, ½d Small Seals MCA wmk in unmounted mint blocks of four, latter shows aniline carmine duty plate clearly on reverse. 10 10.5 link
109 Barbados Our 21 page collection is largely m. 1882 keyplate values to 1s. 1892 set to 10d; 1897 and Nelson sets to 2½d; 1912 set to 6d; 1916 set to 1s; 1925 set 8 values incl. 2/6; 1938 set; KG6 commems; 1950 set complete; 1953 set to 48c. Cat. abt £400 80 65
110 Barbados MCA INVERTED wmk on 1920 3d Victory (SG.206w), fresh u/m positional block of four showing the smooth gum only reaching into small part upper margin which has a closed tear. Cat. £140.00. 60 48 link
111 Barbados Multiple Script REVERSED wmk on 1921 ¼d brown Small Seal (SG.217x), fresh u/m. Cat.£30.00. 12 10
112 Barbados Multiple Script INVERTED wmk on 1922 1d red Small Seal (SG.220a), fresh u/m centred right. Cat.£25.00. 10 11
113 Barbados 1925 4d SG235 in lower mgnl block of eight with full printers imprint, strikingly fresh and largely mint 20 16 link
114 Barbados 1938-47 4d showing the ‘flying mane’ variety very clearly on f.u stamp, SG253a, cat. £70 30 31 link
115 Barbados SG254a 8d magenta in fresh m. block of 8(4x2) with full imprint 5 17
116 Barbados 6d pale rose red (SG11) paying the packet rate to London AP 9 1860, carried by the RMSP vessels with AP 28 arrival. Filing fold through the stamp which has only 1½ mgns. Ex Foxley. We pair with 4 mgn used SG11 cancelled at the same angle 80 60 link
117 Barbados 6d Deep rose-red (SG11a) used to pay the packet rate on this MY10 1861 envelope to Wales, though the address is excised there is an Aberystwyth pmk on reverse and London arrival on front. Carried by RMSP Tasmanian and ex Jaffe 105 uns link
118 Barbados 1862 refolded horizontally along top (to reduce/improve) wrapper front and back to London with 6d (SG.29) pmk'd Bridgetown "1" with BARBADOES NO 7 1862 despatch dbl-arc showing red London NO 29 62 arrival, discoloured at left. 85 uns link
119 Barbados 1874 wrapper to Whitfield & Co., London with the double rate paid by two 1/- black pmk'd BARBADOES JU 29 1874 dbl-arc and docketted as received 15 July, very light staining. 160 120 link
120 Barbados Full Nelson set of 7 (the ¼d as a pair) sent regd cover to London AP 30 1906. The 1d shows Nelson’s rt shoulder doubled variety; flaws on 2d value too. 45 uns
121 Barbados Registered cover to UK apparently damaged in transit with boxed “DAMAGED BY SEAWATER” h/s in violet with 3x 2d and 4d stamps cancelled 17 JUL 46. Usual damage on an item like this with a stamp or two missing and not associated with a specific ship wreck, but a scarce usage and it seems only two are known that started in Barbados 120 160 link
122 Barbados FDC’s were not easy to organise for SW issues and this one sent from Registration Branch to East Lothian seem healthy enough, SG265/6 22 17
123 Barbados Aug 6 1957 commercial metered cover from Barclays Bank to a bank in NY with QEII 2c stamp with “LATE FEE” h/s added to pay the late fee. A very unusual cover 20 16 link
124 Barbados BARBADOS/PAID/OFFICIAL 25mm circular handstamp tying label locally to Christ Church on MY 24 02 OHMS wrapper piece, various other postmarks (none too exciting) including maritime and arrival cancels (73 items). 12 10
125 Barbados OFFICIAL PAID postmarks: KGV to QE2 range of various types mounted on leaves (24 items). 10 10.5
126 Barbados Neat 1d pink postal stationery envelope overprinted ½d in purple. Sent locally to Pier Head, Bridgetown on FE 23 93 10 10
127 Barbados Crude litho pmk’d forgery with the QV head in green, wording “BARBADOS” in red, and “REGISTERED” and frame in grey-black, shallow thinning, most unusual. 18 15
128 Barbados Forged bootheel duplex dated A/AUG 9 92 tying vertically bisected 1882-86 QV 1d carmine to piece. 12 uns link
Barbuda Barbuda
129 Barbuda On this Leewards ½d pair on piece the postal officials have almost perfectly overlapped the DE 27 27 ordinary Barbuda pmk with the OFFICIAL PAID BARBUDA one – striking and unusual 35 28
130 Barbuda 1922 cover bearing Barbuda 2d, 2½d gutter margin pair from l.h. pane and properly rated to a familiar Oakland address, duly registered. Remember that Barbuda’s original consignment was used up speedily so that covers bearing these, even when philatelic, tend to be pricey and show no present signs of decline 75 uns link
Bermuda Bermuda
131 Bermuda 1708 three sided document written Whitehall (London) 22nd June informing Her Majesty the Queen of several Acts passed in Bermuda, with mention of Collonel Bennet, Lieutenant Governor of Bermuda, including an act to encourage the building of a ferry house, the Old Ferry House having been burnt and the service of the ferry unable to perform without a new one. 30 uns
132 Bermuda War of 1812 single page document signed by captain John Thomson onboard His Majestys Ship San Domingo at Bermuda 17th February 1813 for supplying 25 Knell Frocks and 150 pairs Stockings to His Majestys Sloop Fantome. 30 24
133 Bermuda 1886 QV 3d grey (SG.28), u/m marginal block of four, gum slightly mellowed. Cat.£92.00. 18 uns
134 Bermuda Our Bermuda collection has the six high values of the KG6 m. and 5 to 12/6 u.. We then get the KG6 commems incl. SW £1 and the 1962 QE defin set m. Earlier you find 20 QV values, various docks and KG5 2s, 2s 6d, 4s, 5d m. and the 1936 set complete m. Some gum toning, Cat £800+ 260 uns
135 Bermuda 6d dull purple SG6 centred high left (why are we not surprised?) couple of shortish perfs – what is nice about it is the strength of the ‘2’ pmk (type K1) 25 uns link
136 Bermuda K3a “9” near complete duplex dated A/AP 20 87 on horiz. pair QV ½d stone (SG.19), some toned perfs. 60 uns link
137 Bermuda Numerals comprising K3a, 1,2,3,5, and 3d CC wmk pmk’d strong strike 11, and K4a 1,2,3 on QV values. 40 uns link
138 Bermuda HMS Thrush envelope of NO 24 (18)90 gives character to an envelope from Ireland Island to a surgeon in Halifax N.S., c/o Chief Staff Officer – franked 2½d, its KR duplex complete but lacking in muscle 30 uns
139 Bermuda We pair two 2½d covers to the USA: Neat QV on 1906 cover to the Postcard Union of America in Philadelphia. Not a philatelic item, cds is lukewarm but just about decipherable that it started at Somerset Bridge; the second is an s.a.e intended for use within the USA, so the Bermuda caravel was needed to re-frank in 1919 30 uns
140 Bermuda 1933 underpaid "Panton" (name erased) cover to Castries with ¼d Caravel pmk'd PAGET FE 9 33, tax handstamp and St. Lucia 2d Postage Due added and tied 15 FE 33 cds. 60 uns link
141 Bermuda 1933 cover with ¼d Caravel block of ten to Hameenlinna, Finland pmk'd St. Georges DE 11 33, the enclosed Christmas card signed by Mrs A. Booker. 32 uns link
142 Bermuda 1935 reg. cover from Castle Harbour Hotel, Tucker's Town (printed flap which opens to display) to Denmark with 4-colour combination Caravel issues ¼d x two pairs, ½d, 1½d, 2½d indistinctly pmk'd HARRINGTON SOUND 14 FEB 35 with Plymouth, Devon reg. oval transit and LEMVIG arrival backstamps. 60 uns link
143 Bermuda Hand-drawn CRAWL registration etiquette on 1947 cover to Wellington, New Zealand with 10 stamps KG6 2/8½d franking pmk'd Crawl SP 17 47with hand-drawn "R/CRAWL/O717" reg. etiquette, reverse New York (SP 17), San Francisco (SP 19) and Brooklyn N.Z. (SP 24) backstamps. 65 uns link
British Guiana British Guiana
144 British Guiana A very early incoming letter to Demerary from Barbados. Dated 4 March 1796 to Messrs McCalmont and endorsed ‘Favord by/Saml. Kendall Esq’. In April 1796 the British captured the Colony for a second time and this shows that British commercial activity had continued after the American revolutionary war of the previous decade 130 uns link
145 British Guiana Berbice finally received a datestamp in 1842, this example of the serrifed double-ring is underinked but a readable MY 16 1843 on reverse of this double rated (2/-) missionary outer to London with PAID in black on front. 60 uns link
146 British Guiana The Burrus B Guiana catalogue, with p/r, of 26 Nov 63 is always in demand, also included his B Honduras and Grenada 15 uns
147 British Guiana 1853 4c blue (SG19) cancelled at Georgetown SP 1 1854 large margins all round, until you get to the bottom left corner where the corner sq. is lightly nibbled. Pity really, cat. £800 80 64 link
148 British Guiana 1863 thin paper 1c black horiz. pr SG51 pt o.g.; probably from the bottom rt as the margins here are visible. The gum lightly toned, fine appearance despite slight surface scuffs, cat. £140 36 27 link
149 British Guiana Horiz. strip of three 1866-71 24c yellow-green p.10 (SG.103) pmk’d Georgetown “A03” duplex sated DE 26 69, scarce as such. 48 42 link
150 British Guiana 4 cent SG128a used DE 4 80 showing the newly listed flaw - frame break under the ‘E’ of Postage, cat. £250 48 50 link
151 British Guiana The same flaw on the 48c is now listed as SG133a but is unpriced by Gibbons, here shown clearly on what may well be a cleaned fiscal. The flaw has also been seen by us on SG154, which remains unlisted. The multiple for the flaw on other values is around x£20 which could make this a four figure cat. stamp, which we discount somewhat 120 100 link
152 British Guiana 1898 Jubilee set mtd m. some hinge remains SG216-221 cat. £130 32 uns link
153 British Guiana 1899 2c surcharges on 10c (with lwr sht mgn) and 2x 15c pt o.g some gum toning and hinge remainders. The 10c and one of the 15c show the ‘no stop’ variety - so SG 223a, 224 and 224a cat. £102 25 uns link
154 British Guiana Our collection on 11 pages starts with 7 forged ship types, but then improves. Noted are 1889 6 values m. to 24c, 1890-91 set of 3 m.; 1913 set to 48c m.; 1934 set to 24c; 1938 set complete m.; KG6 commems complete cat. £240+ 60 uns
155 British Guiana Fully gummed and watermarked imperforate PLATE PROOF in black (only 10 stated to exist) of the 1966 Churchill central vignette depicting St. George's Cathedral, Georgetown (the tallest wooden building in the world) as used for both 5c and 25c values (SG.374/375, as enclosed), small mark and minor paper bend. 180 uns link
156 British Guiana At 9 o’clock on 2c SG87, an 80% strike of the W2 code, 5 OC, year perhaps 1872, but just about invisible on r.h. edge of the stamp, what you see of the rest of the code is strongly impacted 24 19 link
157 British Guiana Postmarks on 2 Hagner’s pages, all of superior quality and some outstanding strikes. 77 villages and 29 TPO postmarks here, all different. Noted are ABARY, ACQUEERO, AGRICOLA, BELFIELD (type 2), BOERASIRIE, BUXTON (type 2), COTTON TREE, DUNOON, HMPS, HYDE PARK, MARIABBA, MALLALI, MATOPE, No50 CORENTYNE COAST, PLAISANCE (type 2), POTARO XI MILES, ROCKSTONE, ZORG amongst the many scarcer items. A significant collection offered in a single lot 500 400 link
158 British Guiana A fragment of a postal stationery item preserves a near complete strike of the H.M.P.S 10/OCT/1900 B.GUIANA cancel, type 12a per T&H this would seem to be a month earlier than their EKD, even if they do rate it only RC (c.50 known) 20 uns
159 British Guiana VREED-EN-HOOP on 3 contrasting stamps DE 7 96 on 2c (SG194); 25 DE 31 on 2c (SG214); 15 AP 32 on 24c (SG278) 10 8 link
160 British Guiana Stockcard with 10 different Postal Agency marks KGV to early QEII No’s 2, 3, 5, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18 noted. Some scarce and elusive 60 70 link
161 British Guiana When the certificate says ‘Warning- please read carefully’ you know you really should! Here we have a missionary letter from New Amsterdam 8 March 1863 sent paid to London for 6d arriving 31 March just before the increase in the packet rate to 1s the next day. To this someone has affixed a 12c lilac perf 10, SG98 a stamp that was not issued until 1868! Sissmondo says ‘stamp did not originate on cover’ and he is right, though he may be less correct when speculating what stamp it replaced. A useful reminder for your fakes collection 95 uns link
162 British Guiana A diplomatic route was chosen by the bearer of the arms crested on an envelope addressed to The Chief Justice of British Guiana in 1888. Posted at Pittenweem (near Anstruther in Fife) with GB 1d lilac and was entrusted to the Colonial Office in Downing St to get to its destination. Classy or elitist? Either way a rarity 40 uns link
163 British Guiana War Tax cover from CANE GROVE (T & H type 20a) to Montgomery Ward 19 MY 19 4c fare paid by SG260a and SG271 20 uns link
164 British Guiana The same franking from LEONORA (T & H type 15c) 22 MY 19 to the same Chicago address, as with the others neatly written up on sheet with routing 20 uns link
165 British Guiana Similar War Tax cover to Montgomery Ward 28 MY 19 this time from DANIELSTOWN (T&H type 12b) same 4c franking, this time on reverse of SG260a, SG271 20 uns link
166 British Guiana Whilst this 3 SE 1919 cover to Montgomery Ward also shows the same 4c franking, the STANLEYTOWN pmk is an altogether different level of scarcity – T&H rate this type 18 as very scarce (<15 known) and you get two strikes here on cover 100 uns link
167 British Guiana RELIANCE type 20 is, according to T & H ‘rather common’; the same 4c franking 30 SEP 19 to Chicago 20 uns link
168 British Guiana Our final 4c franking shows the T&H ‘very rare’ – up to 5 known - type 20a of EVERSHAM used OCT 16 1919 to Montgomery Ward 150 120 link
169 British Guiana If you did not add the War Tax stamp to the 2c it was considered underpaid and taxed, this example from New Amsterdam to Montgomery Ward 22 MAY 19 attracted a ‘T’ mark in violet circle and New York Due 2 Cents duplex 30 uns link
170 British Guiana Underpaid 2c cover to Montgomery Ward from MOROWHANNA 1 OCT 19 (T&H type 12b) and Georgetown ‘T’ mark in black circle 30 uns link
171 British Guiana Underpaid Montgomery Ward cover from RELIANCE (T&H type 20) with Georgetown ‘T’ mark and a dated NY Due 2 Cents duplex 30 uns link
172 British Guiana Our final underpaid cover is from SKELDON (T & H type 20) sent to Montgomery Ward 14 FEB 20 with the same Georgetown ‘T’ mark and NY Due 2 Cents duplex 30 uns link
173 British Guiana Finding a St Kitts cover of 1935 whose SJ 1d and 1½d have conveyed it to the Photo-engraving dept of Aurora School, and a half page of Aurora pmks 1880’s to 1912 in accidental juxtaposition, we can’t resist combining them, but you can always divorce them again, as Arora (for Aurora?) Missouri may have no affinity with Br. Guiana. They add a morsel of value 15 uns
174 British Guiana 1953 underpaid cover from Kitty (per reverse sender address) with KG6 6c indistinctly tied to the Netherlands marked "T20" with 10c Postage Due tied Wassenaar 24.111.1953, reverse GPO Georgetown machine dated NOON/24 FEB 1953. 36 uns link
175 British Guiana 1954 airmail cover to Toronto, Canada with KG6 4c x 2, 24c tied REGISTRATION 4 MR 54 skeleton with very fine violet "LATE FEE" (LF4) alongside. 36 uns link
176 British Guiana 5 used postal stationery items: 1c postcard from Georgetown to Upper Berbice River 1896; 3 cent card to London 1890; One Cent on 3c card to Mahaicony 1887; 3c wrapper from Buxton to Surrey 189?; finally 2c p/s envelope from Taymouth Manor to Bristol 1911 20 20 link
177 British Guiana b/w postcard of Main Entrance, Prominade Gardens, Georgetown (Kaps 74) sent from MAHAICA, vie Georgetown and with SOUTHAMPTON SHIP LETTER mark 15 NO 09; 2x 1c green SG240 paid the way 30 uns link
178 British Guiana We have no explanation for a 3d British Honduras block of four of the large WAR Stamp SG120 being cancelled with Br. Guiana Georgetown cds 19 DE 23 so we list it here to let the BG specialists explain it 8 uns
179 British Guiana Forgery of the 1945-52 KG6 $3.00 water-lilies, fine unused without gum, handstamped "FORGERY" in green ink on reverse. 60 uns link
Guyana Guyana
180 Guyana 1c SG420 fine mint block of four including misplaced date SG420b; $5 fine mint mgnl block of four SG428, the opt. misplaced downwards to land between two stamps; also local opt 6c on cover (no sign of an address, pmk P A TACOMA 8 AP 71 (the 7 in pen) 16 uns
181 Guyana 2c air letters of May 5 66 and May 19 67 to London’s Chingford, the added adhesives being 3c independence, fresh but with faults, and 3c Royal Visit respectively. This is Guyana in transition, the earlier just days before the Independence celebrations 12 10
British Honduras British Honduras
182 British Honduras QV perf. 14 1d blue, 1d rose (2 shades), 4d mauve each stamp present m. and u., also a bisect of 1d rose with oval dumb cancel on small piece, SG18a. This is listed unpriced, no doubt due to uncertainty whether this is an Aikman start-up, or someone else’s . Mind you, the dumb cancel is not the usual Aikman style and we are minded to attribute some value to it – cat of the other stamps is about £270 – we spotted one trivial imperfection on 1d blue 65 uns link
183 British Honduras The perf 14 QV local 3c surcharge on 3d chestnut o.g., with hinge still attached, centred a bit left. This is line perf (not easy to tell) causing a slight shortened corner effect at top rt, mentioned for accuracy. In the same category is the simulation of a short horiz. bar on reverse, caused by offset from the printing plate which doesn’t show through. Colour is smooth and fresh, SG26 cat. £110 38 uns link
184 British Honduras The flaw on the third stamp in row 1 of the left pane of the Edwardian keyplate was discovered by Mike Spaven and examples can be found from five of our territories in this years sale (Grenada, Leewards, St Lucia and St Vincent being the others). Here found on mtd m 1c green SG84ab, cat £180 54 44 link
185 British Honduras The post mark is well clear of the same Spaven flaw here on a used 2c SG85ab, cat. £75 28 uns link
186 British Honduras The KE7 $2 dull green and blue o.g. with its hinge still attached if you want to restore it to an album page, its chalky paper gives it quiet dignity SG92 cat. £160 60 uns link
187 British Honduras A collection on 9 pages, mainly m. SG18, 1888-91 set (less 50c); 1891 set to 12c; EVII to 20c; 1913 set to $1with shades; Script set to 50c (incl. 3c orange); SJ set; 1938 KG6 defins m. set; KG6 commems, Cat. £360+ 90 uns
188 British Honduras QV Bisect (SG37a) cancelled by “O” duplex on local commercial wrapper to Belize. Usually found on Aikman covers, scarce otherwise 50 uns link
189 British Honduras 1961 cover with Germany 5pf pair pmk'd BELIZE 18 JU 61 with S.S. "Karl-Christian" and "PAQUEBOT" handstamps alongside. 15 uns link
190 British Honduras Request for catalogue of drugs and chemicals from J.W. Gray & Co., Belize to New York on 5 CENTS on QV 1½d chestnut UPU Post Card pmk’d “O” with Belize FE 16 88 cds. 40 uns link
191 British Honduras QV 4d mauve CA v. lightly cancelled showing 10 CENTS surcharge inverted. A jolly good effort. - well you could try for a certificate but you know what answer you would get 10 8
192 British Honduras Litho forgery of the 1907 KE7 $5.00 (SG.93, Cat.£450 for genuine used) handstamped "FAUX", light postmark, no apparent watermark. 50 35 link
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands
193 Cayman Islands Aguilar & Saunders 1962 hardback book of 111 pages is still relevant describing Cayman Islands postal history and stamps 20 uns
194 Cayman Islands Our Caymans colln on 10 pages, almost all m. includes QV SG1, 1a, 2; EVII SG3-6, 26, 28, 30, 31; GV 1912 set to 1s, centenary set to 1s, SJ set, 1935 set values to 1s; GVI 1938 set complete with some of the varieties, all the commems, 1950 complete. Total cat. £430+ 130 uns
195 Cayman Islands Silver Jubilee 2½d in right marginal block of 4 SG109, cat. £28 10 uns link
196 Cayman Islands The 1969 decimal currency opt set m. cat only £5.50, clean and fresh 2 uns
197 Cayman Islands A prominent ‘apostrophe’ flaw between the D and S of ISLANDS would be worth listing if constant. Our mint pair of the 1/9 World Cup stamp, SG195, shows the sheet margin to the left to help position. Unusual and evident 22 uns
198 Cayman Islands A mint pair from the top left corner of the sheet shows an unlisted variety at row 2 stamp 1 with a dot over the ‘r’ in headquarters of the WHO 1/3 value, SG197. Unusual, is it constant, well you do have the positional information to help 16 uns
199 Cayman Islands 1970 wmk’d ¼d Cayman Thrush unused without gum with security punch hole handstamped “SPECIMEN”. 12 10
200 Cayman Islands Pristine local cover to Mr Emil Walter, Insp. of Police, Georgetown. KE ½d SG25 tied by immaculate BODDENTOWN Grand Cayman date stamp of JU 22 10, Georgetown same day arrival d/stamp on reverse 100 80 link
201 Cayman Islands Three used singles of the 1½d WAR STAMP SG56 come with a further example used on an AIR PLANE STAMP NEWS envelope sent from Cayman Brac MY 28 19 back to New Jersey, Jamaica transit mark on reverse of JUL 2 19 suggest it did not fly there 18 21
Cuba Cuba
202 Cuba With the RMSP came date stamps for the British Postal Agencies. This outer carried by the steamer to London for 2/3 shows both the Havana dbl arc MY 9 1844 and London arrival of 5 JU 1844 on the reverse; part of the Huth correspondence 48 uns link
203 Cuba A later date stamp without serif is shown on the reverse here AU 6 1863 received London 28 AUG en route to its destination of Bordeaux on 30 August. The front is interesting too as it has the instruction Royal Mail Str “Conway” in manuscript, striking forwarding agent stamp of J.J DE MUSSET/HABANA and a clear boxed accountancy mark GB//1F60C 60 uns link
Dominica Dominica
204 Dominica 1877 perf 14 1/- CC pt o.g. block of four, unintelligently mounted by previous owner so as to leave hinge remainders and/or paper adhering to reverse, SG9; cat. £520 180 uns link
205 Dominica Only 1,200 of the QV 1s wmk CA were printed in 1890. So this well centred mtd m. example is a scarce stamp, cat. £200 60 uns link
206 Dominica Even by 1920 5,940 examples sufficed for the 2s 6d black and red on blue (SG53c), wmk MCA, centred low but most of pmk can be read MR ?? 22, cat. £100 32 46 link
207 Dominica The top four rows, with full margins of the 1½d on 2½d SG60, so 20 stamps cat. £160+ 48 uns link
Dominica Roger West did much of the work in getting the varieties on the St Helena 1922 issue listed and these are priced at 10-20x the basic stamp. His work on the 1923 Dominica twin medallions issue was published in colour in the December 2006 issue of our Bulletin but these have not yet been elevated to catalogue status. This year we can offer some of these varieties why not buy them now before they are listed.
208 Dominica Π (Pi) in King’s hair from Row 3 column 1 here on 1933 1½d red-brown (SG75) cat. £17 as ordinary and this is one in 60 50 uns link
209 Dominica The same Π (Pi) in King’s hair from Row 3 column 1 but here in a mgnl and positional block of four on 6d SG82 36 uns link
210 Dominica The white patch in the King’s beard is found in row 5 column 2 and is quite evident. Shown here on 2½d black and orange-yellow (SG77) 24 uns
211 Dominica At this time 413 SPECIMEN stamps were needed for UPU purposes, so the same white patch in Beard flaw on this 4d stamp optd Specimen tells you the flaw was there from the start and arithmetic tells you there can only be 6 or 7 of these in existence 36 28 link
212 Dominica The inverted ‘T’ in the King’s hair (row 8 column 1) is one of the easier flaws to spot. The 3s and 5s MCA were both remaindered so mint blocks are more common than you might expect. Here you have the same mgnl block of four for both SG89 and 90 showing the flaw on the bottom left stamp 72 uns link
213 Dominica Our final vignette flaw is shown here on the 1d and 1½d in 1933 replacement colours (SG73 and 75); taken from row 9 r.h. column, there is a break in a line of shading to the left of the King’s chin 60 uns link
214 Dominica If you bought one of the above lots of medallions flaws, and even if you didn’t but want to know more, here is Roger West’s article from the December 2006 BWISC Bulletin with them all illustrated in colour 3 uns
215 Dominica 22 ring maroon binder contains a mainly mint colln. Includes 1886 CA set to 6d; 1903 CC set minus 2d and 5s; 1907-08 set complete; 1908-20 set complete; Medallions Script CA to 5s; SJ set; 1938 set complete, all GVI commems; 1951 set complete. Cat £800+ 220 uns
216 Dominica Leewards QV 1d used at LAPLAINE on AP 3 02 50 40 link
217 Dominica Leewards QV 2½d used at COULIBISTRIE on AU 13 02 50 80 link
218 Dominica Leewards 1d on 7d pair (SG19) tied to small env on AP 1 03 cds and rare boxed TOO LATE h/s stamp in black with Portsmouth AP 4 alongside addressed locally to Lasoye. Scarce usage with Late Fee prepaid 90 80 link
219 Dominica War tax varieties were avidly looked for and fetched good prices in WW1. The short fraction bar SG59a on this cover sent DE 13 19 would be a worthy addition to most collections as it was sent to Tortola, VI with arrival b/stamp, cat. £38 x5. SW corner scuffed 60 uns link
220 Dominica Commercial letter with 2d twin medallion sent to Demerara JU 8 25 Portsmouth cds; Dominica, Barbados and BG transit h/stamps with the rare unboxed “TOO LATE” h/s in black 75 65 link
221 Dominica Neat registered env. to Pennsylvania with GVI 1½d, 2d, 3d SG100, 102, 104 sent 12 MY 39 from Roseau, Boston b/stamp 23 MY 10 8
222 Dominica Travelling uncensored 11 MY 40 to Augustus, Maine by surface mail 2x ¼d and a 2½d paying fare with neat Roseau cancel which offsets the rough opening and coffee stain at foot 8 uns
223 Dominica At the all air 2/7 rate (1d, 2/6 stamps damaged by censors) this envelope was sent to the Red Cross in Geneva 24 (OC?) 43 censored and resealed by Allied Examiner 1117 and again by the Germans. The Oberkommando Der Wehrmacht tape also handstamped in red. A scarce item 70 80 link
224 Dominica 1963 cover to North Highlands, California with QE2 4c, 2 x 12c neatly pmk'd CLIFTON */4 DE 63 cds. 20 16
225 Dominica 1969 cover to Toronto, Canada with Churchill 1c, 24c pmk'd LOWER PENVILLE */MR 29 69. 18 uns
226 Dominica 5 stamps on s/card with pmk interest: powerful full Nevis AP 09 on 1d landscape; dominant Rosalie DE 26 on 1½d black & scarlet; (Grand) Bay perhaps (0)7 on ½d green; Mahaut MY 9 30 on 1d black & violet; indistinct Vieille Case dbl-circle 38 on 1d black & scarlet; finally a damaged large part cover to Manchester 1924 with 1d black & violet. 20 uns
Grenada Grenada
227 Grenada Maps greatly enhance your album pages – don’t you think? This year we can offer four maps, only the last of which may struggle to fit on your page. First measuring 248 x 186mm is the uncoloured 1758 Bellin map in French cut from a book by an unknown vandal, but which you can enjoy. 40 uns link
228 Grenada Then we have the uncoloured Edwards map of 1794 measuring 256 x 212 mm and with central fold 36 uns
229 Grenada Our third map is coloured and shows the Antilles chain from Grenada to St Lucia, so including St Vincent and the Grenadine islands, in French unattributed, 18th century in fine condition – 283 x 228 mm 40 46
230 Grenada Finally a larger map 370 x 248mm with central fold that might be better framed showing the whole Antilles chain from Puerto Rico to Trinidad, produced by M Bonne in Paris and also in French, similar period 44 uns
231 Grenada The Dr Towers catalogue of April 1995 with p/r 5 4
232 Grenada On 6 Jun 1815 Thomas Tarleton writes a business review to his father in Chester. Distinctly obsequious, he is his own master dealing with business. A clean, clearly expressed report; in writing, he hears and records that British troops have taken possession of Martinique without opposition. Endorsed p packet 9 June 1815, but the two line Grenada h/stamp records Jun 11; charged the current 2/2 packet rate, it was redirected to Hoylake on arrival, at a further cost of 4d 60 48
233 Grenada An attractive marginal block of 4 of the 1862 1d green, no wmk, SG2, full mgn at r.h.s – cat £200 95 90 link
234 Grenada Four fine used examples of SG2, two with clear inverted A15 cancels and the other two from Row 1 position 4, see p 20 of our recent handbook. One of these two is very fresh indeed. Bearing in mind that each sheet had 120 stamps what are your chances of finding one, leet alone two. Cat. £200 as basic with premium for variety 80 uns link
235 Grenada Interest is added to a half page of SG14 with 2 unused, 2 seemingly unused and 7 used examples, by the annotations. One unused shows ‘edge wmk’, the ‘spot on neck’ is shown on a near unused and used example, there is a re-entry and a missing perf in variety too, plus three are cancelled A15 in red. 72 uns link
236 Grenada The 1883 revenue stamps were just overprinted POSTAGE, here we have four nice used copies of SG27 and below the four varieties SG27a-d, the varieties are all forged overprints but make a very useful reference. The four good stamps cat. £240 72 uns link
237 Grenada A single used copy, pmk 1883 of SG27. Comes with venerable RPSL certificate from 1930. Cat. £60 18 uns
238 Grenada In 1886 Three Half Pence revenue stamp was overprinted 1d POSTAGE to give us SG37 and a number of varieties, of which we can offer five. First is SG37a where the surcharge is inverted, cat. £450 105 85 link
239 Grenada A convincing used example of the double opt SG37b postmark DE 06 86, cat. £300 75 60 link
240 Grenada The variety THRFE is listed as SG37c, m. cat. £300 75 70 link
241 Grenada Whilst PFNCE is 37d, this one with venerable RPSL certificate of 1926, also cat. £300 also m. 75 85 link
242 Grenada Finally we can off SG37e HALH, m. also cat. £300 75 70 link
243 Grenada Not ready for varieties yet? We can offer one of each of SG37-39 nicely used cat. £188 48 44 link
244 Grenada For the 1d POSTAGE on the One Shilling revenue stamp we have the SHILLNG variety SG38b m. cat. £550 105 85 link
245 Grenada The balance of our offering of SG37-39 holds cancellation interest. You get 6 copies of SG37, one has a St David’s 1890 datestamp with code D, four examples show the second type C of St Patrick and the final example is a m. copy of SG37d PFNCE. For SG38 you also get 6, including a nice pair with a B cancel, a B single and two D plus one with date stamp. Then for SG39 you get four copies one cancelled in each of B, C, D, E. The total cat is around £1,200 180 150 link
246 Grenada Three pages examine the 400th Anniversary of Discovery issue of 1898 (SG56), we start with a page with a Specimen example (and the Trinidad SG125s) a f.u. example with St Davids AU 18 98 (Proud’s EKD?) and a SP 6 98 envelope to Tobago from Grenville with 2nd D. Our second page has a mint pair and six used examples from different villages with letters A, E, F, G (poor stamp, scarce cancel) plus St Patrick’s & St Georges date stamp, also a Myerscough wrapper with Grenville’s D. Our final page is headed ‘On Bluish paper’ on which we reserve judgement, but the ria mint example and two used on a 1906 cover from GPO to Hull. R£100 uns link
247 Grenada The Spaven flaw on 1d SG68a f.u. postmark frames the damage to the frame, cat. £110 34 uns link
248 Grenada A Grenada collection on 10 pages starts with a couple of forgeries, but improves with SG 17 used in Carriacou, SG32 and 34 are SG54/55 and SG56; some badge types and the KGV 1913 set with values to 2s m., 1931 set 11 values to 1s m. 1934 set to1s m., SJ set m., 1938 set complete m., all GVI commems ., 1951 set complete m. Cat. £270+ 70 uns
249 Grenada To follow KG6 a collection of 1950’s mounted mint QEII, but this one is a good start for specialisation. The basic 1953 set is all (bar 25c) from the top row with mgn still attached, followed by four pages looking at varieties in the printings, which the table from Stamp Collecting June 1957 may help you resolve (copy included in case yours is not to hand). You then get 24 imprint blocks of four from the bottom right of the sheet covering the values up to 12c in different printings. The coronation stamp in two different imprint blocks of four, the BCF 1958 set also in imprint blocks of four. Cat. £150+ a fine basis to develop. 52 42
250 Grenada We offer the first type village cancels A-G on seven nice used examples of SG14, the strikes for E and G are less distinct 32 26 link
251 Grenada Parish “C” (St. Patrick’s), a large fullish upr. strike part dated JUL 23 tying diagonally bisected QV 1d green Chalon (SG.19?) to piece. 48 uns link
252 Grenada 1892 unsealed cover to A.W. Lewis, Chambers with QV 1d on 6d Postage Due (SG.D4) pmk'd OC 24 92, cover with folded edge at left. 36 29 link
253 Grenada Incoming stampless cover addressed to German Consul in Caracas, Venezuela that was readdressed to Grenada with Grenada 1d, 2d and 3d QV postage dues (SG D1-3) cancelled by Grenada 94 MR 27 cds. Probably a philatelic item, but scarce usage 60 48 link
254 Grenada With printed address (in Oakland, CA) in gothic script and GPO regn label in serifed lettering, there’s eye appeal to this NO 14 16 cover with War Tax 1d allied with properly rated 1d, 2d, 2½d, the 1d top mgnl pl. 1 – reverse left free for NY and Oakland to smother. 14 uns
255 Grenada “Lady Hawkins” Posted On The High Seas blue h/s on 1931 paquebot cover to USA with scarce strike of “MISSENT TO GRENADA” h/stamp in black, unopened and so philatelic 45 uns link
256 Grenada KG6 FARTHING franking with strips of 7 and 3 pmk'd GRENVILLE */22 JY 37 on cover to Fred Hammann, Audobon, New Jersey, some perf. splitting middle top row of stamps. 60 uns link
257 Grenada 23 AP 43 regd OHMS cover to Trinidad by full KG6 set of definitives to 10/- with some extra values; an attractive item 45 45
258 Grenada November 1962 incoming airmail cover 8 c paid with Barbados stamps, leaving 4c tax due, both 4c postage due stamp and T mark 25 20 link
259 Grenada On a page headed ‘Some Unusual Cancels’ we find Parcel Post on QV1d, 6d, 1s (+ 1 faded) and KE 1s (both wmks + 1 faded)) and 2s (crown CA) – proper usages of these stamps and cat. over £300 f.u and ignoring the faded examples. To this we can add three 2½d stamps cancelled at the Money Order Office (one being SG56) and another 2½d, this one SG80 cancelled with the Official Paid Mark OPD2 also on a piece from 1918). 105 uns link
260 Grenada St. Andrew’s Parish “D” (2nd Type) in blue dated 23 FE 91 on REGISTERED LETTER receipt from R.V. Sherring to England. 48 40 link
261 Grenada Two envelopes and two pieces with Official Paid marks. First up is an OHMS envelope to Sherring in Bristol with scarce Proud OPD2 of 16 JY 91 so predating the earliest he records by over three months, also on piece 27 JU 16 – quite close to the LKD. Then we have an OHMS envelope to Bridger & Kay in London, dated FE 5 22 with OPD3 also on piece 14 DE 18 and with ON POSTAL SERVICE. The same large instructional mark appears on a 1963 Butler envelope to Canada 56 uns link
262 Grenada Two commercial covers to the Denver Export Co. which you may be surprised to learn was in Stratford, London E15. One sent By British Carrier on 27 JA 50 cost 1s 8d (KG6 2d, 6d, 1s) and the other 7 JY 49 merely by Air Mail cost 11d (2x KG6 2½d, 6d) 8 9
263 Grenada Postally used example of the QV 1d dull purple & carmine REVENUE Crown CA wmk, scarce. 10 uns
264 Grenada Some 40 postcards all bar about 6 pre-war and some back to 1902. 15 are used and a number with undivided backs. Pick of the batch a scarce vignette card sent in Jan 1902 to Switzerland. Value at 40 32
265 Grenada Attractive display on 2 pages of 1d and 6d Chalon head forgeries, on the 1d page you get 9 forgeries and a nice genuine mint SG11 (Cat. £110), whilst on the 6d page you get a round dozen. A useful reference 60 uns link
266 Grenada Alfred Charlton’s 1955 booklet on The Postal History and Postage Stamps of GRENADA 52pp 6 uns
267 Grenada 3 Photocopy documents for the Grenada specialist – Sefi’s postage stamps of Grenada (1912); Munk (1939 – in German) and a spiral bound Grenada section of Bryan Edwards History of the British Colonies in the West Indies (1794) 3 uns
Jamaica Jamaica
268 Jamaica The 1995 sale by Cavendish of Bob Swarbrick’s Jamaica is an important catalogue for collectors, here with p/r slight scuffing 6 uns
269 Jamaica Still in its box, Thomas Foster’s JAMAICA – The Postal History 1662-1860 is still a key reference, pristine 12 13
270 Jamaica When John Mulholland of Kingston, Jamaica wanted some more wine in December 1767 he got his agent in London to write to Newton & Gordon in Madeira. Carried by the Golden Grove, Captain Chesholm (?). A neat early letter on good quality paper with a fine red wax seal on the reverse 42 uns link
271 Jamaica Ex Dick Hemmings, a very fine strike of MONTEGO-BAY/JA with faint accompanying fleuron d/stamp of Aug 1810 on reverse of this 2/6 entire to Charles Gray in Stratton House, Somerset 200 240 link
272 Jamaica Good strike of the single ring Kingston Jamaica circular date stamp of AU 9 1836 on missionary outer to London’s Hatton Gardens, rated 2/2 48 uns link
273 Jamaica The first stamp in this unused pair of SG66 is from the left column of the r.h. pane and shows the colon variety listed by SG as minor variety (iii). How do you value compared to the listed ones? We say 8 uns
274 Jamaica Inverted “d” for “p” on right copy 1917 1½d WAR STAMP (SG.74) mounted mint horiz. pair with interpanneau margin at left (strong colour), and no stop variety (SG.74a) mounted mint (pale colour shade). 28 24 link
275 Jamaica SG77 WAR TAX on 3d unused block of 10 with plate no. 1 from foot of r.h. pane, some perf faults and toned gum, cat. £150 30 uns link
276 Jamaica Did the canoeists on Priestman’s River notice the prominent exhaust pipe on the passing car? SG133aa used at GPO shows the flaw, from the first column of row 6, very clearly, cat. £50 20 21
277 Jamaica INVERTED WATERMARK 1964 6d Butterfly (SG.223w), fresh marginal unmounted mint block of four. 30 24 link
278 Jamaica INVERTED WATERMARKS on 2d Mahoe (SG.219w), 6d Butterfly (SG.223w), 3/- Marlin (SG.229w), 3d Salvation Army (SG.242w), 3d Human Rights (SG.272w), $1 on 10/- Arms (SG.291w), all fresh unmounted mint singles except 2d and 3/- which are lightly mounted mint. Cat £200 50 70 link
279 Jamaica The Charles Winand numeral postmark collection: coloured photocopies of his collection “A27” to “E” on 103 pages (A4 size) showing one each of all the Pine, CC, CA watermark combinations amassed during his lifetime. Perfect for attributing provenance. 48 62
280 Jamaica A collection of 100+ different stamps with numerals from A27 to A79, most numerals present and all strikes are readable and many good 180 230 link
281 Jamaica A28(H) on pine 4d; CC 3d, 6d; A28(M) on CC ½d, 1d, 2d, 4d, 6d. 8 stamps fair to good strikes 20 26
282 Jamaica Numerals on pines – A30 6d, 1s; A33 2d, 3d; A35 1s; A38 6d; A42 1s; A49 1s. 8 stamps cat c£190 + Topaz premium 65 uns link
283 Jamaica A56 & A57 Montego Bay/Morant Bay on CC or CA. 11 stamps fair to good strikes A56 on CC ½d, 1d, 4d, CA 2d (both), 4d. A57 on CC 2d; CA ½d. 2d, 4d; key 2d. 22 uns
284 Jamaica Pines on A50-A59 fair to good strikes – A50 1d; A51 2d, 3d; A52 4d; A56 3d; A57 1d, 2d, 4d; A59 1d. 9 stamps 75 uns link
285 Jamaica A62 on CC 2d, 6d, 1s; CA 2d (both); key 2½d good strikes, 6 stamps 15 12
286 Jamaica A64 on CC 2d, 3d, 6d; CA on ½d, 1d, 2d 6 stamps fair to good strikes 15 uns
287 Jamaica More pines, this time on A61-68, here we have A61 4d; A62 3d; A64 1d, 3d, 6d; A66 6d; A67 6d; A68 3d, 6d. 9 stamps fair to good strikes 54 65 link
288 Jamaica Lotted singly the Topaz VR A69 on 2½d provisional SG30 good strike 10 31
289 Jamaica A75 Sav-la-Mar on full set of pines, bar 2d, so 5 stamps good strikes cat £109+ 25 uns link
290 Jamaica The A73 of St Ann’s Bay is one found on a good range of QV issues. To start you off here are 7 – CC ½d, 3d, 6d. 1s; CA1d (both), 2d 15 uns
291 Jamaica A77 Spanish Town on 6 different stamps CC4d, 6d, 1s; CA 2d (both) 4d (faults), fair to good strikes 8 6
292 Jamaica Our final batch of pines A69, A73 & A75 on 6d and A71 on 2d 36 28 link
293 Jamaica Numerals 193-647 you get 193 on CC 6d, CA 1d, 2½d prov; 196 on CC 1d, CA 1d; 199 on CA 1d; 201 on CC2d, CA ½d; 617 on CC ½d; 622 on CC 2d; 640 on CA 2d (both); 647 1d keyplate – 13 stamps gd to fine strikes 45 70 link
294 Jamaica The star here is ‘A’ on ½d claret SG7, slightly smudged; supported by ‘B’ on SG7a and SG18 36 45 link
295 Jamaica E06 -G16 we can offer fair to good strikes of E06 on CA 1d, 2d; E30 on CA ½d, 1d; E58 on CC 1d, 6d, CA 4d, 1d key; F81 on CC ½d; F95 on CA ½d, 2d (both), 4d, 2½d key; F96 on CC 1d; F97 on CC 1s; G13 on key 2d; G14 on CA 1d; G15 on CA 1d, 2½d prov.; G16 on CC 2d. Some faults but a gd selection, 20 stamps 80 105 link
296 Jamaica Kingston squared circle datestamps to June 30 1892 with codes 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and same for letters B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z on mainly QV Keyplate 1d (SG.27) mounted on 5 album pages. Largely complete except Q, S, X, Z with 77 different combinations apparent 32 70
297 Jamaica Kingston double ring datestamps from July 1 1892 with codes 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A and same for letters B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z on mainly QV Keyplate 1d (SG.27) mounted on 4 album pages. Near complete except X, Y, Z with 119 different combinations apparent. 48 105
298 Jamaica Railway combination of purple boxed T. P. O. (D1) and central portion blue ALBANY (S3a,D2) dated OCT 3 1913 on KGV 1d (SG.58) piece. 60 48 link
299 Jamaica (TRO)UT HALL temporary rubber datestamp (TRD 24, D1) in purple part dated --.10.1929 on 2 x KGV ½d (SG.92) fragment, right stamp defective. 28 uns
300 Jamaica 1883 cover "per R.M. S.S. Don" to South Kensington, London with pair QV 2d pmk'd "A01", reverse without flap clear of Kingston IV E/DE 24 83 and London G7/JA 12 84 cds, small tear at top. 60 uns link
301 Jamaica Attractive envelope sent unsealed from Montego Bay DE 40 at p/matter rate to convey seasons greetings to Mrs Lewis of Portman Square. The ½d stamp much enhanced by 1940 label. 10 21 link
302 Jamaica Address heavily redacted on cover to Hamburg sent from the internment camp with ‘Postal Censor/Jamaica/Passed/(6)’ handstamp , opened and resealed with printed PC90 label of Examiner 2555 which number is covered up when re-opened by Oberkommado der Wehrmacht and resealed. 18 15
303 Jamaica “A47” used HOPE BAY on 1892 QV 1½d slate UPU Reply Card portion to Montreal, Canada with design pmk'd neatly by the numeral with HOPE-BAY A/OC 5 92 despatch and Kingston, New York, C/OC 20 92 transit and arrivals, full reverse text. Some light creasing, difficult office on entire. 95 uns link
304 Jamaica Clear BLUEFIELDS JA 9 03 arrival on QV ½d brown Post Card with text pmk'd Kingston 3A/JA 7 03 with Port Antonio transits, unclaimed etc, some corner creases, toning etc but lots of character. 28 23
305 Jamaica Range of 29 postal stationery POST CARDS including Reply Cards with some newswrappers, mainly unused but thought to be all different comprising QV (18 items), KE7 (3 items), KGV (2 items), KG6 (4 items), QE2 (2 items), 5 items are used. 25 20
306 Jamaica A familiar always charming RMSP postcard, landed as a Southampton Ship Letter 20 AU 0?. The scene is of Kingston Harbour 18 15 link
307 Jamaica Ex WINAND forgery of the Richmond “A79”(H) on 1872 QV ½d claret CC wmk (SG.7). The genuine strikes being extremely rare and only found on Pine wmk issues 30 24 link
308 Jamaica Ex WINAND forgery of the “A 9” (Type H missing “7”) on 1872 QV ½d claret CC wmk (SG.7), made from full forged “A79” but the “7” portion almost completely rubbed out. 30 24
Leeward Islands Leeward Islands
309 Leeward Islands QV largely unused on half page but the set SG1-8 includes ½d, 1d used and a sub-standard 6d; sexagenary ½d to 4d and 1902 1d on 7d. The stamps, except as noted, look fine and are pt o.g. Cat. £250 or so, value at 36 uns link
310 Leeward Islands Two dramatically different examples of ½d Sexagenary SG9. One from such a dry inkpad that the design is barely distinct. The other so crisply overprinted it leaves a doubling of the top ornament and most of Sexagenary. A striking pairing 10 8
311 Leeward Islands DAMAGED "S" in “ISLANDS” (row 7/6 left pane) on QV ½d (SG.1a) used at MONTSERRAT A/AU 21 1900, minor crease top left corner. 175 140 link
312 Leeward Islands 1902 KE7 6d (SG.25) ovp’d SPECIMEN and handstamped “ULTRAMAR” in blue ink, fine unused, no gum. 32 26 link
313 Leeward Islands The Spaven flaw on m.m and slightly tired 2½d bright blue SG40b cat £275 54 44 link
314 Leeward Islands The 1912 Specimen set of 12 on neat Godden page, SG46s/57s, cat. £300 130 105 link
315 Leeward Islands Collection on 7 pages, almost all m. QV 5 values to 1s, 1902 set of 3; KE 1902 6 values to 1s m., 1907 set alike; GV 1912 values include 2s u. and 5s m.,1921 set 13 values to 1s m., 1938 values with 2 different 5s m., GVI commems m. and QE set to 24c m. Total cat. abt £200 60 uns
316 Leeward Islands How’s this for a coil-join? The script ½d Die I (SG82) in a vert. strip of eight, fine mint – sorry we haven’t got the final two of original strip of ten; cat. £216+, 120 uns link
317 Leeward Islands ½d, 1d, 1½d (SG82-84). Plate 23 was used for the ½d coil strips so this pair does not have the plate no. but a pair of the 1d and a single 1½d both show plate no.23 from the top of the sheet – see Fernbank p.227 120 uns link
318 Leeward Islands A complete sheet of 120 of SG96 with both l. and r.h. panes with full mgns and showing plate no.2 cat. £240 impressive multiple 90 uns
319 Leeward Islands Long OHMS cover to Paris sent AP 8 02 registered from Antigua single use QV 1s SG7; commercial use like this rates cat. £600 85 70 link
320 Leeward Islands Reduced OHMS env. from St John’s to Washington DC sent JA 3 07 with 3x 2½d SG32; cat. £150 off cover 50 40 link
321 Leeward Islands Attractive if philatelic cover from St John’s to Halifax, England with later KE7 2d, 2½d, 3d, 6d, 1s (SG39-43) used MY 23 13 with Antigua regn label recd 10 JU; cat. £60 off cover 35 31 link
322 Leeward Islands 24 MR 26 cover regd to Marshall in Manchester’s Barton Arcade, with a pair of the Leeward script CA 3d deep ultramarine SG68a. The origin is St Kitts when the stamps were only belonged to Montserrat. These two were supplied by the Crown Agents in London and are out of their element, but cat. £120 off cover 50 uns link
323 Leeward Islands KGV £1.00 purple and black/red (SG 80) on attractive reg. Rev. Iremonger cover to Bristol pmk’d St. John’s, Antigua MY 21 1932 with Plymouth 7 JU 32 arrival. 325 uns link
324 Leeward Islands 1947 internal rate cover to the Police Station, Basseterre with Leewards KG6 1d pmk'd ST. KITTS OLD ROAD */MY 29 47 with St. Kitts */29 MY 47 arrival alongside, small edge faults. 48 uns link
325 Leeward Islands 12 stamps picked for their postmarks: QV ½d, 1s, 2½d; kg5 1d (3) and KE ½d, 1d. You’ll find Montserrat in violet, Barbuda, Seatons 1934, OR and SP codes of St Kitts, an obviously maritime criss-cross m/s cancel and, more usual St Peter’s and All Saints 36 28 link
326 Leeward Islands The scarce 1½d red p/s env used in Montserrat OC 26 1929 to Pennsylvania 70 56 link
327 Leeward Islands 1½d chestnut p/s envelope sent as paquebot to USA with Furness line SS Fort St George POSTED ON THE HIGH SEA violet h/stamp. The letter inside says it was handed over to the St George at Dominica within 15 minutes of being written. Unusual 50 100 link
328 Leeward Islands KGV 2d PSRE in size H2 sent to ‘The Cinque Ports Philatelic Society’ in Folkestone in 1929 is attractive. Franked with Virgin’s 2½d ultramarine SG73 from Roadtown is a very scarce item 160 130 link
Montserrat Montserrat
329 Montserrat One of the earliest letters recorded headed ‘Mountserrat 24 July 1767’ to Newton Gordon in Madeira; endorsed ‘p Capt Manfield’ no other postal markings, ex Freeland 180 190 link
330 Montserrat Two early letters: first to Canterbury with arrival date stamp of JY 12 (17)87; the second from the Council Offices 5 Feb 1794 to London with late Dockwra ‘Peny Post Payd’ mark at Temple 75 85
331 Montserrat JY 3 1838 is the LKD for the Montserrat fleuron in circle, only 8 are known in total here on part letter to London initially rated 2/2 an Inspector’s Crown shows this was doubled to 4/4, 5 AU arrival date stamp 575 680 link
332 Montserrat Letter headed Antigua 19 MY 1851 and endorsed per steamer to Newton Gordon, Madeira c/o their London agent was put on to the packet in Montserrat 29 MY 1851, fare 1/-, and arrived 21 JU. The Montserrat small double-arc on reverse is one of only eleven recorded 160 150 link
333 Montserrat Charles did have at least four of the eleven, and here is one of the others on the front of an envelope to Basingstoke, date stamp 28 JY 1852 which means it was carried on the Great Western if you look at Kenton & Parsons, for 1/- 140 180 link
334 Montserrat 1858-60 GB 1d rose-red wmk large crown, perf 14, letters AI, cancelled A08 with two BPA certs of authenticity (1977 & 2021); vertical crease noted on cert, cat. £1,300 240 320 link
335 Montserrat After the GB stamps were withdrawn a new date stamp was sent out and this envelope to London may show the EKD reported in Proud p.279 26 JY 1863, the ‘A’ control is inverted and it is hard to read, London arrival AU 14 63 is clear on front with 11/1 accountancy marks. Only 4 strikes recorded 190 150 link
336 Montserrat The 1903 set of 9 to 2s 6d optd SPECIMEN, SG14s/22s. 6d has a missing corner and the 2½d has been nibbled along the bottom edge 60 uns link
337 Montserrat Deep green ½d War Stamp, mint r.h. pane with full external and gutter margin on all sides. Minor staining in one or two places, vert. crease in gutter mgn, a few split perfs at top. If we muse on, we’ll devalue to nothing, so we’ll add a premium for block appearance, completeness, and smaller opt. at SW corner 10 uns
338 Montserrat 1935 Silver Jubilee set perf. SPECIMEN, mtd m, cat. £110 36 uns link
339 Montserrat 1937 Coronation set perf. SPECIMEN, mtd. M. cat. £80 28 uns link
340 Montserrat 1938 set of 10 perforated SPECMEN SG101s/110s, the 10s and £1 did not come out until 1948, cat. say £260 85 70 link
341 Montserrat The 1937 Official seal of Montserrat for KG6, albino impression on cream paper, ex Freeland, Barwick 85 70 link
342 Montserrat KG6 photographic proof sheet for the 1938 ½d to 5/- definitives Initialled and dated 5/8 by Henry Stansfield for the Crown Agents. Horizontal crease does not affect the images 320 380 link
343 Montserrat Collection on 7 pages, essentially fine mtd m. The strength is the 1938 set complete with additional rarer perf 13 for 1½d, 2d, 6d, 1s, 5s adding £155 to the sets cat. £110. As well as this you get the George VI commems m., earlier we find a scattering of stamps notably 16 values to 1s from the 1922 arms set. Total cat. over £300 80 65
344 Montserrat The full 1965 set of 17 is present in pairs and these add Harris and another Dyers to the St Johns, St Patricks and St Peters you’ll meet below. The top values were all cancelled at St Peters 36 uns link
345 Montserrat The 1967 tourism set of four SG190/3, feature as two pairs for each value, where we note St Johns, St Patrick, St Peters 10 uns
346 Montserrat You might opt for a small sample provided by the four stamps celebrating the Olympic Games in Mexico. The pairs here show only St Patricks and St Peters 8 uns
347 Montserrat 1d crown CA perf 12 bisect, with re-entry on 1st N of Penny, here on front to Kelshall in Dominica, tied with AO8 and sent as ‘Circular’ MY 14 84 arrived 4 days after; ex Freeland and Toeg 120 95 link
348 Montserrat Leewards ½d and 4d paying the registered rate to NY from Montserrat 27 AP 93 with manuscript endorsement ‘per SS Caribbee’ 50 36 link
349 Montserrat 4 covers with Montserrat stamps: SP 30 1916 registered to Mississippi with late use device 2d, 3d (SG26, 27 we presume though our vendor suggests SG16, 18); 2 OC 1916 reg. to NY 2d block of four (SG51); May 26 regd to Demerara 1½d, 4d (SG67, 75); finally Royal Bank of Canada envelope to Demerara with 1½d SG68 SP 26 60 uns
350 Montserrat Neat Wilson cover with 6d and 1s SG55,56 pmk. MR 22 1917, cat. £87 off cover 25 uns
351 Montserrat 1d Montserrat p/s env sent regd to Yorkshire OC 23 1918 uprated with 2x 1d and ½d War Tax in red Montserrat stamps, ex Freeland 60 47 link
352 Montserrat 3 covers featuring War Tax stamps: our first, registered to Barbados JY 29 1918, has a block of 7 of SG61, and the date tells you this is better shade, including the top row of 6 with plate no.1 with official seal on back; the second at the same 3½d rate is to a philatelic address in Norwood featuring SG60, 61 and 52 sent on OC 2 1918; finally a block of four of SG 62 on registered cover to St Thomas AP 28 1919 50 uns link
353 Montserrat Pair of commercial covers to USA featuring SG62 1½d WAR STAMP; first registered to Boston with a pair from top left of sheet with plate no.1 and ½d from bottom making up the rate sent FE 3 1921; second single stamp used to pay correct rate to NY sometime in 1920 40 uns link
354 Montserrat 3 covers from Montserrat with Leewards stamps: FE 5 24 Iremonger cover with 2½d orange yellow (SG66 scarce used), 3d lt ultramarine (SG68); FE 16 29 to New Jersey at 4¼d pair SG65 and SG58; MR 34 to Birmingham 1½d SG64 45 uns link
355 Montserrat 4 covers also featuring Leewards used in Montserrat: JA 12 1917 3d SG51b to England; FE 28 long OHMS env. reg. to Vermont with 5d SG71; 17 MY 1929 regd to Demerara 6d SG72; Airmail to London OC 3 1937 1s 2d (SG65, 75) 65 uns
356 Montserrat Boxed FIRST AIR MAIL/MONTSERRAT on registered cover to Tobago pmk JU 6 1930, postage made up of seal 1½d, 3d, 1s, transit Trinidad b/stamp and Scarborough arrival 5 MR 31 suggests a lengthy delay for a registered item – Proud (p.283) tells us this mail was forgotten and was not carried until HMS Devonshire arrived in February 1931 and used its seaplane to carry the mail. 30 24 link
357 Montserrat You could pair the above cover with this similarly delayed cover to St Lucia also with boxed FIRST AIR MAIL/MONTSERRAT but not registered so rate is 1s ½d (seal ½d, 2x 6d) originally pmkd JU 20 1930, finally sent FE 23 31 with manuscript ‘if not delivered within 5 days please return to Montserrat’ b/stamps of St Kitts 23 FE 31, Castries 26 FE 31 and Montserrat MR 8 31 show this is what happened, did the sender expect anything else? 36 33 link
358 Montserrat Two 1933 commercial tercentenary covers 1½d on Royal Bank of Canada envelope to London and 2d to the Audit Office in Antigua 35 28 link
359 Montserrat Three McFarlan covers with village cancels: scarce first type of HARRIS 5 APR 28 (the one shown in Proud) 1½d device; CUDJOE HEAD 21 SP 35 tercentenary 2d and ½d; ST JOHNS MR 21 35 tercentenary 1d and 3x ½d 140 110 link
360 Montserrat A block of 4x 5d SG71 were used to send this long OHMS registered cover to Brooklyn on OC 19 1937, env. slightly reduced on opening 35 uns link
361 Montserrat Four separate covers each featuring one of 2s 6d, 5s, 10s, £1 – the 2s 6d cover even needed uprating by 3d. All sent registered to different addresses and not easy items to find on cover (SG109-112) 65 uns link
362 Montserrat First day covers! Some now 85 years old, 9 here starting with 1937 Coron, both Leewards & Montserrat, 4 of the 1938 set, Victory, UPU, U of WI, 1953 Coron (Leewards), 3 values of 1953 set, BCF 24 uns
363 Montserrat 13 covers (1940-1971) with village marks, most to philatelic addresses, but HARRIS to Tennessee in 1951 with KG6 3d and 6d looks commercial; they include Salem, St Peter’s, St John’s, Bethel, Cork Hill, St Patrick; also a tatty coron. cover with boxed ‘posted at sea SS Fort Townsend’ and NY Paquebot 48 42
364 Montserrat QE2 1c (2), 20c, 40c flowers used for Postage Due pmk’d Plymouth 26 JU 77 on underpaid GRENADA 10c incoming cover pmk’d Victoria */JU 15 77 with “T” handstamp. 14 uns
365 Montserrat MY 19 of unknown year (C1919) envelope with scarce OFFICAL PAID d/stamp with control b; endorsed by postmaster and sent to Washington DC 26 21 link
366 Montserrat Forged “A08” tying vertically bisected QV 1d to printed matter piece. 15 uns
367 Montserrat Three incoming covers from the UK to the Richmond Hill Estate in the 1880’s: 4d green from Cheltenham AP 1 85; same 4d stamp from Wimbledon JU 2 86 (the arrival date stamps on these two fill in gaps in Proud’s sequence); 1d printed matter paid with 2x ½d vermillion from Enstone NO 2 87. Decidedly scarce and ex-Freeland 210 170 link
Nevis Nevis
368 Nevis A bold attempt to show the classics m. and u. Complete for SG1-4 with extras; SG9-14 complete less both 1s m.; SG15-22 has no 6d and only 1 of the one shilling. Cat. seems to be £1,750+ 300 uns
369 Nevis QV wmk CC SG23m. and u. SG24 u. and a possible 23a bisect on piece. Then CA set 25-34 m. and u. (no 6d grn or 1s in u.). Bisects too. Total cat. £1,400+ 280 uns
370 Nevis 1d lilac-mauve SG26 unused, fresh, cat. £100 25 20
371 Nevis 4d blue SG30 pt o.g. centred rt, fine appearance but some dry inking on face and gum discoloration on reverse; cat. £350 70 uns link
372 Nevis A minimal repair at NE corner brings this lge pt o.g. example of the scarce 6d green SG32 down from cat. £450 to a just-about affordable level 48 uns link
373 Nevis The 6d Chestnut & 1s violet opt SPECIMEN SG33/34s cat. £110, the 1s has a missing perf at foot. 36 29 link
374 Nevis The 1s pale violet issued March 1890 was invalidated 6 months later. Neatly centred, unused example pt o.g. here, SG34 cat. £100 25 uns link
375 Nevis The 5 listed 1d stamps and shades between SG23 and 27a, together with the bisect of CA 1d lilac mauve, tied to small piece (SG26b) followed by the two 2½d and two 4d SG28-31, all the above with characteristic A09 killer cancellation – cat. (with bisect at 10%) abt £330 70 uns link
376 Nevis Date stamps of Gingerland, Charleston and St Kitts pin l. mgnl 2/5 (SG76a) to a regd cover of 24 JY 47, the regd label presumed to be added at Charleston. B/stamps for Miami, NY and Staten Island, arriving JUL 30, show the onward routing, central fold clear of stamp 16 uns
377 Nevis Leewards 1d SG48a tied by NEVIS d/stamp of AU ? 16 sent this env. first to N Wales and then re-directed to Godalming c/o Lady Scott Moncrieff 20 20
378 Nevis Plain postcard to A W Morley in Rochdale from Nevis 20 MR 33. 1d postage paid by 4x ¼d so Leewards SG58 and then 3x SG81 from the plate 23 reversion to Die I; cat. £85 off cover 40 uns link
379 Nevis F3 4d orange fiscal mtd m. copy cat. £170 40 uns
380 Nevis F1 and F2 two m. copies plus dubious used (discounted). Also F6-8 m. with 2x 6d and 2x 6d u. and 4d u. Total cat. £840 150 uns
381 Nevis Litho forgery of the 1/- Medicinal Spring in bright green in an imperforate sheet of 12 stamps, some facial marks, generally fine. 75 65 link
Saint Christopher Saint Christopher
382 Saint Christopher Wing-margin 6d lilac on neat blue-piece, probably from SW corner and scissor-cut outside the perfs at S. and W. We’re not going to niggle over crude separation at N. and E., this is a standout example of SGz4 cat.£250 95 uns link
383 Saint Christopher We don’t go a bundle for the w (inverted wmk) version of 1d magenta SG2, and this one’s unused. We’ve given it a companion SG2 pt o.g. you’ll have a real giggle at the entire contrast between basic stamp shades and those of duty tablet. We recommend that you carefully remove hinge remainder on the real SG2, to restore its flexibility and prolong its life – SG2, 2w cat. £250 54 uns link
384 Saint Christopher We think the residue of this small QV assembly all m. comprises perf 12½, 3 perf 14, all CC, to give SG1, 2 (4), 5, 6, 9(2) and if so cat. £740. If you find something better, be happy 54 uns link
385 Saint Christopher 1d (3), 6d(2), 2½d, 4d on s/card offer pleasing use of SG2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15 cat. £200 40 uns link
386 Saint Christopher Perf 12½ CC 1d magenta, 6d (4, one yellow-green) and perf 14 4d blue (2); two stamps with cds, others dumb, one of which you could argue – with insufficient evidence – uses two bars, not three, cat. £103 20 uns
387 Saint Christopher Whilst a nicely used pair of the 1d magenta perf 14 (SG6) may not be that unusual this pair has a datestamp of NO 24 83 making it stand out from those ‘killed’ by A12 7 6
388 Saint Christopher 1s mauve SG20w with inverted watermark, neatly used, two German expert stamps of authenticity on the reverse; cat. £190 48 40 link
389 Saint Christopher 3 surcharges on 6d green, being 1d, two different 4d, SG22, 24, 25 look fresh and fine on their face and the last is fine pt o.g.; 1d/6d is regummed; SG22 foremed a deep attachment to its album page illustration. When they broke off their engagement, the illustration was deeply hurt, the pt o.g. stamp unwounded but attachment lingers on. They combine (at cat. £150) with a group of 9 different defins m. and u., cat, much the same 50 uns link
390 Saint Christopher 4d grey SG18 tied by A12 killer to small env. to Brooklyn. NY with AU 6 87 despatch on front and Paid G All and NY and Brooklyn d/stamps on reverse 70 130 link
391 Saint Christopher The overprinted Revenue set SG R3-6 together with a second 1d in deeper shade and the unlisted 5/- yellow which St Kitts did not order (or need?) but collectors liked – all with lge pt o.g. As duty tablets are printed separately the shades do not really match, cat. abt £50+ 20 uns link
392 Saint Christopher This lot of the 1885 postal fiscals illustrates divergence between shades of the 1d to 1/- value with a single 5/- to keep them company. One 6d and one 1d are used. The date on the 1d might be of village origin (no promises). It is from either of the first two supplies, not from the last. 36 uns link
393 Saint Christopher Overprinted Revenue1d, 1s m. n.h, 3d unused with 1d, 6d, 1s attractively fiscally used 20 uns link
Saint Kitts Saint Kitts
394 Saint Kitts The 1903 Specimen Set seemingly ex the De La Rue archives, on an ex- Brian Brooks page the stamps have been stuck down on buff paper and then the sheet cut up so that you get five pairs. Is this a plus or a minus, the provenance may make for a plus. SG1s/10s cat. £160 60 150 link
395 Saint Kitts The 3d crown CA SG5 in block of four from the top corner of the r.h. pane so you get the interpanneau mgn and the plate no. 1 I in top mgn. Cat. £100+ 30 34 link
396 Saint Kitts A complete r.h. pane of 60 of SG23 means you get not only 4x plate no. 1 but also SG23a the Short opt at bottom left. Cat. £130+ 52 uns link
397 Saint Kitts 1922 KGV 2d slate (SG41), u/m corner marginal Plate 1 showing perforation variety due corner paper fold, unusual. 48 uns link
398 Saint Kitts 2/- purple and blue on blue (SG47) from bottom right corner of the sheet with full mgn and plate no. 1. Unusually paper developed a diagonal crease before being gummed. 10 8
399 Saint Kitts Collection on 8 pages with strength in GVI. A few earlies from St Christopher, 1903 set to 3d mint, 1921 MCA set to 1s mint, 1935 SJ set mint, GVI set complete mint, GVI commems mint and some used, GVI decimal defins set mint, QEII 1954 set mint minus 24 and 48c cat £300+ 105 uns
400 Saint Kitts The OR for Old Road is the clearest part of the duplex date stamp on this 1d grey-black and carmine SG2, we’d say from 1906 12 10
401 Saint Kitts Used in TURKS ISLAND the 1903 ½d with clear TI killer, most unusual, ex Brooks 10 16
402 Saint Kitts The Antigua 1d was used provisionally used in St Christopher in the first three months of 1890, see note under SG28 in Part I. Our example is on cover with bold A12 and St Kitts date stamp AP 3 90, does this extend the date range or was it a philatelic favour? Cover is unopened, which may be a clue, but it is in fine condn. 75 150 link
403 Saint Kitts OHMS foolscap cover to Harry Huber bearing only 1½d War Stamp received Official Paid c.d.s. JU 5 19, GPO duplex a week later (why the hold-up?) and has a faint violet strike of the usually alluring (but not in this instance) oval h/stamp of the Administration of St. Christopher & Nevis. Also aboard here tax marked cover (no sign of collection) to St. Thomas sporting WWI ½d War Stamp block; and a final curiosity, Leeward 1/- on 1945 St. Kitts co-op cover to Canada which also bears Official Paid c.d.s. 40 uns
404 Saint Kitts Nevis to the Gold Coast! The twin medallion ½d and 1d stamps sent this envelope from Nevis at an indistinct date. However we do know that the addressee (Fishlock) was posted to the Agricultural Station at Assuanti in the early 1920’s after previous work in the BVI, redirected on arrival and attracting a ‘T’ mark in black 60 uns link
405 Saint Kitts Meister cover of AU 21 29 with Leewards 2/6 used at SANDY POINT 60 uns link
406 Saint Kitts Our seller was excited to own a St Kitts Nevis 1937 Coron. FDC to Montserrat with quite a bit of blue ink in the cds pmk – he’s got a point 10 uns
407 Saint Kitts Leeward QV ½d wrapper with St Kitts duplex of JU 13 94 sent to Cayon. Very clean condition. 10 23
408 Saint Kitts Small env from St Kitts MR 17 05 to Kinze in Germany with Leewards QV ½d, 1d, 2½d, 1s each lightly cancelled by A12. Sent registered with London transit 6 AP and German arrival next day on reverse 120 uns link
409 Saint Kitts Colourful franking of 7 different low value stamps totalling 1s 1d (5 St Kitts, 2 Leewards) sent this view of Pomp Bay and Brimstone Hill to a Scottish collecting friend by airmail in October 1941 25 uns link
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
410 Saint Lucia Small coloured map by Arrowsmith publ. 1806 of the island to enhance your album page – 222 x 134 mm 12 15
411 Saint Lucia 1d lake wmk CC SG5 with unusual ‘DEMA..RA’ cancel, cat. £110 32 25 link
412 Saint Lucia 6d emerald wmk CC SG8 lightly used, attractive example cat. £225 42 46 link
413 Saint Lucia The Half Penny on 6d (SG9) was never issued, this example largely missing the ‘e’ in ‘penny’; cat. £70 28 29 link
414 Saint Lucia Three copies of 6d violet (SG13) and a nice 6d brown-orange (SG14), total cat. £120 30 24 link
415 Saint Lucia Mint block of 6 from bottom left of sheet of SG43 halfpenny green, so with plate no.4 in margin and ‘CRO’ visible in left margin 20 16 link
416 Saint Lucia Two mint blocks of 1d mauve in contrasting shades with watermark letters in margin. First block of 8 (4x2) shows ‘OLO’, second block of 6 (2x3)shows ‘AGEN’ to right – cat. £98 30 24 link
417 Saint Lucia Plate 3 positional top marginal unmounted mint block of 20 (5x4) QV 1d dull mauve Die II (SG.44). Cat.£140.00. 48 uns link
418 Saint Lucia The Spaven flaw on 1d carmine SG67a is well away from the postmark, cat £75 28 23 link
419 Saint Lucia A collection on 11 pages including 1891 Die II set to 1s m. and u. (no 6d u.); Pitons & 1902 set to 3d m.; 1912 set to 2s 6d m.; Script set to 6d m. SJ set m.; 1936 set to 1s m.; 1938 set to £1 m.; KGVI commems m. etc. total cat. £450+ 110 uns
420 Saint Lucia Die II QV 1d uprates p/s env 5 ½ “ x 4” to Wilhelmshaven NO 20 00, all bar the top 20mm or so of the envelope deeply toned before use. Name and duty plate of the stamp unusually close to the top of the box 20 uns
421 Saint Lucia Though it was quite unnecessary to spend 1/3 to post cover of JA 14 13 to London, not even registered, using ½d, 1d, 2d (Pitons), 2½d, 3d, 6d – and the only stamp with any cat. power is the 6d (SG84- £21), there’s a pleasing understatement of the philatelic nature. 36 uns link
422 Saint Lucia 1st Air Mail cancel of 25 SP 29 from St Lucia, paying fare with 4d pair local Caribbean tariff for travel to Porto Ricoidentifies an unopened pink cover which travelled on the northbound flight piloted by LINDBERGH 18 15
423 Saint Lucia SOUFRIERE */13 JU 21 on PSRE with added KGV 1d carmine to Ponderoyen, West Bank, Demerara pmk’d */13 JU 21, two fine strikes. 60 65 link
424 Saint Lucia 13 Nov 31 Stampless cover from London with slogan machine cancel with 2 UK tax marks on front and St Lucia 1d blue (#4636) and 2d yellow (#3511) postage due stamps affixed and tied with Castries cds of 3 DE 31, a scarce and early commercial use 120 95 link
425 Saint Lucia JA 11 32 Panton cover from Road Town, Tortola to Castries via St Kitts. 2x ¼d Leewards pair underpaid the fare and so unframed T with red 2d applied and a vertical pair of 1d black on blue postage due labels affixed 21 JA 32 in Castries 54 uns link
426 Saint Lucia A stampless underpaid long OHMS cover from MICOUD 26 MY 34 to the Girl Guide Commissioner in Castries, so taxed with T in circle and 1d postage due affixed 28 MY; fine commercial underpaid item 75 uns link
427 Saint Lucia This envelope, machine cancelled at Horsham 29 AUG 1962 to Grenada 3d paid, got sent to St Lucia where the boxed ‘Missent to St Lucia’ was applied, when it reached Grenada it was taxed 8c and the Grenada 8c postage due is tied by SAUTEURS d/stamp OC ? 62 35 28 link
428 Saint Lucia B/w ppc of ‘Road to the Waterworks, Castries, St Lucia, W I’ sent to France OC 4 1908. The KEVII ½d is cancelled on that date with code VF for VIEUX FORT 60 60 link
429 Saint Lucia B/w ppc of ‘A Castries Residence’ with KEVII ½d green tied by Castries pmk SP 22 09, mailed locally with boxed ‘TOO LATE’ rarely found on local mail 60 80 link
430 Saint Lucia Forgery of the 1881 "2½ PENCE" on QV brown-red (SG.24), in orange-red good used, the impressed watermark difficult to interpret. 15 12
431 Saint Lucia Forged “A11” being the No.354 illustration in the Madame Joseph handbook of forgeries on QV 3d (SG.47), defective perfs. at left. 7 6
Saint Vincent Saint Vincent
432 Saint Vincent Bacon & Napier’s 1895 classic work on St Vincent was the subject of a facsimile reprint in 1998 , here is a copy, a little worn and in need of care 12 uns
433 Saint Vincent This delicately coloured 1861 1d would once have fought to be described as intermediate perf., but now it’s lost its chance. Quite a strong A10 killer at 3 o’clock but there’s a streak of traditionalism in our approach and we value at full cat. 14 12 link
434 Saint Vincent SG1 unused and used and SG2 and 4 so that you can compare the deep yellow green of one with the deep green of the other, SG4 very fine, SG2 has a heavy A10 cancellation – cat. £283 48 52 link
435 Saint Vincent The 1862-8 1d, 4d, 6d on this card are fine used by most people’s standards, but we (and our valuation) have eyes only for the 4d value, good colour, light part A10, profile absolutely clear, and scissor separation has for once produced which nowhere impinges on design and even the perf holes keep their distance on three sides with the just the gentlest of kisses at the top. SG5, 6, 7 cat. £205 together but think only SG6 v.f.u. cat £110 60 uns link
436 Saint Vincent SG 5, 6, 7, 9 gently used; the 1d and 1s particularly fine examples with full margins and well centred; 4d and 6d pleasing enough, cat. £345 70 56 link
437 Saint Vincent A used copy of the 1s slate-grey SG9 with bold A10 cancel, cat. £140 24 33 link
438 Saint Vincent SG12-14 gently used. The 1s indigo with scissor cut and no perfs at ft but without affecting design; 4d yellow cancelled in red AU 31 74; cat. £410 70 56 link
439 Saint Vincent Large examples of the 1d black SG15 and 18 are combined here with a similarly large 1s deep rose-red SG17, cat. £170 48 40 link
440 Saint Vincent PML readers will classify by issue, here we cover Issues 10-14 with SG19, 19a, 22, 23, 24, 25, all used. The last has quite exceptional margins, some faults on others; cat. £340 60 48 link
441 Saint Vincent The 1880 1d olive-green mtd m. pt o.g. (SG29) centring slightly high; cat. £150 45 uns link
442 Saint Vincent The 1880 6d bright green (SG30) perf 11-12½ mtd m., centred slightly low and left; cat. £475 105 uns link
443 Saint Vincent The 1881 ONE PENNY on 6d bright green (SG31) centring a tad left and low. Difficult stamp mint; cat. £475 120 uns link
443A Saint Vincent S/card with used PB from 1880-81: ½ olive-green SG29(5), SG30, 31; SG36 (3), SG 37, 38. Cat. £464 80 uns link
444 Saint Vincent The early De La Rue issues used on s/card SG39-41 nicely used with 3 additional SG40; good 4d ultramarine SG43 and three copies of SG46, two good, one with very heavy cancel, cat. just shy of £200 36 28 link
445 Saint Vincent The difficult unused 4d ultramarine on CA paper (reversed) perf. 12 (SG43) cat. £450, m. but regummed 90 75 link
446 Saint Vincent A nice unused example of the 1s orange-vermillion wmk CA perf 12 (SG45); cat. £150 40 32 link
447 Saint Vincent 1886 QV 4d purple-brown (SG.51) ovp’d “SPECIMEN” very fine without gum, the most difficult of the overprinted trio to find. 24 20 link
448 Saint Vincent By the time the 6d colour changed to violet in 1888 SPECIMEN stamps were a UPU requirement. Here you get one such with an unused companion SG52 and 52ws; cat. £265 65 uns link
449 Saint Vincent 1893 QV 5/- brown-lake (SG.53a), fine mounted mint handstamped "Specimen" (Type II). 160 uns link
450 Saint Vincent The later DLR classic issues on 3 s/cards SG47-63, mainly u. but with some mint and some duplication. Better items noted SG49 m. and u. SG50 u., SG 52 m. and u., SG54, SG56 and 57 (2) u. (one with Parcel Post cancel), SG59 m. and u. SG63 u. Good lot 53 stamps; cat. £600+ 150 uns link
451 Saint Vincent 12 pages make up our St Vincent collection, which is light on early material but you do get 1888 5s m. and the two 1897 values m. (SG61/2); 4 keyplates to 6d; KEVII MCA 6d, 1s, 2s, 5s all m.; 1907 set m.; 1913 values to 2s; 1921 values to 5s m.; 1935 SJ set m.; 1938 set of 15 m.; 1949 set lacks top value; KGVI commems m. total cat. c£420 105 uns
452 Saint Vincent Another Spaven flaw example where the postmark frames the damage to the frame, here on 1d dull purple and carmine, SG77a cat. £75 24 20
453 Saint Vincent “ESPECIMEN” handstamp in red on Multiple Script CA KGV 6d ovp’d “SPECIMEN”, and in bluish-black ink on £1 Badge of Colony perforated “SPECIMEN” (SG.137,141), both unused without gum. 40 uns link
454 Saint Vincent Complete offsets of the red 1977 Carnival overprint on reverse unmounted mint vertical pair 15c Skipjack. 20 uns
455 Saint Vincent Error VALUE OMITTED on (40c) and ($2.00) Royal Visit Mustique pair (SG.104/105), fresh unmounted mint. 40 32 link
456 Saint Vincent We separate out a copy of 6d yellow-green SG26a with crystal clear GB//40c mark as cancel which we pair with 1s vermillion SG24 where the GB//50c mark has the numeral part inverted; an interesting and attractive pair 30 uns link
457 Saint Vincent K for Kingstown JY 14 84 is crystal clear on this ½d orange SG36 6 4
458 Saint Vincent Perkins Bacon QV 1d drab (SG.37) with two mainly good upr. strikes of the “BAR” village abbreviate dated MR 26(?) 82, very few examples known on this issue. 48 52 link
459 Saint Vincent “BEQ” (Bequia) abbreviated datestamp, part or mediocre full strikes on 20 stamps incl. QV ½d green, QV 1d red, QV 2½d on 1d blue, QV ½d and 1d Keyplates, KE7 ½d and 1d Keyplates, Arms 1d and 2½d issues. 32 uns
460 Saint Vincent ST. VINCENT cds used NEW ADELPHI provisional use dated A/OC 26 21 on KGV ½d (SG.131) as the office opened July 1st 1913 but did not receive its own datestamp until Sept 1931. 40 uns link
461 Saint Vincent 10 singles and 4x ½d pairs on s/card with pmk interest. SG18 with CO/AP 3/77 in red and SG99 on piece with BRIDGETOWN/B/AU 9/09 are the non-keyplates. On those we note MESOPOTAMIA, COLONAIRE, STUBBS 30 uns link
462 Saint Vincent 14 covers starting in1896 and ’97 with PSRE to Hanover (adhesives removed) and a healthy ½d wrapper, the other 12 are from 1914 to 1951; two are inter-island, inc. to the Archbishop, Port of Spain, and only Coronation and Victory FDC are philatelic. The rest to UK or US at standard rates, generally sound condition 56 uns link
463 Saint Vincent 1d keyplate on cover to London tied by Barbados DE 23 99 d/stamp as a Paquebot, further evidenced by “Posted on British Packet” violet h/stamp 45 uns link
464 Saint Vincent This item of incoming mail sent from Halifax, Nova Scotia on MAR 21 1906 with Canadian KE 2c was sent via New York and so on the reverse attracted the very rare SHIP LETTERS/C/AP 9/06/St Vincent in circle R£150 210 link
465 Saint Vincent CNS stationery envelope with 3c Canadian stamp was posted on the Lady Hawkins, addressed to Pittsburgh it got ‘Missent to St Vincent’ written in red on the front and with a 7 AU 35 GPO St Vincent date stamp on back 75 uns link
466 Saint Vincent The Kingston sub-office of SION HILL cancelled philatelic covers: first of 2 DE 48 bearing ½d 1d, 2½d and 3d and second 26 MR 49 with 1c to 24c re-addressed to NY. Now 70 years old 15 uns link
467 Saint Vincent Two OHMS envelopes sent to P J Jaffe of London’s Cornwall Gardens with double oval ‘Government Office/St Vincent BWI’ hand stamp in purple. Date stamps 25 JY and 12 AU both 1950 16 uns
468 Saint Vincent 1d carmine p/s card sent to Dresden and uprated with 1d keyplate, both intaglio and stamp are cancelled with Barbados squared circle AU 4 00 and the card also shows the “Posted on British Packet” violet h/stamp 60 uns link
469 Saint Vincent 1883 QV 6d bright green Crown CA wmk P.12 ovp'd "Revenue" (PML.12), a rare mounted mint example, gum slightly toned. 85 70 link
470 Saint Vincent 1892 5/- purple ovp'd "REVENUE" (PML.49), badly thinned dated "2/5/94" and 1894 5/- greyish purple ovp'd "REVENUE" (PML.50), fine used. 18 uns
Tobago Tobago
471 Tobago Largely bold strike of the Tobago fleuron date SE 4 1837 on missive to the London Stock Exchange 23 OC arrival date stamp, both marks on reverse 90 95 link
472 Tobago Crowned Circle Paid at Tobago, about 60% of a fair strike, the rest in outline on this March 1861 front to London, so no date stamps on reverse but London Paid date stamp of Ap 12 61 on front – scarce though 105 85 link
473 Tobago The 1879 5s wmk CC unused (SG5), gum cannot be guaranteed, cat. £900 150 uns link
474 Tobago 3x 1d brown SG219 were used for a rather scarce JA 1932 cover to Editor US Navy magazine from ROXBOROUGH to San Diego 24 20 link
475 Tobago Incoming letter from Ayr pmk JA 28 78 with pair of 6d stamps (SG147) from plate 15, FE 4 arrival datestamp 48 40
Trinidad Trinidad
476 Trinidad Marked “Master Copy” and initialled “J.B.M” on front page being Sir John Marriott’s handwritten preparation and notes for his published work on the “Handstruck stamps” of Trinidad with his own hand-drawn illustrations of the Crowned Circles, Trinidad Paid double arcs, Fleurons, Trinidad broken double arc datestamps. 60 48
477 Trinidad This missive from Trinidad left 8 Aug 1825 and was received 13 Oct, though you can’t work out the date from the well inked, well worn small fleuron of despatch struck over flap. It was endorsed “single-sheet” was double rated at 4/4, then reduced to single rate 2/2, so there must have been some debate over the issue, and we don’t know whether this took place in Trinidad or London. 77 Hatton Garden was a clerical address and they used to carefully monitor their outgoings. We infer, perhaps wrongly, that there was something within that was allowed to travel free of charge 120 95 link
478 Trinidad Scarce lengthy contents ingoing 1828 entire to Mrs. Maria George, Port of Spain, Trinidad from St. Mawes JA 16 1828 with unusual very thin toned sheet edges (as mourning bands), mention of recent death of poor Edward and now dear suffering sister Mary, rated 1/3 but with no despatch or arrival markings. 75 85 link
479 Trinidad Constant prominent plate flaw “CRACKED SHIELD” (a vertical black line) an early state on 1859 6d bright/yellow-green No watermark, scissor cut with no signs of pin-perfs (SG35/42/43a) pmk'd "1". 90 115 link
480 Trinidad Plate no. 1 2½d Britannia triplet (SG117) from the top of the sheet, its side margin removed which gives better balance to this MCA dull purple and blue multiple than would a corner example. In fine m. condn 16 13
481 Trinidad A mint block of 16 of the 1898 Columbus issue SG125; cat. £56 24 20 link
482 Trinidad 1914 5/- Seated Britannia (SG.155) ovp'd SPECIMEN and handstamped red “COLONIAS” good m.m., small faults. 30 24 link
483 Trinidad 1935 2c Silver Jubilee lower left corner block showing, with its usual clarity the extra flagstaff on the stamp at top left (SG239A). Block is mint but the gum has become mildly streaky and makes your describer recall he was only a kid when he watched the pageant from a window opposite the way into St Paul’s 12 10
484 Trinidad 4 of the Pictorial issue all from the top corner of the sheet and pmk 18 FEB 36 at Regostration GPO, 1c pair, 3c, 12,c 24c. All bar the 12c are from top rt, so you get the sheet number too (28, 18, 22 – in denomination order) 6 uns
485 Trinidad With our Trinidad collection you get the 22 ring maroon binder and 6 QV stamps of Tobago; 17 pages in all. 8 used Britannias, 18 96 set to 1s m., SG131 m. and u., 1922 set to 5s m., SJ set m.,1935 complete set m., 1938 set to 60c m., GVI commems m., 1953 set to 60c. m. cat £300+ 80 uns
486 Trinidad The KANAI collection of numerals and later types on QV stamps: black and white photocopies of his collection on 50 pages (A4 size), perfect for attributing provenance. 30 24
487 Trinidad Savanna Grande “18” numeral (Type 0.2) clearly struck at 11 o’clock on 1861 (1d) rose-red (SG.52). 48 40 link
488 Trinidad MAIL STEAMER MONOS ROUTE A/FE 25 93 very fine fullish at 4 o’clock on QV 1d (SG.107), reverse purple EDRINGTON & MARTIN, SOUTH HACKMEY, LONDON advertising handstamp. 65 85 link
489 Trinidad MR 24 1870 front to Montserrat with 2x 1d carmine (SG60) and 4d violet (SG70) ex Freeland, Ramkissoon 90 115 link
490 Trinidad Local cover from the Legge corres. TOCO duplex T8 ties SG105 crisply to this small cover. Sent SP 14 88, P of S arrival 3 days later. Some ageing as usual. 50 40 link
491 Trinidad 5 covers and an unsused letter card make up a useful batch: 1917 Tuna Puna to England and readdressed (2 x ½d); 1922 cover with 1d brown pair Princes Town to Connecticut; 1935 1d plus ½d San Fernando to England; 1936 3c slogan cancel on cover to London; scarce KG5 1d red p/s wrapper to Brussels; some faults 27 22 link
492 Trinidad This FFC from Port of Spain to Grenada, accepted 19.7.30 for flight next day was carried by NYRBA on the last of their feeder services to be set up before Pan Am swallowed NYRBA whole (Wike p.34) 14 uns
493 Trinidad Pan Am “Airmail Test” letter from NY NOV 1 1946 to Port of Spain NO 4 46. Boxed RETURN TO SENDER and 20c postage (8c and 12c defins) applied to return it 20 uns link
494 Trinidad Almost 20 village offices here on a group of mainly commercial covers from the KG6 and early QE era, a useful group of pmks 20 16 link
495 Trinidad “Island Scenery”, 12 sepia views of Trinidad printed in Britain in photogravure and sold through F P Bruce-AUSTIN of Marine Square, Trinidad. One of the views was detached for use in the past, the other 11 are present in good order 20 16 link
Turks Islands Turks Islands
496 Turks Islands 1d dull rose Courbould head SG1 unused, fresh, no gum cat. £65 22 uns
497 Turks Islands Slightly faded example of the same stamp in similar unused condition but clearly showing the Throat flaw from row 3 stamp 4 SG1a, cat. £250 65 uns link
498 Turks Islands 1d dull red small star wmk also unused with no gum and centred a little left and a bit more up SG5 cat. £60 18 uns
499 Turks Islands Lightly used example of the same stamp scissor separated top and bottom so that you get a piece of the neighbouring stamp below SG5 dull red cat. £60 20 uns
500 Turks Islands The 1881 ½d on 6d black opt. Here we offer SG7 with the longer fraction bar, unused no gum centred left, cat. £100 35 uns link
501 Turks Islands By contras SG8 has a shorter fraction bar which contrasts nicely with the previous lot, perfs scissor separated, same cat. same est. 35 uns link
502 Turks Islands The same ½d surcharge was applied to the 1/- dull blue SG9 in similar unused condition, better centred but harsher scissor separation, cat. £140 42 uns link
503 Turks Islands ½d on 1s lilac SG12b similarly unsued without gum centred up, fine appearance and kinder separation cat. £550 160 uns link
504 Turks Islands The next three lots are all SG15 unused, no gum ½d on 1d dull red with different varieties of the overprint all with short bar., variety 1, cat. £85 25 26 link
505 Turks Islands SG15 unused, no gum ½d on 1d dull red, variety 2, cat. £85 25 20 link
506 Turks Islands SG15 unused, no gum ½d on 1d dull red, variety 3, cat. £85 25 20 link
507 Turks Islands By the time you get to SG17 ½d on 1d dull red there were 15 possible varieties, in the following lots we offer 9 of them, look at the scans on the website, variety 1 cat. £60 18 21
508 Turks Islands SG17 ½d on 1d dull red, variety 2, cat. £60 18 21
509 Turks Islands SG17 ½d on 1d dull red, variety 3, cat. £60 18 15
510 Turks Islands SG17 ½d on 1d dull red, variety 4, cat. £60 18 21
511 Turks Islands SG17 ½d on 1d dull red, variety 5, cat. £60 18 21
512 Turks Islands SG17 ½d on 1d dull red, variety 6, cat. £60 18 15
513 Turks Islands SG17 ½d on 1d dull red, variety 7, cat. £60 18 15
514 Turks Islands SG17 ½d on 1d dull red, variety 8, cat. £60 18 15
515 Turks Islands SG17 ½d on 1d dull red, variety 9, cat. £60 18 15
516 Turks Islands For SG18 ½d on 1d dull red we offer 4 of the varieties, look at the scans on the website, variety 11 cat. £95 28 23 link
517 Turks Islands SG18 ½d on 1d dull red, variety 13, cat. £95 28 23 link
518 Turks Islands SG18 ½d on 1d dull red, variety 14, cat. £95 28 uns link
519 Turks Islands SG18 ½d on 1d dull red, variety 15, cat. £95 28 23 link
520 Turks Islands Moving to SG19 the ½d on 1s lilac we have two unused varieties to offer, variety 3 cat. £100 30 24 link
521 Turks Islands SG19 ½d on 1s lilac variety 5, some gum, cat. £100 32 39 link
522 Turks Islands Finally SG20 also ½d on 1s lilac with good gum and neat centring, variety 14 according to vendor, cat. £180, a good stamp 60 65 link
523 Turks Islands A collection on 13 pages starting with the 1887 set of 3 mint (SG58-60), also SG61 and SG70-72 keyplate set m., 1900 Badge set of 9 m., 1909 set to 1s m., 1913 set m, (no 1d or 1s); 1922 set to 2s and 1928 set to 1s m., SJ set m. and u. 1938 set to 5s m., GVI commems m and 1950 set m., cat. £550+ 170 w/d
524 Turks Islands 1893 QV 2½d ultramarine ovp'd SPECIMEN (SG.65), very fine u/m horiz. strip of five stamps. 180 150 link
525 Turks Islands 1900 set of 9 in SPECIMEN format, mtd m. SG101s/109s cat. £250 80 65
526 Turks Islands Page with 1900 set m. and u., also the 1904 2½d and 1905-08 MCA set of three, also m. and u. Total cat. £370 90 uns
527 Turks Islands 1909-11 MCA set of 12 mtd m. and u. cat. £230 60 uns
528 Turks Islands The 1913-21 GV set of 11 m. and u. with all m. shades varieties and most shades u. including addnl 2s. Cat £320 80 uns
529 Turks Islands 2 pages with the various WAR TAX SG 140-153 m. and u. with some interesting varieties, some double surcharges and one inverted. Fine basis for further study. 60 65
530 Turks Islands MCA INVERTED and REVERSED wmk on 1919 KGV 3d War Tax (SG.153y), fresh u/m block of four. Cat.£48.00. 20 uns
531 Turks Islands The 1921 Script CA set of 8 m. and the much more difficult u. Cat. £265 120 95
532 Turks Islands The top half of KG5 2½d MCA ultramarine pane, comprising 5 rows of 6 with their full mgns all round, light soiling around the mgns which a little tlc should remove, substantially mint, fresh colour SG132 cat. £67 25 20
533 Turks Islands The 1922-24 set of 14 SG162-175 m. and u. cat. £295 80 uns
534 Turks Islands The 1928 postage and revenue set SG176-186 m. and u. cat. £280 70 uns
535 Turks Islands A collection on 7 pages complete m. and u. from 1935 SJ to the 1950 KG6 set – SG187-233 with addnl 1938 2s and 5s shades, Victory set in imprint block of 4 and the 1938 10s in SPECIMEN form Cat. £400+ 150 uns
536 Turks Islands Roses Caribbean Handbook No.6 John Challis’s TURKS ISLANDS AND CAICOS ISLANDS TO 1950, published 1983 pp118 softbound, binding weak 20 16
Virgin Islands Virgin Islands
537 Virgin Islands This s/card holds 4 1d green classics (perf 12, 15, 2 each) and 4d (3) all m., and you can ascribe two 4d to buff, 1 to rose paper. We must remind you that these issues, especially the 1d green do not slip easily into their SG listed slots (not surprising when you have to allow for about 5 separate deliveries and the wide shade varieties). If one of them answered exactly to the description of SG12 we’d tell you. None does for that was a printing of 1,000 stamps only. Few survive and they are worth a good deal more than their listed price when identified for you. Cat. here is upwards of about £375 80 uns link
538 Virgin Islands 1867 1/- no wmk, perf 15 SG14 or 14b unused with some gum faults but well centred and of pleasing appearance. Which plates nicely to position 2 – blob joins middle and top bar in ‘E’ of ONE. Cat. £275 70 56 link
539 Virgin Islands The centring on this 1867 4d lake-brown (SG15) is precise and the strong A13 killer strike began off the stamp to the left so the ‘3’ nestles against the Virgin’s skirt. The stamp was given a clean at some stage which has reduced much of its original pale rose to near-white and produced an amazingly rich, deep finish. We know the listing tells you about buff paper, as the 4d in whatever shade usually is, but paper and shades are interchangeable and rose is never common. At the end this is a quite exceptional stand-out example. Cat. £75 50 40 link
540 Virgin Islands 1/- black and rose-carmine, the long tailed ‘S’ variety mint o.g. SG18a, cat. £300 80 65 link
541 Virgin Islands This s/card holds 3x 4d and 2x 6d of the 1866-8 classic issues which, however, do not slip neatly in to their SG listings but oscillate gently between one and another. Each is considerately used with, in 4 cases, the A91, firth the A13 killer, and the 6d, in lighter and deeper shades is on the less common white paper, so we would count cat. at £445, but you can do it differently 130 105 link
542 Virgin Islands Page of issues to 1884 all used, with two 1d perf 15, then DLR key-types as listed with 3 extra ½d green and one extra 2½d ultramarine. The 1d perf 15 are green and yellow-green, but it helps more to tell you that these are early printings with wide margins and would probably plate to belong to transfers A and B (but we haven’t done the exercise). All but one ½d green are kindly cancelled. Another such ½d has a brown A91 (from mixing red and black ink). An odd minor fault in some though most are fine, so would rate cat. at £500 instead of the £670 one could calculate 160 uns link
543 Virgin Islands These are the 1887 lithographs by DLR mounted on a page, 1d and 4d, 3 each, 6d and 1/- 2 each. The stamps are fine m. but the shades here are not extreme enough to show the range of shades that is SG listed, cat. say £240 65 52 link
544 Virgin Islands The 1887 DLR issues used, with 3x 1d and 4d, 2x 1/-, one 6d only, shade differentiation better than among the m. stamps but could still be more distinctive from one another. Two of the resident stamps have strong killer pmks, the rest are gentler, cat. over £400 85 70 link
545 Virgin Islands The 1898-99 St Ursula set of 8 m. (SG43-50) on a part album page, with an extra ½d pair where one stamp shows the HALFPFNNY error (SG43a) Cat, £215 65 uns link
546 Virgin Islands Whilst we can offer a used St Ursula set (SG43-50) with both errors of lettering (SG43a and b) with the cancels clear of the errors, Cat. £380 120 uns link
547 Virgin Islands QV keyplate 9 on s/card (SG24-31), all m. with o.g., hinges left attached. The later ½d, 1d and 2½d are duplicated to show shades, the earlier trio just as carefully chosen, of pleasing appearance cat. c£450 90 uns link
548 Virgin Islands The KE7 set of 9 good-looking m. SG54-62, cat. £110. Dismounted from album page, hinges not removed 35 28 link
549 Virgin Islands KE7 set of 9 f.u.. The 5/- flaunts its philatelic origins on Dec 1913 piece. The others probably acquired one by one. SG54-62, cat. £130 42 uns link
550 Virgin Islands The 1913-9 KG5 defins with all listed shades included. The stamps are fresh, fine, lge pt o.g. with what appear to be original hinges left attached for reuse, if so desired. SG69-77 (17 stamps) cat. £187 54 uns link
551 Virgin Islands This is the rather harder f.u. assembly of the KG5 1913-19 defins, with a pace for the ½d SG69a, all other shades are present, the 5/- is on piece, so 16 stamps SG69-77, cat. £346 80 uns link
552 Virgin Islands The 1922-8 defins, the two watermark sets totalling 20 stamps with listed colours and shades with an extra 2d in a distinct, but unlisted shade SG82-101 cat. £190+ 54 44 link
553 Virgin Islands The used 1922-28 defins offer the MCA 3d, 1/-, but not the two higher values, along with the same values and shades as are found in the unused script set above. Cat. £280+ 80 uns link
554 Virgin Islands Modest collection on 10 pages including SG49m. and SG46 u., 1904 set to 1s m., 1922 MCA values to 1s m., SJ set m., 1938 set m. (bar 5s u.), KGVI commems, 1952 set to $1.20 m., cat £120+ 30 uns
555 Virgin Islands KG5 SJ set of 4, 1937 coron set of 3, each both m. and u. 1938 defins on chalky, full set of 10 to 5/- u. and ordinary to 1/- u. on 2 pages, all look fine – between SG103 and 127, cat. abt £160 40 uns link
556 Virgin Islands EAST END temporary rubber datestamp (T.14) large part strike in black at 11 o’clock part dated 10 JUL 19-- on 1904 KE7 ½d (SG.54). Rarely available. 90 uns link
557 Virgin Islands Large piece with Leewards 1s (SG73?) sent from VIRGIN GORDA on AU 23 26 with boxed village regn h/stamp No.1119 inserted 30 uns link
558 Virgin Islands DE 29 1916 Regd 1d and 3d War Tax cover with SG78, 79 in blocks of four accompanied by ½d SG69 as a block of four and a pair, sent from Road Town to NY with St Thomas transit and boxed regn h/stamp 60 uns link
559 Virgin Islands Harry Huber regs env to Pittsburgh JU 7 23 from VIRGIN GORDA with boxed village regn h/stamp; Tortola and St Thomas b/stamps. Fare 5d paid with 2 x ¼d, ½d and 4d all die II so SG58, 59, 52 60 uns link
560 Virgin Islands A 2½d (SG114) surface rate cover from Road Town to NY, turn it over and there is a decent strike of the greenish blue POSTMASTER/PASSED BY CENSOR/WIRGIN ISLANDS across the envelope seal which means some letters less well impressed than others, but a scarce mark. Posted JA 23 1940 and regrettably appears not to have been opened 80 uns link
561 Virgin Islands 27 FE 51 regd airmail cover to NY with Leeward £1 (perf. 14) cancelled at Road Town, supporting cast including Virgins KGVI ½d, 1d, 1½d, 3d and the SW 2½d 75 uns link
562 Virgin Islands 2½d p/s env uprated with 2x ½d, 1d to Newark, NJ on MR 21 04 as a registered item, ex McCann 110 uns link
563 Virgin Islands 1d p/s card sent from Virgin Gorda JA 12 06 to London wishing the recipient in Carlton House Terrace ‘A prosperous New Year’. The message side also shows the rare “Virgin Gorda/ JAN 12 1906’ with manuscript V.I. 200 160 link
564 Virgin Islands VIRGIN ISLANDS by RER Dalwick Handbook No. 14 published in Boston, Mass. about 1915, 15 pages of useful information 6 uns
British Post Offices Abroad British Post Offices Abroad
565 British Post Offices Abroad Buenos Aires (B32) 2x 1/- green (pl. 2 and 4) and 5/- show the B32 strikes, stamps have their faults and are grubby, SGx23, z24, z28 cat. £830 50 40
566 British Post Offices Abroad Valparaiso (C30) clear strikes on 4d sage-green, 6d grey (pl.15) and 1/- green (pl.13) SGz66, z75, z84 cat. £310 36 26 link
567 British Post Offices Abroad St Thomas (C51) seven stamps cancelled at St Thomas, C51 on 4d vermillion (pl. 8); 4d sage green; 3x 1s green (pl. 4,5,11) and with date stamps 4d vermillion (pl. 15 – small piece missing at rt); 6d buff (pl. 12). Cat. c£500 our estimate allows for condn 50 40 link
568 British Post Offices Abroad Rio de Janeiro (C83) thunderously strong on 6d purple (pl 9) stamp has faults, and clear but reticently so on 1/- green (pl 4) unkindly scissor separated. SGz48, z56; cat. £120 12 14
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
569 Miscellaneous Rare censored WW1 1917 ppc of Birmingham St, Halifax (Nova Scotia) was written aboard RMSP’s CHALEUR and sent to Toronto with a Die II 2c yellow brown War Stamp SG 239. The card became sea mail while afloat, and if you query the validity of the stamp’s usage (it never actually got cancelled) you must read up the prevailing regs for yourself. An underpowered double oval ships cachet struggles against an unhelpful background, and the P.C.Censor hand stamp is so weak it can hardly lift itself off the page. A real plus and minus conversation piece to which we unhesitatingly award a plus despite tattered corners view side 40 w/d link
570 Miscellaneous 7 postcards and one photo of postcard size of various ships of the Elders & Fyffes fleet. 1 used in Jamaica c1927 and one on England 1932. Additional u. p/card shows Bog Walk, Jamaica. Attractive addition to your collection 32 54 link
Philatelic Literature Philatelic Literature
571 Philatelic Literature The Boucher Collection catalogue, sold by RL in 1949 is a well-illustrated and an important post war BWI sale 5 4
572 Philatelic Literature The Royal Mail Steam Packets to Bermuda and the Bahamas 1842-1859 (Ludington & Osborn), and Bermuda KG6 High Values, A Guide to the Flaws and Printings (Dickgiesser). 12 uns
573 Philatelic Literature BWI censorship: Barbados First and Second World Wars (Shepherd), Civil Censorship Devices in WWII for Antigua, Barbados, British Guiana, Caymans, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Trinidad, Turks & Caicos (Roses handbook No.1), Civil Censorship Devices for Trinidad and Tobago (Wike). 12 23
574 Philatelic Literature The “Imperium” Collection of British Guiana auction catalogue (Feldman Oct 14, 2021). 10 8
575 Philatelic Literature Postal REGISTRATION for British Guiana (Rego, Roses handbook No.4). 4 uns
576 Philatelic Literature The Military Mail of Jamaica (Sutcliffe, Roses handbook No.5). 6 uns
577 Philatelic Literature Grenada’s Postal History 1764-1913 (Dan Walker, BCPJ) 8 7
578 Philatelic Literature Grenada Postal History 1752-1913: two ring binder volumes with b/w photocopies of Dan Walker’s album pages used for his exhibit illustrating and explaining the development of the postal system. 30 uns
579 Philatelic Literature Encyclopaedia of Jamaican Philately Volume 1 (Sutcliffe): Postage Stamps to 1935 (with binder) 12 uns
580 Philatelic Literature Encyclopaedia of Jamaican Philately Volume 6 (Sutcliffe): GB stamps used in Jamaica (no binder) 12 uns
581 Philatelic Literature MONTSERRAT to 1965 (Britnor, with supplementary information complied by Freeland (BWISC pub 1998) 9 10.5
582 Philatelic Literature Why is the Burrus New Zealand catalogue, with p/r from 23/24 July 1963 in a BWI sale you may ask? Well it did include Bahamas and Bermuda, (as well as Cyprus and Hong Kong) 12 10
583 Philatelic Literature The 29 Nov 1962 sale of Maurice Burrus’ colln included Barbados, Caymans, Turks and Virgins, with p/r 12 uns
584 Philatelic Literature Our final Burrus catalogue of 3 Apr 1963 comes with the colour plates and the p/r for our area Antigua, Dominica, St Christopher, St Lucia and St Vincent are all covered 15 16
585 Philatelic Literature The third edition of RB Earee’s classic work was published in 1905 – ALBUM WEEDS or How to Detect Forged Stamps is still useful today. The original decorative binding shows slight water damage 50 uns
586 Philatelic Literature WEP Handbook No.8 GRENADA by Alexander Sefi. Published in London in 1912 40pp 8 7
587 Philatelic Literature The Early Postal History of the British West Indies & North America, 2nd Edition 1972, published by the Postal History Society 6 5