The auction will take place a little later this year, on 22 May (to be confirmed), in the hope that we may be able to do this as a physical auction, if not then it will become a postal auction as in 2020.

Importantly the catalogue will still be sent to members with the Spring Bulletin which is due to be sent on 8 March 2021 and the deadline to get the catalogue to the printers is thus 7 February. To allow for proof reading this means that no lots can be accepted for the 2021 auction after 25 January 2021 and any lots submitted after that date will be held for the 2022 auction.

It does help the team if you bid early and we will e-mail ‘leading bidder’ status one week before the sale to all those have bid and given an e-mail address. This will be a one-off notification to assist those who bid early.

We very much hope to see you in May and hope the catalogue, which includes a special section of lots from the late Charles Freeland’s Estate will have something for you.