1AnguillaThe 1950 tercentenary 3d, 6d and 1/- in fine mint corner plate blocks from NW and SE of their sheets; forgive us if we don’t get excited about imperfections in ovpt. flagged for the 3d blocks, it needn’t stop you rejoicing24unsold
2AnguillaThe pricey KG6 10/- pale green and dull red/green SG113a (cat..£375) has pulled NE corner perf. It is at least partly redeemed by a lovely Anguilla Valley c.d.s. 4 FE 46, which we infer was actually held as post office stock in Anguilla (but you can’t prove or disprove from this date) and is centred so far to NW as almost to give it freak status. A real wartime product which might even have lost its perf prior to sale90unsold
3AnguillaThe Anguilla Tercentenary 2½d (left gutter mgnl.) doing ordinary postal duty on a cover from St Kitts head office – its life was brightened by a trip to Australia5unsold
4AnguillaWe are gazing at 3 fine unused air letter forms on which we have sparse information. We can assume that two of these showing an unlabelled outline map of Anguilla, one optd. ANGUILLA 5c in red, the other ANGUILLA 15c in black, had a reasonable life span, but what of a 5c form printed for St. Christopher Nevis Anguilla with opt. INDEPENDENT ANGUILLA. Bob Topaz priced one at $75 some 30 years ago3552
5Antigua1d vermilion SG7 lge.pt.o.g., colour, perfs., centring as good as they come, which means wmk. visible from the front, and even that divides, so as not to impinge on the queen – cat. £250 you have to magnify to find anything to criticise – we treat as de minimis7054
6Antigua1d scarlet SG14, centred wholly within its perfs. (line 12½) which struggle with scant success for even appearance at this period – cat. £200, fine part o.g.6046View
7Antigua4d blue CC part o.g., well centred, mildly soiled SG20 cat. £2506048View
8AntiguaQV 2½d red brown CA, the sloping 2 variety SG22b. If we sell it to you, do you promise to love it? The 1887 pmk. sits jealously in an inconvenient location and there’s a slightly pinched SE corner – but cat. £1300 motivates160120View
9Antigua4d blue CA SG23 fine part o.g., less available than CC sister, centred left by one whisker, cat. £2758570
10AntiguaWe have to call this super quality QV perf. 14 1d CA rose, but a CC appellation of lake-rose or scarlet would fit it better; we admire it for rich colour, immaculate line perfs and fine centring, perhaps even unmounted. We rate it at £50 on its own but add in an unused 1d rose, almost perfectly centred, and a run-of-the-mill pt.o.g. SG25 so that you can do the arithmetic differently50unsoldView
11AntiguaHere are the two CA 1d shades used as they generally appear, and you’ll be amazed at the colour difference for SG26. If the buyer of the previous lot pays £56 or more these come free with that lot. Both have tall A02 killers very light on the rose shade. Or available on their merits5unsold
12AntiguaAnd here – just to rub it in – are the two CA shades fine pt.o.g. Please notice the valuation difference129
13AntiguaSloping 2 variety on 2½d ultramarine, fine pt.o.g. by most people’s standards, though we’re sure that one committee would describe it as soiled, SG27a cat. £1604635
14AntiguaMCA arms 6d, 1½d orange War Stamp fine mint examples, SG48 from SE corner, SG54 from SW, each with plate no 1 in side mgn20unsold
15AntiguaKG6 imprint mgnl. pair share their role with the short set of eight to 1/-, each a NE corner resident variously displaying sheet nos. 011, 040, 078, 145, 231, 325, 375, 655. All these are fine mint or o.g., at least if you agree with us that the higher nos. reflect a lower-grade war-time paper. Our cat. quote of just on £33, as normal, adopts this view and our estimate, we confess, is influenced by the attention paid elsewhere nowadays to add-ons in margins30unsold
16AntiguaWe always look for 1890 dates on Leeward issues, only now we’ve run out of thumbs on which to count them, so we use our fingers. This example on 4d, is DE 17 90 at almost 6 o’clock, and it’s a beauty1213
17AntiguaSt Mary’s 1905, St Paul’s 1906 each on Leeward 1d, St Peter’s (18)99 on ½d and, no year date, on domestic badge 1d CC, all just about full strikes and the first two have stand-alone merit3534
18AntiguaEven when only from Antigua Leewards QV are not plentiful on cover. This example 1893 to a London hotel, franked 2½d, has a pleasant simplicity2015
19AntiguaPrinted George A. Joslyn cover (of Room 610, Chicago, Masonic Temple Building) was posted from Antigua with 2x 1d plus ½d Leeward QV. You’d need second sight to read date (our vision is third-rate anyway) but we claim to decipher a ‘9’ at a point which would register 1890’s. It’s commercial and v. clean21unsold
20AntiguaWe learn from 1898 1d p/s card to Connecticut from St John’s that steamers carry Parcel Post from NY almost every week1612
21AntiguaKE7 1d p/s env to Chelmsford DE 16 16 required and received its ½d War Stamp – impeccable commercial usage at an early date38unsold
22AntiguaOC 19 17 cover to Boston combines Leeward 1d with ½d War Stamp (red opt). With this comes DE 30 18 cover to Literary Digest, New York franked only by 1½d War Stamp, and just as commercial28unsold
23Antigua½d War Stamp (red opt.) on face, Leeward plate 5 strip of 3 from NE corner over flap, clobbered with pmks – which can each be read, both back and front, as identical in date, until you realise that St John’s, New York and Kingston couldn’t achieve that. The cover is commercial, reg’d to G. C. Gunter, Jamaica Govt. Railway, of unrepeatable character, Feb 19184030
24AntiguaSJ 1½d on JU 15 35 cover to London; we always like proper commercial usage, and the address to a Mr Oakley “Personal Consultant British Institute of Practical Psychology Ltd.” adds flavour86
25AntiguaA lot to itself for ½d and 1d stamps on cover of AP10 38 to British Columbia, cancelled by ordinary St John’s c.d.s. – why? Colour is the answer. Not the bright scarlet shade of the 1d – that’s duly listed. It’s the KG5 ½d (KG6 issues still months away) in a strong blue-green shade quite unlike the ordinary dull green, that we have never previously noted, and we hope the buyer starts a petition for separate listing. An ordinary envelope where gum produces diagonal stain strips on reverse, which happens at times, Sorry about that, and our valuation3023
26AntiguaThe exploits of Irving Johnson whose third World Cruise in Schooner Yankee took him to Antigua for this signed cover to Buffalo, NY state, on AU 29 41, did not find their way into the 4-pEnglish newspapers of the day, filled chiefly with Battle of Britain statistics. Crown dbl circle Antigua/Passed by Censor cachet over flap22unsold
27AntiguaThis 1941 ppc from Widdecombe tells sad tale of Uncle Tom Cobley and Tom Pearce’s grey mare, which didn’t survive the journey back from the Fair. Sent by (an improbable) Granny auntie to the son of a member of the W. Indies Development & Welfare team, it arrived unscathed and uncensored after 41 days. How easy was that in WWII? 7unsold
28BahamasEL Nassau to New Providence was endowed with light, v. clear Crown Circle PAID AT BAHAMAS on its way to Rhode Island, its dbl-arc black despatch mark on flap, just as light and clear. A large, not really legible red mark dated APR 15 (presumably from NY) also on front. Letter asks for insurance cover for cotton bales from NY giving incidental info about brig FLORA under Capt. Cole. A good example of SG CC1R£550unsoldView
29BahamasThis lot contains a GB 1857 1d rose-red in a rather pale shade and an AO5 at 9.30 o’ clock, much paler still, the stamp with a missing NW corner perf or two or three. Naturally we can’t warrant the killer but it has sufficient resemblance to Proud’s K1 for us not to condemn it. As a fail-safe fall back for the punter, there’s also a Chalon 1d red SG24 or thereabouts and two perf 14 relatives with the sort of pleasant initials that still lack status40unsoldView
30BahamasSandwiched between 4d Chalon perf 12 ½ CC dull rose and bright rose is a brightish sibling with a black stroke drawn or ruled across it. For the centre-piece we think of St Vincent classics getting similar treatment, but bear in mind that those were Perkins Bacon and this is DLR. On any view very fanciable. The flankers (cat. £120) are f.u., the dull rose v. light cancel, and all three are in a quality condition60unsoldView
31Bahamas4d lake-rose SG37 on 1881 Royal Victoria Hotel Stationery cover to Jacksonville and re-directed in Florida, which earned it a bold Jacksonville c.d.s. and s/line FORWARDED. Cover was roughly torn open at rt.; thankfully the stamp escaped distress. The background to the front is what we take to be a photographic reproduction of the hotel; we assume it has faded over the years as photos of the period tend to do – it may have been born pale, but not as pale as this. So it’s not pristine, but has real stand-out character. Cat. from £240160160View
32BahamasA lovely example of the deformed E variety on QV 6d mauve SG54a fiscally u. perhaps on 1/6/98 well clear of variety. Do you really want to wait for one postally u. which would be much more expensive and probably less clear?38unsoldView
33BahamasWas the Staircase 3d black and brown a particularly itchy plate? There are scratches on most of the 5 WAR TAX singles and l.h. mgnl. block from a central position here, SG100 and 105, all fine mint or o.g.20unsold
34BahamasAlbum pprinted for 1921-31 issues holding 8 u. which include 5/- (v.g.u. having paid for a parcel), and 3 m. being 1930 5d, and the succeeding 2/- and 3/- with their slate-purple centres. So cat. over £140, and should you persuade yourself the 2/- shade is indigo, you can add another £801515.5
35BahamasColumbus 5/- SG174, left mgnl. pair, mint, and sparkling. As for the thin, striated paper, you can feel the difference – cat. £10039unsoldView
36BahamasA rather delicious HOPETOWN type 1 9 NO 88 on QV 4d yellow at 3 o’clock. We don’t believe it’s suspect, though you are seldom quite sure when an out-island c.d.s. comes on a higher than usual value2327
37BahamasColln. QV to KG5 (but one later 3/- shade slips in) on 5 rather broad pages with 11 Chalons and abt. 100 others. Our cat. count (no 2 people reach the same figure on this kind of material) is a £200 figure for the Chalons and around £550 for the rest, with actual or suspect fisc. u. ignored. Some duplication of values (which always throws up shades) mixed condn. but plenty are vg to fine – about three-fifths are m. and we note 1½d brown from NE corner r.h. pane (i.e with plate 2), a NW corner example with gutter mgn is met more often46unsold
38BahamasTwo 1d Chalon forgeries hold hands with a genuine SG23 m and another with simulated A05 cancel and an aniline red (not so warranted). Then comes a variety of out-island or other pmks. on QV (6), staircase (4), KE7 (6), KG5 (5), 17 values ½d to 1/- - and an ordinary 1/- pair f.u., mainly part strikes, no obvious duplication 58unsold
39BahamasLetters to Tittman usually have a philatelic nature, but this one, of 6 AUG 18, slightly reduced with neat staircase 1d pair to NY from a Miss D. Knight, Nassau offers a more personal, if misty, relationship, especially as each of them has a P.O. Box 393 address15unsold
40BahamasReg’d. 6 MAR 20 to an Amsterdam stamp dealer, if he wanted the Peace SE of 5 to 1/- on FDC, his order must have arrived late. A tiny crease at top right corner of cover has an unobtrusive effect on 1/- value. Red London transit b/stamp is quite hard to spot too. The five stamps are comfortably accommodated on cover of ordinary width, added height – set cat. £55 off cover4030
41BahamasCan this staircase mgnl. 3/- MCA from row 6/7 which took a cover on 26 Aug 20 to Cincinnati via Miami have paid a necessary rate? We don’t know the addressee Miss Frances Castro nor indeed “A. Leslie Brothers”, if we have correctly read the name partly erased from the printed return address. It was opened on receipt, has “REGISTERED” in pencil underlined – probably by sender – and is too grubby to have lived its life in a loved collection – so philatelic? Or not? We can’t decide (SG80, £55 off cover, from £110 on, unless it’s a wmk. variety, but whom would we be kidding). No “cannon ball” visible on this printing, indeed, vignette is so light you can hardly make out a tree trunk. We have to add some sort of premium for this cover52unsoldView
42Bahamas3 emphatic TRD’s ring-fencing the stamps and a fourth on this 1969 cover will have pleased Bob Bolling in Miami, but let’s revert to the 1920’s for more. A 1929 cover by air to Roessler, East Orange combining staircase 3d, king’s head 4d yellow; 1925 ppc of beach at Nassau from Daddy, stamps removed; few people and no bikinis; 1928 cover commercially to Washington on Colonial Hotel stationery, the back of which records Buddy’s first haircut (but this was 2 months after the cover was sent) – it travelled on S. S. NEW NORTHLAND to Miami, which tried without success to stifle the ship’s S/L h/stamp and the 1½d stamp 2821
43BahamasThe 5d staircase SG112 adds ‘from £135’ to the cat. of a properly rated cover, and this one went on First Daily Flight Nassau to Miami to English sender’s relative c/o postmaster GPO Montreal. Sadly, a nice staircase 1d alongside is damaged at top. Another air mail cover 1936 to a Miami business address bore two flamingos, cancelled at Miami, and return box no. address Miami – no evidence either cover was sent back4030
44BahamasA McFarlane cover with a real commercial difference. Sent from Riobamba, Ecuador on Isaac Aboab’s Hotel Metropolitan stationery APR. 11. 31 it seeks him out in Nassau, but McFarlane has left. The Nassau c.d.s. is dated 19 My 31 – was this prompt or lethargic? – and received in Pennsylvania 6 days later (stamps on reverse)97
45BahamasCommercial cover sent from Fort Montagu Beach Hotel – its then name – to Miami by air with support of pictorial 8d, and 2d pale slate. Pan Am already had censor service up and running, - h/stamped PASSED BY CENSOR with “to P.A.A. A.W. 19.1.40”, the stamps cancelled by Miami duplex of that date. However, the two-line “AIRMAIL/PAQUEBOT” cachet strikes us as contradictory unless it travelled by seaplane1813.5
46BahamasThis cover was sent by “RT MOW Cay” to John Bethel, Nassau in March 1935. It bears 1½d struck with MAN-O-WAR c.d.s., happily repeated lower down, was very carefully slit open on arrival, but disrespected in later life by being folded – 3 vert. lines of fold, well clear of stamp. Used commercially most out-island cancels are scarce on cover and this office is a real rarity80110View
47BahamasUncensored cover Oct 30 1940 to Montreal inadequately franked with 2d pale slate acquired two boxed tax marks (one at each end) and current Canada 2c due, together lending unusual character: part flap excised, no doubt to remove sender’s address. On now to 1946 where 1d of the same shade joined 3d blue strip of 3, to convey a pleasant cover with Firestone Tyre logo, and the printed address of Nassau’s Malcolm Tire (sic) Service on business to Cleveland, Ohio28unsold
48BahamasThree different 3d values (inc. the 3d/2½d) frank censored covers of 1942, ’44 and ’45 to Milwaukee. All are slogan-cancelled, censor labels from Examiners 4707 (Remember Pearl Harbour sticker over flap), IG/9435, and IG/564738unsold
49BahamasWe hesitate to recommend a cover with coffee splodges on front and a massive Rorschach type ink-blot on reverse, yet this is a commercial rarity of 28 Nov. 46. It used a 1½d Victory to go from Esso Standard Oil (Caribbean) to an address in LONG BAY CAYS of which two violet TRD b/stamps appear, and you wouldn’t know by reference to Ludington & Raymond type 2C1 or Proud type D5 that the letters of name and territory have an inner lining that all but creates a dbl. circle. It was 3 weeks in transit, would you believe?3628
50Bahamas2x QV 4d p/s envs. unused, with stain spots and a Wingfield KG6 Coron. FDC, lead up to covers of 1940, 2 to US, one using 3d/2½d, the other by air carrying 2d pale slate and 8d, flap removed; and a 1943 cover by air to England’s Wembley 6d and 1/- to frank it, central fold (out of fashion for a century) with a bold endorsement “RAF Overseas” and a Sgt.’s address on the back. All three were left uncensored and nothing in the Nassau markings suggested wartime stringency. Our choice of colour for the 1/- stamp is grey-black and bright crimson. We are aware of the 1944 date for SG155c, but what would SG171b look like without a Columbus opt? Never mind: we like stirring things up30unsold
51BahamasColumbus Day greeting from SAN SALVADOR to Deputy Director Public Works Dept. Oct 12 1942, 11 days to Nassau; in our view it is trumped by its companion, b/w home made photo card of Inagua waterfront sent from there to NY, written April 28 1941, it only left on 8 May, handsome horiz. pair of 1d rose-carmine completes the scenario22unsold
52BahamasThree commercial items spanning the generations – QV 2½d on MR 7 49 cover to Lansing, Michigan, 4 days via Miami; “Two natives” ppc pf donkey, cart and driver, Apr 07 1d franked to LA; boxed Hatchet Bay TRD FEB 4 1971 on 8c value bound for Nassau2822
53BahamasFour ppc’s of quality: the least (New Colonial hotel sea frontage) used centenary 1d in 1930 to NY; Native hut went to Rhode Island 1909 at ½d printed matter rate; F.S. Ambrisher’s Sponge Packing House could probably have done the same to Canada, but used 1x ½d; and new to us are quartered displays of Forts Montagu, Fincastle, Charlotte (2 views) 1935 to Detroit with SJ 1d4030
54BahamasIf you prefer your ppc’s offered singly, try Road to Fort Montague (a J.O. Sands product) 1909 to New Jersey. Slightly imperfect, but a captivating View and from the mulish stance of the donkey we wonder if the couple in the cart ever arrived12unsold
55BahamasB/w ppc of Queen of Bermuda (or her sister Monarch) sent 1952 to Chicago, franked Bermuda 2d, cancelled violet SHIP MAIL (Ludington & Raymond type S12) – for more of these vessels see under Bermuda16unsold
56BahamasWe do not recollect a previous encounter with a b/w ppc featuring Christ Church Cathedral, Nassau, nor its destination, East Windsor Hill, (Connecticut). The writer would still be in Nassau, Xmas day 190412unsold
57Bahamas3 coloured ppc’s of Nassau (Sandy Cay, Native Thatched Cottage, Porcupine Club) 1941 or ’43, all sent with US stamps to US destinations10unsold
58BahamasThe uncommon QV 1½d p/s card, 1891 commercial to Leipzig-Gohlis2024View
59BahamasThere was a limited supply of the characterful QV 2½/4d deep maroon PSE, with dbl. bars across value, so that even an unused example needs cosseting64.5
60BahamasKG6 1½d chestnut p/s card, a SPECIMEN example (40 mm block capitals opt.) – alongside this 2d bright scarlet card (2) one with trace of pencil scribble on message side1511.5
61BahamasUsed Nassau Bank cheques of 1956, and early 1970’s (4), with die stamp or various printed duty marks are allied here with fiscally cancelled QV 1d Chalon, 1/-, £1 and KE 1/-. Watch out for more Revenue lots from other territories2536
62BahamasThe Miami slogan cancel on 1½d franked ppc to NY shows that it went via Paquebot to Miami. The view of a travelling saleswoman carrying live birds on her head portrays skills that are alien to most of us14unsold
63BahamasAll these 16 cards went uncensored from Nassau during WWII – 8 to US, the 2d rate made up in various ways, 6 to UK inc. one by air at 8d, 2 to Canada including one by air for 4 ½d. All are with stamps intact, machine cancelled, most with slogan – typically colourful Nassau settings5240
64Barbados1824 EL from Barbados apparently carried privately to London travelling for 2d to the vicinity of Russell Square. Having coped with the cursive rate mark, we’ll leave it to the cognoscenti to interpret the red oval Night b/stamp of 2 AU 1824 and the step-type mark of the office of despatch 4648View
65Barbados1856 EL to London (scanty but successful address) praiseworthy dbl arc and the thimble c.d.s. – no parish numeral – on flap, both dates SP 27, and a credible 1/- rate substituted on the face for a less believable original 6 – it’s normal but nice5085
66BarbadosClean cut perf 1d blue SG19, light barred oval “1” cancel; but Miss Stewart’s perforating woes were beginning as the perfs, bar two, haven’t separated on the left. A useful transitional example which roughed up its western neighbour a bit. Cat. £901412.5
67Barbados(½d) green SG20/21 part o.g., on which Miss Stewart has partial success on N and W sides in her effort to restore clean-cut status to her line apparatus, this a grade or two above the normal stamp 30unsold
68Barbados1/- brown-black SG34 is given a lot to itself because its perfs do not cut design anywhere. Cancel is a mere bootheel ‘1’, but how often do you get Perkins Bacon centred like this?810
69BarbadosPerkins Bacon 1/- black plate proof, left mgnl. horiz. pair, carefully separated to leave good mgns. all round, unwmkd. paper8565
70BarbadosDLR Britannia plate proofs for the 4d value, a fine horiz. pair on thin card gd. to ample even mgns most of the way, coming closer but well clear at top rt.6046
71Barbados1882 4d grey SG97 part o.g. – despite slight soiling round the edges, with SW corner perf earlier folded back, now straightened, this is a most respectable example of a highly elusive stamp, cat. £3509575
72BarbadosElusive enough, indeed, for us to offer a second example of 4d SG97, in a deeper shade, part o.g., to meet the hopes of more than one member. We’d rate condn. a tad below its predecessor, but perfs are intact (cat.. £350)85unsoldView
73BarbadosWe have mentioned in the past the limited distribution of SPECIMEN examples of stamps born in the year 1886. The QV 5/- SG103s (which we prefer to call ochre, not bistre) belongs to this select group, present now in decent condition, for all that its shade is a tad pale, and reverse is gently toned. These are rightly high-cat. stamps and the 5/- is the key member of its group4030
74Barbados4d pale brown m. adds cat. value to a modest, yet quite pleasant study of QV ½/4d brown SG104 (8m, 8u) showing early use, varied depth of surcharge, poor alignment, and varied lettering – within which we accord merit to an undersized A and a similar F2418
75BarbadosThe 1898 Jubilee ¼d seen here as SPECIMEN, tiny faults; as plain m.; as used by a dumb circular set of bars on blued paper; as ordinary used capturing a St. Philip c.d.s.; and alongside these four a used Br. Guiana DLR 2c orange CA, endowed on its travels with a similar St. Philip c.d.s.28unsold
76BarbadosThe Nelson sets of 7CC to 1/- and 3 MCA to 2½d lge.pt.o.g. There is a clear difference between the 2½d CC and the darker 2½d MCA, but we have never trusted the indigo listing and if you think you have a chance, you buy on your own judgement3527
77BarbadosThe 1909/10 MCA set in SPECIMEN form SG163s/169s. When you remind yourself that the five values complete the set, you realise that the removal of listing for ½d, 2½d as SG164 and 167 was a correct editorial decision as these were not given SPECIMEN status6565
78BarbadosCan you see an ‘A’ within the wmk. of this post-WWI MCA Victory 1d f.u.? Neither can we, which makes it that pricey rarity SG202b. M-m-m-m190unsoldView
79BarbadosEight fine SPECIMEN examples of the 1925 issue, lacking the ¼d, 2/-, 2/6, 3/- and the later 1½d between SG230s/237s5650
80Barbados1925 4d and 6d SG235, 236, each in lower mgnl. blocks of eight incorporating full printer’s imprint, mounted and written up on album leaf – assumed o.g. with some stamps mint – as if they were printed yesterday. Note separate bids may be allowed for either at £26 each48unsoldView
81Barbados1/- brownish-black/bright yellow-green SG 237b – the two bottom rows complete with all mgns. and printer’s imprint, assumed o.g. with most stamps mint, and also looking straight off the printing press… now will if fit on your album page? (Yes, if you buy a big enough album). Actually the block sits diagonally on a written-up “Peerless” pand looks quite happy – cat. £1508060
82BarbadosThe 1939 tercentenary set of five to 3d in mint imprint blocks of four, which adds to their dignity and value, SG257/61 cat. £68 as normal sets30unsold
The next four lots are black prints of issues 1995-8. We do not know their history, but infer that they were produced for promotional purposes rather like Waterlow samples of the inter-war years, and have had a limited circulation
83BarbadosReproductions of the set of four and $2 min. sheet. of 50th Anniv. end of WWII presumed photo printed framed in black on stiff card, see SG1048/51, MS1052 36unsold
84BarbadosSimilar black photographic prints of 1995 water lilies 10c, 65c, 70c, $3, see SG1062/524unsold
85BarbadosSimilar prints of 1997 shells issue, 35c and 90c, but framed in white, see SG1108/912unsold
86BarbadosReverting to black frame, these reproduce the 1998 tourism set of four to $2 see SG1129/3222unsoldView
87BarbadosAn issue is born: The 1998 set commemorating the 50th anniversary of the University of the West Indies was designed by Nick Shewring (of Bristol) commissioned by Crown Agents. The file in this lot holds their original letter of 24 Feb. 1998, a supplementary letter of 23 Mar. and artwork on tracing paper or foolscap representing the building blocks for the 4 stamps in the set and their first day official cover. Most of the artwork was attached to clean foolscap by scraps of gummed paper, so these were real working drawings which one collector only can now possess (and we can’t even offer an issued set to go with them). Mixed condn., but use your imagination to create a full-frame exhibit.R£95115
88BarbadosDisaster? Or opportunity? The 1932 2/- booklet SGSB5 is cat. £2,250, when intact. This example is brilliant as regards condition of cover and ads, whereas only ½d, 1d (2), 1½d remain of the stamps originally housed. So turn your back – or come and get it3030View
89BarbadosThe barred oval ‘1’ at GPO is annotated here as three distinct types on (1d) blue, (½d) green (2) each on white paper, fine 4 mgn. examples. cat. £460 10585View
90Barbados½d deep green SG2 on softly blued paper houses well-struck barred oval ‘2’ of Christ Church, the numeral just contained within the curtilage of its good to ample mgns. host, cat. £375 plus pmk. 95140View
91BarbadosBarred oval ‘2’ on rough perf 1d blue is below our usual standard as numeral is only just identifiable – scarce though53.75
92BarbadosBarred oval ‘3’ light but clear and neat on an equally neat 4-mgn 6d pale rose-red SG11 cat. £120 plus pmk.5270View
93BarbadosImperf 1d blue with a hint of mgn. visible in places houses a satisfying barred oval ‘3’ acting as a breastplate for Britannia12unsold
94BarbadosThe Barred oval ‘4’ of St. George, tilts centrally at 2 o’clock on ½d grn. on white paper SG8 cat. £200, add for pmk6575View
95BarbadosBarred oval ‘5’ (St. John) stands solidly on its head, on 1d deep blue SG10 gd. to lge. mgns,. cat. £60 before pmk2821
96BarbadosA darker, rather similar, imperf 1d holds a prominent barred oval ‘7’ which (to Britannia’s dignified concern) threatens to batter her left ear. Just tiny length of mgn. visible on 2 sides, with equivalent erosion of BAR in name, but remains worthy of collection8unsold
97BarbadosEarly perf Britannias comprising ½d (2), 6d (3 strt. edges), and 1d show bootheel ‘1’ in bold, growing from normal to plump to fat to positively obese. It needed a diet of thinner ink and presumably got it 8unsold
98BarbadosAn RLO part cancel on ¼d SG105 leaves us wondering what business this value had on a registered item11.75
99BarbadosThe first half of this bootheel set was sold in 2015. The stragglers got lost and have now returned from the wilderness (nos. 6 to 11). Only bootheel 9 is on the (1d) blue; nos. 6 to 11 in ascending order, omitting 9, are on 6d, ½d, 6d, 1/-, 6d all Perkins Bacon issues, all strikes central and prominent, 8 and 10 inverted, others uprt. cat. estimate at £16090150View
100BarbadosBootheels – an unmemorable display comprising 6, 7, 3x 10, 2x 11 on Britannia grey/bluish grey (5) and (1)d blue (2), together with two more that are ascribed to DLR 6d perf 14 and a (1)d in poor state, which ought to be pin-perf., but if so is very shaky on its pins 12unsold
101BarbadosBootheel ‘8’ perfectly struck on 1882 1d rose. For the aspirant to complete the bootheel set on this issue, this is the key value3042
102BarbadosBootheel ‘5’ unevenly struck at 11 0’clock on 1882 4d grey – all numbers are v.scarce on this stamp1824
103BarbadosTwo 1d Jubilees each with a full medium quality St. George ‘4’ c.d.s.. You could persuade yourself that one is on blued paper – a possibility on which we shall stay neutral45
104Barbados21 examples of St. James 7 c.d.s. capture each year between 1887 and 1907. There are 20 1d values and a 2½d, and there is a virtually complete c.d.s. practically throughout 2116View
105BarbadosThe r.h. half of c.d.s. of the German cadet ship STEIN struck on ½d Jubilee of 1898, which clearly once sat on a postcard, joined to its Siamese twin. For illustration in full of this rare and attractive strike see our Bulletin 233 June 20122015
106BarbadosEach of a ½d and 1d Nelson Centenary and an Olive Blossom 1d has been garlanded with a full Southampton Ship-Letter c.d.s. on differing dates in 1905 or ’06 – juicy strikes, too3037View
107BarbadosA frilly boxed PAQUEBOT on small seal ½d CA (Bermuda mark from memory); less dominant still quite muscular Paquebot/Posted at Sea/Received/ St John NB on 1927 tercentenary 1d; 1½ examples of (German) HAPAG maritime cancel for S.S. Caribia embracing 1937 1½d coron., one on piece, one not25unsold
108BarbadosWe like the address “Mess Roop Bros Clements post Nova Scotia” seen on AP 28 87 cover surrounded by ½d stamps to pay 4d worth of travel. Neat NY Paid All duplex on reverse, but opened roughly, losing a snippet of flap2360
109BarbadosJudge for yourself whether the ornately typed business message on this otherwise plain small Post Card deserved to be treated as printed matter – ½d adhesive took it to St. Peter in 1907107.5
110BarbadosPages claiming postmark interest 1880’s to 1920’s hold about 110 stamps and one cover, almost all low values, so that cat. would hover at about £100. About 1 stamp in every 5 supports the pmk. claim (and Christ Church and St George don’t appear) but we liked two c.d.s. with “St Andrews 9”2821
111BarbadosDo you share our pleasure when commems. serve their real postal duty? Here a Victory 1d took 1921 ppc to Yorkshire, whence re-directed to Anglesey. In its company are 4 early b/w ppc’s: Engineer’s Pier, Native Fruit Sellers, each unused, Crane Hotel written not posted; Sugar Cane Seller, posted 1906 to Scotland on SS. Spartan Prince, stamp removed (if there ever were princes in Sparta, life would have been rather…er…Spartan). Lastly a pre-printed cover to George Flagg of Boston, reached him from the Marine Hotel, Barbados in 192632unsoldView
112BarbadosTercentenary 2½d on Nov 1939 cover (Robert Thom Ltd. Stationery) to Vlaardingen, Holland. Opened by Censor 859, cat. from £42.50 and a v. scarce WWII memento3735
113BarbadosThree 1d scarlet took an uncensored cover of DE 4 40 to Long Island. The feature is the Red Cross black and blue poster stamp of a beach in Barbados (Spend your vacation etc) which sparkles intact over flap1813.5
114BarbadosA Raphael Tuck Oilette ppc of “S.S. TRENT in the Bay of Biscay”. In 1906 when landed at Barbados with GB 1d just in time to catch an RMS packet for England having been Posted on Board, TRENT was not yet under the orders of RMSP Co.1211
115BarbadosNothing to show how a Hastings Rock ppc written to a lady at one of the Garraway box nos. ever reached her – no stamp or sign of delivery – the prose smacks of an educated person of lower intelligence. A colourful portrayal of “Blackmans”, St Joseph went to Ireland from an FPO in France wishing merry Xmas and a happy 1917 – one feels for the sender. Pedestrian scene of Lake, Queen’s Park (from a Martinique business, by relay, we suppose) bore ½d lge. seal, War tax 1d on its face, but Sep 1918 tax mark was deleted, entitlement to printed matter rate. Finally there’s the Nelson monument, surrounded by intriguing local characters 12 Nov 17 to England, correctly franked 1d seal, 1d War tax25unsold
116BarbadosAn opportunity to acquire 5 properly used ppc’s sent to US (2), Trinidad, England and Switzerland, none of which was handled by a censor. The two 1940 ones each carried tercentenary 1d (how nice) still enough for US and Lucerne; in 1941, England still cost 1d, US 2d; and 1942 4d stamp was uncancelled, but next day POS arrival shows that it travelled, perhaps even by air. Subjects are pre-war cards of S.S. Uruguay (2), Bathsheba and street vendor, and a a more recent view from cliff, St Joseph, and one card started in St. Philip. You want more? Well, we’ll revert to post WWI where a 1919 card of Kendal Estate St. John’s carries large seal 1d, and 1d War Tax again properly used, but addressed in pencil, still a rarity48unsold
117BarbadosAs a pack, these views of Barbados have seen better days, but it’s the packet cover and the interleaving that have deteriorated, the 12 b/w views are all there in decent condn. This is the Roberts & Co. series, conventional stuff20unsold
118Barbados14 MY 42 John and Adrian each write to Uncle or Auntie in Barbados sending views of snow-flecked Cairngorms – clear Christchurch 7 JUL 42 c.d.s. on each card (uncensored). A third ppc of Market Square uses a Barbados 1d to Brooklyn. The writer finds it fun that the Governor and a Lt-Col are aboard too, so probably hasn’t noticed by 15 SEP 1939 that a war has begun in Europe. We wonder for whom his grand-children voted last year1713
119BarbadosCards of the railway by the Bathsheba coast are easily gettable, so we don’t go overboard about a b/w view 1943 Texas to Seattle, nor a coloured Peco one (no. 24856) 1942 to Cheshire, 2x ½d paying the tariff. What you very seldom see is Bath station, a b/w card (pub. Bruce Weatherhead) – this one went to London Oct 24 1941, uncensored like so many of this year’s WWII offerings1914.5
120Barbados7 WWII period ppc’s here, 6 to the same Farnham, Surrey address, one to Cheshire, all with 1d scarlet franking. The b/w feature Govt. House and its Fountain Garden; the others show Bathsheba Coast, Holetown River, Marine Hotel Newcastle Road and a livelier scene of locals loading sugar conveyor (Peco no. 20548). Curiously the two b/w cards used the better perf. 1d, pushing up value3325
121BarbadosS/card for the Revenue collector (that’s you not the tax man): from the 1916 opts. the 2d “Revenue only” and the 3d purple/yellow – each with possible postal cancel – stand out from 4 ordinary 1d and 2½d companions. The GB die stamps optd BARBADOS offer fine examples of 3d, 6d, 1/-, 2/6, 3/-, £1, £5. There’s an unusual Bank of Nova Scotia cheque from abt. 1916, and an o.g. 1977 $25 adhesive4650View
122BarbudaWhitmarsh philatelic cover reg’d. to New York SE 1 26 offers the rare sight of the expensive Leeward 6d Die II SG72 in a block of four. Lovely to look at, but we don’t use a multiplier to arrive at a value70unsold
123BarbudaCompanion Whitmarsh cover carried the 1/- SG73 in a block of four on the same day. cat. quote of stamps is far below the 6d block just offered, but collector appeal has to be almost identical60unsold
124BarbudaA Driffield cover reg’d. early 1926 to Georgetown, Demerara, via Barbados, franked with Leeward 3d horiz. pair, boxed Barbuda reg’n. h/stamp. Was 6d fare essential, or could it have travelled for less?4030
125BarbudaWhen a Leeward Die I 6d is seen franking a 1935 cover to a schoolboy in Glasgow, is it SG86, as the annotation claims? There are several reasons to arrive at a compromise estimate56unsold
126BarbudaOHMS covers of NO 30 39 and 16.8.69 travelled without additional franking to NY, and Essex by authority of Warden Barbuda: first bears his cachet and official paid c.d.s.; second has dated boxed h/stamp and ordinary c.d.s.3023
127Bermuda2d bright blue CC SG4 part o.g. centred SW – lively in colour, but on close inspection slightly below fine between top D and lower NC cat. £47595unsoldView
128Bermuda1d on 2d dull blue SG15 – it’s fine by a good many collectors standards, but we’d place it one grade below at v.g. – cat. £700180unsoldView
129BermudaThough one tires quickly of a Spiro forgery in average condition, here is the standard to pick and cherish for your own examples – QV 1/- green, strong colour, even margins 3 sides, wider one to the west, the lightest hint of a ‘cancel’, free from thin or other fault5unsold
130BermudaType 3a ‘16’ on ½d stone CC, input with variable inking, so that we have measured to rule out that it might have been a ‘10’129
131BermudaStrong type K4a “9” at 9 o’clock on 2d blue CA politely ducks below QV’s profile, forgetting that its cancelling bars will still land a blinding punch. This numeral is fairly easy on 1d stamps but really scarce on 2d1210
132BermudaKG6 – two of each of 2/-, 2/6, 5/- all used, described to us as SG116a, 116d, 117b, 117d, 118a, 118f – which seems about right in this complex area, but when v.f.u. was given for two of them, we became suspicious – preferring pmks. we can see and read – but, focusing on the second 5/-, with nothing to choose between m. and u. quotes, perhaps we are being overcautious. So let’s just say, good-lookers stc over £200 and leave it at that5239View
133BermudaThere wasn’t much use for a 4d stamp before 1880, so an 1883 cover to London’s St. John’s Wood from St. George’s using SG20 is early in the sequence, though the usage accelerates a few years down the line. Nicely struck K3a duplex, the disadvantage being that this is a thoroughly commercial item, written on rear in flap, business annotation (some of the red ink on reverse as a souvenir) and vert. fold at extreme left. The advantage, of course, is that it’s a thoroughly commercial item65unsoldView
134BermudaThe “INLAND” error of spelling in Ireland Island’s type K3 duplex is one of the delights of Bermuda’s postmark history. Here the duplex is struck on 2½d deep ultramarine to carry an 1888 cover to NY, and the c.d.s., hitting cover not stamp – as almost invariably the case - is beautifully visible. Rare150115View
135BermudaA similarly franked and cancelled cover to Boston left 2 months later in Mar ’88, but the postmark is fainter, the ‘IN’ barely visible and what a difference this makes. Still rare, and still some consolation, if you’ve just missed the lot before52unsold
136BermudaCovers franked QV 2½d abound, yet this one to London AP 23 1898 is only about the second we’ve noted from MANGROVE BAY in several decades – stamp in deep shade and is pleasingly fresh4635View
137Bermuda2½d pale ultramarine was used for a cover from Bailey’s Bay to Seattle DE 19 1900, pmk light but clear. Would you put this in your 19th century collection? Or in your 20th ? Opinions differ4030
138BermudaWe have no doubt that W. T. James, as agent, kept a substantial stock of QV ½d blue p/s cards, on the back of which was pre-printed the text of pro-forma advice of receipt of a package, but very few survive. Here is one filled out in June 1901 to tell Mr. H. A. C. Ray what Pitt & Scott had sent from London, adding 8/8½d to the basic £1-0-10 “value”. The uplift reminds one of modern auction practices25unsoldView
139BermudaWith all the covers using 2½d stamps from the 1880’s onward, how often do you see 2½d docks SG40 being used? In our view it’s much more desirable than it’s predecessor and successor, and seeing this example 8 MR 1909 Hamilton to Yverdon, Switzerland for “Swiss Milk Society” it’s hard to resist, even at 3x £721unsoldView
140BermudaWe tend to regard a cover from Hamilton with a QV tuppenny-halfpenny stamp as a tuppenny-halfpenny item, but we’ve been won over by the blue oval framed reproduction of Princess Hotel at top left of this MY 2 1901 cover to East Orange, travelling on S.S. Pretoria3728
141BermudaRMSP envelope, plastered in 1912 with docks 2d, 3d, 4d, ship-type ¼d, ½d, 1d, 2½d, 6d (probably the full range in the purser’s stock) arrived as Southampton Packet-Letter, having first landed at Hamilton. Addressee of Campden Hill Square, opened it roughly. Was it from her husband? Was this the best he could do for Xmas? They must have made it up, for at least the cover was preserved. Stamps off cover cat. over £5035unsold
142BermudaWe adopt the valuation suggested to us for 19 covers 1920’s to ’35, galleon frankings 1d or 2½d, so that you rather than the seller will get the benefit of the ‘plus’ features to be found within60unsold
143BermudaCover of 1 NO 41 uses both sides of an air mail cover to house 10 values ½d to 2/- which probably shows exactly the range of lower values held in Hamilton at that date, travelling uncensored via Kingston to Montego Bay NO 20 – but for length of journey you wouldn’t know there was a war on – cat. off cover £2420unsold
144Bermuda3½d worth of postage on 7 NO 41 cover to Sutton, Surrey, Opened by Examiner 860 on the way from St. George’s and less than kindly handled. What’s more, if you fancy a cover from PEMBROKE WEST, here’s your chance (reg’d. To Hamilton) - but don’t get too excited the $1 stamp celebrates 25 years of Duke of Edinburgh awards and the reg’n. h/stamp in red looks all but worn out (at this office, how can that be?)18unsold
The next 22 lots are picture postcards, many with views or information about the ships that used to carry them.
145BermudaFine unused example of a phonogram ppc showing S.S. Queen of Bermuda passing the Royal Yacht Club, Hubert Smith and the Coral Islanders played “Yellow Bird” to it for LP33⅓; we cannot of course warrant that it will play it back to you though it looks fresh and fit for purpose107.5
146BermudaSuper ppc, red 1d docks to London FEB 15 1909 shows British Battleship in Floating Dock, picture side1813.5View
147BermudaSent from Beaufort West (S. Africa) by L.E. Kiddell to Louis Mowbray in St. George’s, this view of blockhouse guarding the road leading from Johannesburg to Pretoria portrays a Boer War Scene that might have been explicitly caricatured by Dad’s Army. Think about it – less than 40 years between that war and the Home Guard; almost twice as long has gone by since. The card here with 2x ½d Cape (inter-colonial) stamps left OC 13 04, arrived 21 NO, a long swim30unsoldView
148BermudaWe ascribe to the 1910-20 era, 10 cards with maritime links to Bermuda. Unposted, with message, SS Carribeau; unused are Fort Hamilton, Fort St George, Fort Victoria (two of each); used are SS Trent (shown on NY-Bermuda service), card “received from H.M.Ships etc; SS Bermudian, posted Mangrove Bay, P.C. censor cachet; RMSP moonlit view featuring one of the 6 sister ships (ARCADIAN, AVON, OROTAVA, ORUBA, TAGUS, TRENT) – cards of quality within this group6550
149BermudaThe (Elders &) Fyffes banana boats are portrayed in 10 cards from about the end of WW1 to the early 50’s, 6 unused, 4 u. These are RMS BAYANO (2) – a view of each side; CAYINA, 3 near identical cards, two include the E&F flag, and a used one bears KG6 Jamaica 2d, cancelled unreadable TRD; CHANGUINOLA (2), the one posted has Hamilton m/c cancel, stamp removed; PATUCA shows up in 3 duplicated views, but two are used – on one, Jamaica pictorial ½d pair received 1924 Empire Exhibition cancel, on the other GB 1d has the company of the long, framed OCEAN MAILS, PAQUEBOT separately overstruck in black and a bold, violet PATUCA42unsold
150BermudaSticking with the era c1910-20, here is the RMSP “moonlit” ppc featuring the six OROTAVA class mail boats and another showing D class steamer and on the message side RMSP logo, a boxed outline of services, and evidence from the GB ½d, 1d etc that it made final leg of journey to England in RMSP DESEADO. Along with these come Arcadia (3), Avon (6) of which all but 3 are RMSP’s own choices of ppc. Avon, we’re sure is the same vessel throughout, but the sister is shown as 2 funnels, and only one. 5 cards out of 9 are used, one with GB stamps, one ARMY LETTER FREE, there’s a nice framed PAQUEBOT and landing at Funchal, also a GB 1d, perfin, 192465unsold
151BermudaWe follow up with ppc’s of TRENT (4) and TAGUS (2), one used Bermuda to Yorkshire with ½d galleon pair, the rest unused, one produced for RMSP, all others produced for sale in Bermuda (but bear in mind the wide-ranging careers of these two well-known ships)3439
152BermudaNext come 4 ppc views of S.S. OCEANA. The 2 unused, and one unposted, with message were published in Hamilton. The one used Hamilton to NY State, 1d stamp 1911, undivided back, records its line as Bermuda Atlantic. In 2 cards her hull is black, 2 white2216.5
153BermudaBermuda ppc’s proliferate and we think there’s too much icing sugar about many of the pre-war ones. Here, for a change are 20 unused cards from a batch produced by Mardon, Son & Hall of Bristol c.1950 (we reckon), the usual kind of views and activities (basically rural) but we think you’ll like the balance of the photography and the more natural colours. It isn’t a producer of whom we’ve taken note in the past – maybe they are rather uncommon4837
154Bermuda…and here are 15 more from the same stable, we think they are all different from one another and the preceding lot (barring our occasional inattention) some of the scenes are livelier, a word or two written on an odd card, or slight soiling here and there, but a worthwhile assembly3225
155BermudaHere are 5 more unused Mardon cards, this time b/w views, including yacht racing, and Harrington Sound. Good quality photography, to which Rubber Tree doesn’t lend itself97
156BermudaPpc of Belmont Manor to Palo Seco, Trinidad; another of Par-la-Ville Gardens to Clearwater, Florida, and re-directed to Chicago, which merits a different Clearwater strike ion each side. Both cards are 1941, uncensored, 2d blue and scarlet adhesive. The second was sent from the (US) Naval operating Base and was postmarked at SOMERSET BRIDGE – but this was SEP 21, still 7 weeks to Pearl Harbor (i.e Harbour)20unsold
157BermudaThe set of 12 pre-war b/w ppc’s portraying Bermuda views for passengers on a pre-war Canadian Pacific cruise. The packet is scruffy, the cards wrapped individually and fine2822
158BermudaPpc of Furness Bermuda Line Q.T.E.V. Queen of Bermuda, beautifully penned by its Master, Capt H. Jeffries-Davies advising a Massachusetts resident (for 1 US cent, 1935) how to book for Bermuda on his vessel32.25
159Bermuda9 ppc’s (sometimes annotated, none posted) picture Queen of Bermuda from the middle ‘30’s to the early ‘60’s – they include a scarce b/w view after the launch at the Vickers yard, Barrow, and range from the businesslike to the glamorised, from bright colour to deep night (Tonnage abt. 22,500)36unsold
160Bermuda8 more ppc’s of Queen of Bermuda, all posted, carry the story forward. Apart from one used only to England, all went to the US, 2 from Hamilton, I from Mangrove Bay, 1 first landed in Peru, 2 with the ship’s POSTED on the HIGH SEAS cachet in vermilion or black (this, landed in Nassau, also received local SHIPMAIL type S12) and the last, 1½d franked, cancelled NY Paquebot 1938 got MISSENT TO FREEDOM (Pennsylvania)52unsold
161BermudaThe sister ship Monarch of Bermuda displaced about 700 tons more but was very similar in appearance as our b/w ppc’s show. One of these is unused, one sets out the specification. The last was franked 1½d for the US and we can’t read the year of despatch but PAGET as office of origin is loud and clear15unsold
162BermudaAt intervals the Queen and the Monarch would berth together in harbour at Bermuda, as seen here in a b/w ppc 1936 to Lexington, paying 1c US, but with full message. The companion card in colour, 1961, with 4d stamp to Pennsylvania again shows two Furness Line ships in berth at one time, but Ocean Monarch has taken the place of Monarch of Bermuda97
163BermudaWe end the Queen of Bermuda series with four more ppc’s. One unused gives a starboard view, but there are just two funnels and not three. Two others used 1962 and 1964 with 6d stamps to USA give an identical Furness specification and a single central funnel. Leaving you to work out this funny business, we close with an unused card for “S/S Queen of Bermuda/Bermuda Star Line”. You’ll find though, that the name on the prow doesn’t correspond1410.5
164BermudaThe first large liner run by Furness Bermuda line was Motor-ship Bermuda displacing 20,000 tons; it flourished in the later ‘20’s and early ‘30’s. Here are 7 ppc’s unused, 4 used, with five showing internal features and six the vessel at sea, including the line’s own choice of postcard. Postage paid was either Bermuda 1d, or US 2c; just one card bears a featureless POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS CACHET (rose-red) – all four went to US (1 damaged)4635
165BermudaNow how did a ppc of Aswan sent from Alexandria (Egypt) to Bermuda become MALDIRIGE in Bombay(picture-side stamp is lost as well as losing its way) in 1912? 5 other incoming ppc’s in this lot, 3 from GB, one with ½d stamp only, readdressed from Nova Scotia and taxed 1d (5c) but was it paid? 2 cards from Massachusetts and LA 1916 and ’17 received P.C. Bermuda cachets, one violet, one red, of the others, three went to Ireland Island – a useful group38unsold
166BermudaBermuda ppc miscellany – unused are – stone cutting photo, b/w pub. Rutherford& Gorham; Xmas greetings, holly and military crest, colour; message, not sent, b/w St George’s; Government Aquarium, to NY ’41, stamp removed; LA, mountains behind (no smog) 1917 to Bermuda US 2c., P.C./Bermuda, magenta; Elbow Beach Hotel, US Navy free frank to Virginia 1944; US 2c under-franks Pennsylvania Turnpike to Smith’s Parish, 12c duplex tax mark; Bermuda map of radioholic VP9Dn 1957 to Minneapolis 2 x US 1c cancelled Army and Air Force Postal Service 856 duplex; and our 1956 envoi, showing yachts in harbour at Santa Barbara, went to Smith’s Parish, collecting c.d.s. of Flatts and Harrington Sound en route40unsold
167BermudaThe Revenue items on this s/card include 1953 £1 punch hole, specific revenue issues of 1954 (£1, £5), 1970 ($1, 5, 12) and 1984 ($1, 2, 5), and turning over you find KG5 5/-, 2/6, 10/-, £1 and KG6 12/6 and punch-hole £1 (2) whose cat. as postal would run into four figures, all fine and used exc. perhaps one70unsold
British Guiana
168British GuianaIt makes a change for a GB 6d used abroad to have its perfs intact, but with high centring and the A03 lightly tickling QV’s hair-do you shouldn’t need to be extravagant – SGz3 cat. £1202225
169British GuianaAnother SGz3 with perfs less even and minor corner creasing which does not impact on the front. Centring is better, A03 (at 9 o’clock) stronger, but with messier inking. Cat. £120, as before15unsold
170British GuianaDuplicate EL of MY 25 1858 (strong dbl-arc b/stamp) which travelled from Georgetown to London assisted by its GB stamp well cancelled A03, but we’re sure you’d prefer still to have the 40% of the adhesive which some vandal tore away3527
171British GuianaFor visual impact this type 4 4c classic with light 1857 dbl arc c.d.s. is the equal of any that we’ve seen, and it’s the deep blue shade with retouch, SG18a, cat. £1800; but it’s not a full cat. stamp as there is a shallow thin at the centre of one side, which you would not suspect without information. What’s more we have instructions to estimate below what we consider its real worth200300View
172British GuianaThe type 5 4c, SG21 is treated in the cat. as much the equivalent of SG19 and 20. We regard it as a much more difficult stamp, hard to buy an intact example blow half-cat.. Our current offering is good for colour, gently cancelled, tight mgns. bottom and top – where it all but contacts NE frame line – well clear at left and right. Allowed this time to estimate unimpeded we value at 150unsoldView
173British GuianaThe less than difficult (and long-lived) second series A3C becomes something of a rarity, if one hopes to find it on the 1862 1c brown SG41. This example is full and upright, used OC 7 1862 and, while the date is inked unevenly, the actual code is bold and deeply impressed, irregular perfs, stamp cat £2509070View
174British Guiana1860 4c blue with perfs intact, light, soft killer cancel, and almost perfect centring begs us to give it a solo starring role. How could we say no? SG33 cat. £752829
175British GuianaThe 1860 12c pale lilac is f.u. by anybody’s standards, but two 8c values in shades too close to differentiate bring the standard down, one centred far to the right with raggedy uneven perfs,. the other perfs clipped close at foot, but perhaps wmk’d., their killer cancels not heavy, but ill-defined, cat. £25034unsold
176British GuianaThe contrast in shades between 24c in a strong deep green and a pale bluish green, identified to us as SG38 and 39, each pleasantly u. is spectacular. The pale one is pretty well centred, with decent enough perfs., the other is centred NE; its perfs well above normal, cat. together £2306575
177British GuianaColour? Cancellation? Centring? All delightful and we thought we’d found you a perfect 24c green SG39; but no – there’s a slight fault top rt. to reduce pride in what would otherwise be a virtually full-cat. (£80) stamp27unsold
178British Guiana1864 24c SG64 and 1863 2c SG68 each with a wmk. which shows, in our view, digits not letters. This would correspond to T. H. SAUNDERS 1863 a scarce mark to which the issue dates reconcile (see T & H p.270) 2c is f.u., 24c is a pale green shade, looks fine too, but close inspection reveals surface scuffs, so that estimate relies on wmks2116View
179British Guiana3 Ship-type classics, 1860’s, submitted as proofs (but two are used): our verdict follows. 4c pale blue (unused, v. thin paper) – credible mgns., tear and crude repair, top rt. 4c deep blue – plausible, not really adequate mgns, not proven, again indications of repair. 12c lilac – exiguous mgns., flattered by backing paper, normal A03 killer, pull the other one!25unsold
180British GuianaPerf 12 representatives from the 1862-5 period comprise 1c brown (always v. deep) and black, 4c blue, 8c pink and 12c (3 shades, one with the red 5c accountancy h/stamp). The 8c was scissor clipped at left to the disadvantage of NW corner, otherwise all are g.u. to approaching fine cat. total over £5508565
181British Guiana9 used ship types believed correctly identified to us as perf 12½ -13 1863-5 comprising 1c, 2c (2), 4c (2), 8c, 12c, 24c (2) – free from thins, average (i.e. substandard) perfs on 8c, 2 sides, 12c and one 4c, I side each, otherwise perfs of gd. to high quality throughout and more than half very well centred. Cat. nearly £5008065
182British GuianaThe classic 1c black in 5 versions: the three listed, all v lightly u. are spaced value SG51, closer value SG85, 1878 provisional SG138; then an imperf example, which , after assessing margins and clarity of printing, we rate but don’t warrant as plate proof. Finally , a forgery (not RETIMUS) which you may be able to connect with a Bulletin article42unsold
183British GuianaSG type 9 5c, 24c(2), 48c perf 10, 10, 15, 10 showing character more than beauty – well, first 24c is normal, at least v.g.u., its mate lge. S. mgn, almost pelure paper, 6c separated by scissors all round leaving huge mgn at foot and at rt. even though it just escapes strt. edge on this side; and the top mgnl. 48c, messily cancelled, and over-inked has grabbed a chunk of extra mgn above its top perfs, and a bite from its r.h. neighbour, ending with a self-satisfied look cat. £120 or more3240
184British GuianaPage of ship type classics between SG68 and 114, perf 12 ½ -13 (4), perf 10 (11), perf 15 (7) also 1881 provisional SG152, used except one 1c, mainly gd. to fine with shades differing to avoid duplication stc £66685unsoldView
185British GuianaDissected from the outer letter sheet of a missive written in French and neatly cut to size of a cover front, it can fairly be so characterised. It holds 8c pink, 24c green SG62, 79 and the array of postal markings tells the full story of its travels to St. Peray Ardeche8070
186British GuianaAs the DLR issues of 1876 are designated for postage, a 2c CC SG127 inscribed in pen “No. 6/2cts/21.4.77” perhaps needs investigation1210
187British GuianaOne could drool over a lightly u. (1c)/6c provisional SG141 because it’s a lower mgnl. and shows r.h. half imprint. Perhaps you have the left half to go with it – cat. £753325
188British Guiana“26/11” on (1c)/6c brown SG 145 – room for more, nothing added. Not much use in that, you might say: wrong! Stamp was issued 23 Nov 1877, so, very early use 26/11/77 just 3 days later and, incidentally, our first-time sighting one of the 1877-81 provisionals cancelled by pen-date only. Inferential, yes, but rare.2015
189British GuianaThe 1882 provisionals, 1c (3), 2c (2), one of each is used, 2-master types except the 1c u. The two unused 1c are horiz. pair, the l.h. stamp shows ‘1’ with foot. The 2c u. is from early 4 x 3 setting with small 2 and small H in BRITISH which isn’t listed but ought to be (oilyish c.d.s., but fine). The 1c u. is intact, heavy cancel; the other 2c is crate’s egg fresh, its northern perfs. open to criticism110unsoldView
And so on to Postmarks.
190British GuianaA further 1c (2), 2c (3), one of each u., which are fair only, or worse than that, and don’t deserve detailed description, but will give you a flavour of those issues to a member who values interest above investment. On one a fragmentary STEAMER cancellation shares space with Georgetown3023
191British GuianaAbout 270 stamps on album leaves, all but six are used, the work of a collector who clearly loved the colour contrast produced by duplicating the stamps in a row and changing each choice for the rows that follow. Not a postmark lot, but we did spot Orealla and an outstanding FORT ISLAND. Values reach 48c for KG5, $1 for KG6 – comforting condn. throughout – estimated cat. abt. £2503038
192British Guiana9 code marks, on Waterlow classics except two. On 2c are A1C, E.C.B./Crown/1, W 3 (?)C; on 4c are A2C (stamp ‘Imperf’), E1C; ER on DLR 1c and L on 2c; A2C JA 22 1868 on 24c SG64; W4C (large) on 12c purple SG48. Most strikes are fullish, but darkified in places. Code L is enhanced by pen – we think this was done at the Leguan office. Stamps are mainly v.g. to fine, so there’s a bit to add for cat. value 11590View
193British GuianaWe yield to temptation to list together 60% strikes of the two Demerara River West Bank code marks. DRW 1 is struck at 1 o’clock over a red Georgetown cancel probably in the ‘70’s on perf. 10 12c lilac; DRW 2, at just after 3 o’clock is also an arrival mark, strongly contesting its A03 killer beneath, on DLR 2c orange; DR.. 2 shows well against competition, but W is weak against almost none6550View
194British GuianaType 2 pmks on DLR 1c or 2c, comprising (ANNA REG)INA fully dated 1880, BELFIELD fully dated, BRA(HN), (ENM)ORE, (P)LAISANCE – moderate example, SKELD(ON), (TAYMOU)TH MAN(OR)5240View
195British GuianaWe can’t imagine how this dbl. ring pmk. on 2c CA was once read as Abary, because all we can see is Guiana at foot of a mark set at 11 o’clock. The unusual feature is 82 and JU 2 each standing on their heads at 5 o’clock – it will add a dimension to your pmks.10.75
196British GuianaLetter A yields 26 different marks from minor offices in the QV to KG5 era. The harder offices are Abary, Acquero, Agricola, Amacura (a fake cancel on DLR 6c brown CA) but less common types from the easier offices are included and the quality of strikes is encouraging – only the fake is faint and that may be deliberate7560
197British GuianaA classy lot in which 5 gd. quality River or Rail c.d.s. 1898-1913 (inc. mailboat and TPO Massaruni Steamer) join forces with DLR 2c on which the lge format BG/ W 4 (C) sits at 4.30, and a wholly superior 1863 8c carmine SG74 soothingly used4434
198British GuianaWhen you have purchased the four stamps of which three examples of the HILLFOOT MAZARUNI type 42 marks are distributed, please turn to p.326 of the T & H book. You’ll find that you own the actual; stamps from which the 3 illustrations were taken. It’s source material (and Howe!)4865View
199British Guiana23 QV to KG5 period pmks. each with its pmk. identified below (alphabetically between A and L). Decent strikes, none particularly difficult, just a useful representative range outside GPO2821View
200British GuianaPmk. colln. 116+ items A-Z with a few pairs, QV to early QEII – we’d say just over half are KG5 or earlier. We reckon 80/90 offices are represented, and haven’t spotted duplication of marks. There are always scarcer items in a lot of this character and most of the marks are readily identifiable, a good proportion are full and fine.240300
201British GuianaPmk. items on pages priced for sale singly or in groups, picked but not plundered, featuring Acquero (2), Agricola (3), “Amacura” (Madam Joseph 2 inc KG5 96c), Albuoystone (6), Anna Regina (24 = 2 covers), Arakaka (23), 25 items are KG6 or later, the rest earlier. This is alphabetically, the first of our grouped postmark lots this year, but please note that where there is overlap of offices described, there is competition between different owners. Priced to sell abt. £1655038
202British GuianaThe next 5 lots comprise the residue of a quality postmark collection ranging over the types introduced during the QV to KG6 era. It was priced both by the pand individually, has been picked over, and the pages (but not the stamps) have become messy. Please read on. Pmks, letter B. We count 325 stamps of which 18 are QEII, 134 KG6 (values include 60c and $1) the rest earlier. Offices are Bagotville, Bartica, do. Grove, Do. Steamer, Bel-Air, Belfield, Benab., Berbice-Railway, River, River Steamer, Beterverwagting, Blairmont, Boerasirie, Bourda, Brahn, Bush Lot, Buxton. These pages as priced work out at over £400, but we take into account that only a few of these included qualify as scarce120105View
203British GuianaWe follow with Campbelltown, Canal No.2 (2), Cane Grove (16), Canje Launch, Carmichael St (EA error on 1c), Charity (13), Clonbrook(29), Coomacka, Corentyne Coast, No 50 (5), Cornhill, Cotton Tree, Cove & John (10), Crabwood Creek (2), Danielstown (17), De Kinderen (4), Demerara Railway (13), Demerara River Mailboat (11), Demerara River Steamer (12) brackets give stamp numbers where more than one; - priced together at £250+9080
204British GuianaEast Coast Railway (28), Enmore (21 + 1 cover) Essequibo Steamer (23), Eversham (6), Fellowship (21 + 1 cover), Fort Island, Fredericksburg (4), Fort Wellington (28 + 1 cover), Good Success (11), Grove (11) – priced together at abt. £2208570
205British Guiana100 items QV to KG5, 80 items and one cover later, embrace Mabaruma, Mackenzie, Mahaica (inc. 2 officials), Mahaicony, Mariabba, Mazaruni Steamer, Mazaruni River, Met-en-Meerzorg, Morawhanna, No. 50 and Nigg. Priced (with a tinge of optimism) at close to £2506552
206British Guiana3 covers and 115 other items incorporate pmks. from Sisters, Skeldon, Soesdyke (1 only), Sparta, Stabroek, Stewartville, Suddie. We count 53 items and I cover KG6 or later, the rest are earlier. Residue pages, as with companion lots of similar size, priced at close to £190 for individual or grouped sale6048
207British Guiana36 different pmks. in the QV to KG5 period. Though a reasonable number are uncommon to scarce, this is not a top-of-the-range assembly, and is aimed at the collector who is toying with having a go at Br. Guiana. So a crib-list is provided to assist in the identification of part-strikes and general familiarisation3632View
208British GuianaFORT ISLAND 16 MAR 1910, a perfect strike, which improves upon the T & H illustration at p. 306. Date of course includes 11 a.m., orientation is 11 o’clock2531
209British Guiana1c/$1 SG207 in a block of 8 used on Demerara Railway JY 26 90 – an artisan – class item, i.e tough, powerful and no pretension to elegance15unsold
210British GuianaCentenary set of five on reg’d. cover to Mr. W. Maddison Pln. Lusignan, East Coast was received at Buxton, dated FDC cachets (one boxed, one elliptical, back and front) heavy wax Crown seal over flap. As SG287 has now reached £65 off cover, with or without the other four, we base valuation on that. We note 20 in receiving c.d.s. corrected in ink to 2136unsold
211British GuianaWe don’t ask you to accept that 72c was necessary in 1936 to take a cover by air to Port of Spain. We simply record that this was the function performed by the 72c applied to this reg’d. cover129
212British Guiana4 stamps were needed to make up the awkward 44c rate to pay for a 1943 cover to travel at least partly by air to Winnipeg. Cancelled on the Demerara River 26 FE, it received same day sorting by S. O. SUP. in Georgetown, passed on to be Opened by Examiner 1/13 and we finally note the blue h/stamp of District Director of Postal Services Winnipeg MAR 7 1943; opened out to show its full character and partly mutilated flap1617
213British GuianaAir mail rates post war continued as a poor match for stamp denominations. Thus 46c for a reg’d. Cover Carmichael St. to Bradford, 1949, took 4 stamps; so did 40c cover same year to same address; from De Kinderen; from Bourda, same year, 3 stamps made up same 46c rate, and 3 stamps sufficient for 45c reg’d. by air, Carmichael St. to London, 1961. We ring the changes for 1959 when a single 4c stamp cancelled type 33 at Danielstown links with Georgetown addressee3225
214British GuianaRevenue medley contains Sum. Jur. 16, 24, 48, 60, 72, 96c; dollar issues 1, 2, 4; 1888-9 Inland Rev. 2m, 3u to 72c; 1899-1906, 5 fisc. u. to 48c (2); and the Revenue $2.40, $4.80 used; also the four 1890 one Cent surcharges m. condn. mainly gd. to fine – these and the 16c above apparently unused 2626
215British GuianaQV ½d wrapper JA 22 1896 per RMS to Guardian Fire Life Assurance, London. No shortage of fires in Georgetown in those days, we expect5unsold
216British GuianaUseful group of three 1c p/s cards sent from Georgetown to Rev. Wyllie in St John’s Rectory, Suddie from his bank or from “The Argosy” July to Aug 1901 fairly well preserved for this type of commercial mail, and nicely pmk’d.23unsold
217British GuianaKG5 1c pictorial wrapper with the fairly scarce serifed SPECIMEN opt., that came into use in the earlier 1930’s1410.5View
218British GuianaMutilated, opened out 1901 reg’d. Cover to Myerscough, 4 x 2c purple and black on red took it there; 1893 2c franked Bartica Grove cover received a handsome Georgetown b/stamp across its flap; in 1897 1c sufficed for a cover from Georgetown to Buxton; but in 1908, 2c was paid for the reverse journey, roughly opened, with part flap flapping thereafter, so 2 covers out of 4 are in pleasant state4232
219British Guiana4 ppc’s: working backwards - 1c franked Rosicrucian Fellowship printed card, returned to California 1942, examined by U S Censor, diagonal fold; coloured view, “Reflections” …Lamaha Canal, 1920 to Bermuda, receiving c.d.s. of Devonshire South, (1c + 2c); “Scene near Houston”, East Bank to London 1918 with the right franking of 2c plus War Tax 2c; 1914 Manuel Fernandez spent 2c and a view of Georgetown to solicit ppc exchange from an addressee in Penang23unsold
220British Guiana“Six beautiful Sepia Postcards of Kaieteur Falls” which is how Tuck described their six-pack, and we need only add - no comment. The envelope in which they were sold is a bit careworn, folded in two, with observations added by someone connected with Vickers Ltd, quoting a peak flow strength of 500,000 horsepower. As the Potaro is not all that wide there, there wouldn’t be room for ½ million horses, so the claim passes untested 2216.5View
British Honduras
221British Honduras1/2 rated wrapper per packet to Isaac Cooke Esq. Bristol, pride of place being taken by lge Belize dbl.arc JA 19 1843 (48 day transit). We haven’t worked out whether it’s in black ink on a reddened instrument, or red on a blackened one. Call it a brown study48210View
222British HondurasBusiness EL to Edinburgh, its Belize/C/16 FE/61/PAID c.d.s. on its face (beautifully clear when magnified) is almost invisible in red against blue background. Destination reached 17 MR 61, leaving you scratching your head at the appendant crib sheet which suggests (as we interpret) transit on three vessels reaching Southampton 18 Mar. Perhaps the 5 rate mark will help you to do some homework again. Central fold but clean, scarce and worth the effort140110View
223British HondurasPlate 4 1/- foul u. on clean flimsy white wrapper to Messrs W Guild & Co, Belize, via Southampton. Our choice of epithet refers to missing NW perfs and a lge. oval duplex diamond numeral in bars which throttle the stamp anyway. You might accept as redeeming features decorative Curtiss & Harvey buckle on reverse, red 1 rate mark plus cursive 2, perhaps Canadian – it would explain 52 day transit 3023
224British HondurasTo the same addressee in 1869, a wrapper leaving London AP 30, arriving within 4 weeks. This plate 4 1/- is sound and holds its own against ringed “76” in barred oval duplex. The reverse is a desert area, the front sports a formal lge L1 in box, all in red, for whose origins one might usefully delve4434View
225British HondurasThis album pfeatures Proud’s killer 8 (the large vertical barred oval, sheathing BELIZE, seen on 14 KE and KG5 1, 2, 3c values inc. pair and block and KE 1c franking face of 1910 ppc picturing a coconut palm that grew up with its feet in the sea and has twisted in corkscrew agony ever since, ex Proud3536
226British HondurasA New River Service pmost of the 19 KE7 2c stamps date from the brief period after the fire (1909 at the GPO), when the c.d.s. was brought in for use at Head Office. Just one single reflects actual river service, but so does a splendid colour ppc to NY, battle ship Louisiana and sailors on, we suspect, make-and-mend both pictured, also a curious mark on 3c War Stamp, for which and further info see Proud p255 – ex Proud 6046
227British HondurasAll Pines (8 clear strikes – 3 fairly complete) and Banana Bank (3 somewhat befuddled dbl. ring strikes, though one is on KG5 1c block) take pride of place on this pwith Airport c.d.s. an also ran on 4 items; one of these on 4c grey strip, another red 5/10c/4d from the 1890’s which must have been very out of breath by the time it caught up5250
228British HondurasPage devoted to Corozal, 20 items QV to KG5 (one KG6), of which 7 show C killer, one 5c postal fiscal dbl ring c.d.s., the rest single ring Corosal or Corozal – fairly common marks on a gd. variety of values and we’ll help you with cat. estimate of about £7030unsold
229British HondurasScattered on a page for CAYO district are 3, 4, versions of the principal office c.d.s. on KG5 (5) = 1 earlier, 1 later; then CAY CAULKER on KG5 2c, 5c ; KE 5c with quite a bit of the v. scarce s/line CONS(EJO) but stamp trepanned at top; finally a lovely strong TRD on 2c – probably 1920’s – and the “NORTH” (which is hi-vis) proclaims the “ERN RIVER” and “BOMBA” that were left out. You know how we esteem those10580View
230British HondurasA page loosely headed “Anonymous TRD’s” holds 15 items. Four are allocated to Parcel Post with the benefit of experience (but you’d prefer more confirmatory lettering); K65 comes in two types. New Orleans maritime - well perhaps. Part Paquebot – no problem. One of two “O” killers is on 2c surcharge and bisect on cover, and you don’t need to worry about a proving tie for the bisect – Aikman’s assurance enough. We can do justice at30unsold
231British Honduras31 items on 2 pages associated with Belize. One does not stir the blood except mild sympathy for GPO still using economy envelopes in 1955. Two stamps on the other preport improvised pmks following the Aug. 1912 fire, one a very early example. There’s an armistice day postmark (about which they wouldn’t learn till later – no jungle drums) and an odd slogan – it’s a feet-on-the-ground lot3023
232British HondurasA crowded page for Stann Creek district whose diversity we’ve retained intact. About one sixth are post KG5, there are ample full or fullish principal office date stamps. 6 dumb cancels include two on early surcharges from the home grown duplex along with pt strikes of its duplex c.d.s. You’ll find full violet c.d.s., pt. TRD’s for Stann Creek Railway and 20 miles Stann Creek, a strong STANN CREEK MOB 30 AUG 1936 on p/s 2c+ 3c die cut out and WELLSPORT shared by KE 1c pair180140
233British Honduras34 stamps or, largely, pieces of Roger Wells character 1947-52 with a wide range of rural offices and agencies, generally strong and clear full strikes for the uninitiated, if you are into this period/ these are must haves200unsoldView
234British HondurasOr else you can cat.ch up here with missing out on smaller lots from San Estevan district, as this pof 24 items duplicates several usually at a lesser level. Newcomers, omitting the bunch of San Estevan c.d.s. that you’d expect, are a modern St Margaret’s village TRD on piece and “---SANES” part TRD in a form which passed below Ted Proud’s radar110unsold
235British Honduras19 stamps on psaid to show fiscal usage; there’s 1 KG6 $1, the rest KE25c to $5 similar, and a few low values, two of which supported reg’d. Post, generally nice condn. By the way, its time someone researched why low values get CANCELLED h/stamps or written – do you want to try?80unsold
236British HondurasPermanent steel date stamps on earlier QEII low values from the offices are set out on this page, uncommon included25unsold
237British HondurasThere are no b/stamps to show how a BH Government House cover reached Mrs C Douglas-Innes in N. London’s Finchley. An interpanneau 2c chocolate-brown pair received the crudest of cork-like ink-blots (should we accuse New Orleans?) –and no other clues. For more info. try the old-boy network and we’ll try 32unsold
238British HondurasIf BARRACKS were as difficult as Proud’s value rating suggests it wouldn’t be found on contemporary 50c (early ‘30’s, as usual) – cat. £16 as simple used40unsoldView
239British HondurasBARRACKS on 2c and 5c of the same era. These each capture 5 letters of the name, compared with just four on the 50c stamp3232View
240British HondurasHalf page headed Belize, the stamps are QV to 1920’s and display 5 different cancels, inc K65 x4, ‘O’ killer x3, some on better stamps which together will cat. over £5030unsold
241British HondurasBenque Viejo on 3 KG5 items and 3 a bit later. Also KE 2c showing six bars of a s/line cancel whose spacing is consistent with Benque Viejo but may as easily have originated at Caledonia, Orange Walk (Old River) and maybe elsewhere2822
242British HondurasNo hint of a date within the dbl ring BENQUE VIEJO TRD that cancels the KG6 5c on a truly commercial cover to Sres. Tomas y Cia. Inc in Boston. Belize b/stamp JA 4 sitting over what we interpret as a vestigial $ settles the decade, but nothing else. Even so it’s RIP Roger Wells this time – here is the real thing7054View
243British Honduras(BENQ)UE VIEJO comfortably stretched along the side of KE7 1c, so as to show the letters above, but little of the cancelling bars of the rare s/line instrument120unsoldView
244British HondurasBOMBA JUL 3 1917 NORTHERN RIVER, a virtually complete strike of this highly desirable TRD on 3c yellow-orange on piece. Though the violet ink is faint, the lettering is neat – a rarity of course11090View
245British HondurasDec 13 1952 Usage of the BURRELL BOOM dbl. oval TRD in effect partly by the canceller, partly pen and ink. The cover went to Wm Losely somewhere near Doncaster, it used two KG6 4c stamps, each separately cancelled, was opened on arrival, and we think we can treat as non-philatelic6575View
246British HondurasWe have reservations about a larger, not oversize cover whose 2c, 3c, 10c adhesives each received BOOM B.H dbl oval TRD of JUN 25 1941 addressed to Rogers & Kirk in Los Angeles. The dates are genuine, for there’s a Belize b/stamp 19 JY. 25 days? It’s still wartime. The arrangement of the adhesives is s-s-s-o-o-o Roger Wells. Yet it’s opened, it’s grubby in places, centre fold. Our valuation is a compromise5038
247British Honduras1c and 3c stamps frank a 1927 McFarlane cover thrice cancelled BOOM TRD – the serifed lower case British Honduras type. These pmks. are lightly inked and even light Belize c.d.s. implants on two of them are enough to lessen the impact further. Does it leave you in doubt? If you don’t get this someone else will190150View
248British HondurasBring out your magnifying glass – this isn’t a 2c franked cover of the early ‘30’s. When you zero in, it was sent from CALEDONIA APR 22 1931, the single-ring TRD for which Proud arrives at 1500 points on cover. We value as a softly spoken commercial item180200View
249British HondurasKG5 issues (4, c 1920-35) showing four different types of CALEDONIA TRD, altogether as one yields only a barely distinguishable ‘ALE’ just three are worthy of serious attention. A Peace 2c and SJ3c allow the best coverage130100View
250British HondurasAs telegraph issues are being brought into fashion, why should we be concerned if this was the real function of CONSEJO? The top half of its c.d.s. shows up here loud and clear at 10 o’clock on KE 25c, cat. £60 as postal4044View
251British HondurasDUCK RUN/OLD RIVER a quite magnificent strike on 2c rose-red pair on piece of just a perfect size. We’ve yet to value a B.H. pmk so highly, and we’re pretty sure we won’t be high enough. The centre of the TRD simply contains 24/7/32 in ms250350View
252British HondurasRAD(IO STATION) TRD on $2 SG137 a fine pt. strike of the TRD obviously used telegraphically – cat. £130 as posted, just as appealing42unsold
253British HondurasRIVERSDALE FEB 22 1917 the complete TRD housed by 1c block, some letters of the name are weaker than the rest2821
254British HondurasThe dumb half of locally produced San Estevan duplex on QV 2c/1d together with half a later San Estevan TRD on KG5 1c, both are firm strikes2520
255British HondurasSPANISH LOOKOUT – a neat complete TRD strike on 2c Peace 8 DEC 192 , the 0 or 1 to follow didn’t print150160View
256British Honduras5c franked cover 1901 to Philadelphia, curiously compressed New Orleans transit mark, and the envelope flimsy enough to carry Latin American air mail 30 odd years later2721
257British HondurasPostal fiscal 25c SG68b granted a cover of 25 SP 02 safe passage to Berne, Switzerland for which cat. calculation is from £600. Via Liverpool and London, to arrive 13 OC 02. Nice item but we suspect it’s philatelic150115View
258British Honduras5c with moiré opt. cancelled DE 15 16 at Belize franks a Blake & Alamilla envelope (a firm on San Pedro Ambergris Caye) very slightly reduced in opening at left. H/stamp proclaims “LATE FEE COLLECTED” for its journey to Chicago. Annotation propounded 2c surface rate, 3c late fee, implies travel and franking from San Pedro. We don’t necessarily concur, but shall not dissent. Cat. from £90 anyway6550View
259British Honduras1943 Air 7c ultramarine franked a cover of 24. VII to Mr L. I. Schreiber at a box no. in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Run of the mill? Try this for size – readdressed to General Delivery, Mullins River. T-mark in crayon. 1c + 2c dues attached and cancelled at Mullins River. And by the way, it travelled originally on St. J(ohn’s) & Hopedale TPO. Neatly slit open. Cat. abt. £400, to say nothing of the pmks; but we can’t help feeling there’s artifice somewhere around so yet another compromise estimate100160View
260British Honduras1976 39 covers were prepared for Howard Austin in Wisconsin each neatly franked with 10 and 25c butterfly issues – they each received a different town or village pmk. (mainly clear and sharp but, oh so oily at Maskall Northern River). We leave it to purchaser to check whether this is a full set8080
261British HondurasPerfin of the District Commissioner on 1922 $2 SG137. The “D” appears on stamp above perfin letters that we can’t decipher; the “C”. would have perforated the connected document. A fine and scarce example of one of the few perfins obtainable throughout the BWI, cat. £130 as postal1813.5
262British HondurasThis is a coloured ppc of British Honduras Volunteer Force on parade in Belize, sent to Connecticut by H.W. Usher, a Regent St. trader in Belize. The 1c KE pair that franked them are not tied, but the c.d.s. impression shows through on the front, to verify that JY 26 05 date of despatch (important because stamps must be SG80) which puts this card in the SG from £160 range. We don’t quite swallow these huge prices on ½d or equivalent stamps, but the text is history, telling of the Force quelling a recent riot at Stann Creek, etc. For added interest we include unused card showing 4 Belize fire engines, born 1919 in US, still working 40 years later4452
Cayman Islands
263Cayman IslandsLower mgnl examples of QV ½d and 1d lge.pt.o.g., each showing plate 3, the 1d guillotined at a higher level, so as just to clip the numeral, the ½d with hint of toning1813.5
264Cayman IslandsQV ½d and 1d in their two shades part o.g. or, in the case of the darker ½d, mint, leave you feeling that difference depends more on depth, than change , of inking, but who are we to quarrel with editorial discretion? SG1, 1a, 2, 2a cat. £691914.5View
265Cayman Islands½d on 5/- SG16 fine pt.o.g. – we notice faint grey mark centred below name tablet, which may as easily be due to a brush past with the h/stamp as any other cause. By the way this stamp has got scarcer since we last looked it up. SG listing of pair, one without surcharge reduces number issued by at least one. Cat. £300110unsoldView
266Cayman IslandsKG5 1/- black/grn. with SPECIMEN opt. SG48as cat. £65. It is listed solo, as the 1/- on white back was issued earlier, but high cat. is derived from policy rather than a specific scarcity rating (whose results would be random) 2023
267Cayman IslandsWe treat the 15 values here as the basic KG5 1913 set SG40-52b fine o.g.; if there’s a better shade or whatever lurking, you’re welcome – cat. £22565unsoldView
268Cayman Islands1913 10/- deep green and red, white back fine o.g., SG52b cat. £110 – we’ve even looked for fly-specks and can’t prove that a fly has ever landed here4030
269Cayman IslandsKG5 10/- blue-green and red/olive back SG52c o.g. (we almost called it mint) cat. £1304635View
270Cayman IslandsNo frills for once: 1912-3 key types, 10 values to 1/- (2) and 1921-5, 14 to 2/- colourfully arranged on album page, all v. clean and fresh (MCA 3d and 4d included with the 1920’s script issues, cat. just on £8022unsold
271Cayman IslandsThe 1921-6 king’s head issue on s/card, 25 lge. pt.o.g. or mint, one for each listed value, shade and paper, generally fresh and fine. If they do correspond throughout with the listings (and there must be a sporting chance because the values correspond) cat. is over £650, against £225 for the basic MCA and script sets. We think there’s only one 5/- MCA pale green, but in case there are two, we’ll call cat. £550 and base valuation on that160120View
272Cayman IslandsKG5 ¼d block of four, centrally cancelled AP (?) 14 in Georgetown, no reason to think it philatelic, slight rub NW corner21.5
273Cayman IslandsIs there still someone out there who doesn’t own a mint top rt. plate 5 block of 1½d/2½d War Stamp Sg54? Mild toning and gum creasing53.75
274Cayman Islands½d green WAR STAMP mint block from SW corner of r.h. pane, therefore showing the short opt. variety SG57a. Never mind cat. quote, this is far more difficult to get than its philatelic counterpart in St. Kitts and Montserrat (and virtually impossible to spot on a loose stamp) – v. fine2526
275Cayman IslandsHere are six KG5 3d values pt. o.g., o.g., or mint, and they all look different to us, but it would be rash to warrant that they are the six listed varieties for we pass from the age of an editorial view that each supply needed a new listing to the philosophy “one description will do, for me”14unsold
276Cayman IslandsKG5 script 3d SG 60 in 4 mostly mint blocks of six, which we infer would reassemble into a virtual block of 24 from top rt. complete with mgns., if you took the trouble (but you’ve probably got better things to do) – cat. £3611unsold
277Cayman IslandsA fresh opportunity to buy the 1932 anniversary and the 1935 pictorials each fine large part o.g. to 5/-, but this time there are added in a few used of each issue, and all the collection residue of the earlier emissions (various values to 1/-) without altering last year’s estimate, though cat. value will be bumped up to around £60010080
278Cayman IslandsThe 1948 S.W. duo in lower mgnl. pairs: 1d green is from SE corner showing plate no. 1, 10/- has full printer’s imprint (a hinge once rested beneath) - the stamps impeccable mint and handsome3230View
279Cayman IslandsFrom the KG6 era we offer the SW pair m. and u., also Victory m. and u., UPU m. and on FDC and some Coron. Values, all fine, the m. are lge. pt.o.g. cat. abt. £70 24unsold
280Cayman Islands1950 ½d violet and emerald-green, a full sheet of 120 complete with mgns. folded in half at the centre, looks fine911.5
281Cayman IslandsBin ends of a collection from SG38 to 135, no War Stamps or commems, KG5 39 to 3/- m., KG6 36 to 5/- (2) m., 19 – 5/- u.(another fisc. u. ignored). Where values are duplicated we assume cheapest throughout and ignore any pmk. interest to arrive at cat. about £290 – but clearly it’s more 3023
282Cayman IslandsQEII in bulk: if you are not beguiled by 2 dozen or more different FDC’s, 2x MS, an assorted packet seemingly once priced at 10 euros, and a range of commems. slumbering on s/card pages, you have the substantial virtue of the 1953-9 set m. and u., the 1962 set both m. and u., and much of the two-size issue of the ‘70s to early ‘80s together with the immediate pre- and post decimal issues which count for rather less. So hundreds of stamps, hundreds of cat. and pretty comprehensive coverage4836
283Cayman Islands1929 cover to Alfred Wilson, the envelope printed for reg’d. Correspondence without territorial designation (or pre-franking). It received a large grey-black boxed reg’n. h/stamp, current 1d and 2½d, on the face and as much postage again in ¼d stamps on reverse, the bulk of which, duly cancelled before leaving (GPO presumably ensuring dbl. weight was paid) seems to have inhibited further b/stamps en route6046View
284Cayman Islands“Ernest Panton” cover (1c Demerara centenary) 15 AU 32 Georgetown to Georgetown 16 SE”T.” in circle between T in pencil and 30 (decimes) in crayon. The tax was paid by contemporary 1½d, ½d and ¼d block. Unobtrusive abrasion top left of cover, fine and fresh in all other respects, name and address for once not tampered with3060View
285Cayman IslandsThe WEST BAY Rural Post Collection TRD on this stamp was shared with a stamp to the rt., either ½d or 1d. That’s not unusual, but our stamp is the 2d value which certainly is unusual. We think the sub-office may not have stocked these, but nothing philatelic in appearance, more likely a stamp carried by sender1621
286Cayman IslandsPmks of 1969 on piece (6) on ¼d to 3d values , taking in Bodden Town, Creek Hall, North Sound, Stake Bay, West Bay, West End – only Stake Bay is common65.5
287DominicaCOLIHAUT pen-written upwards on perf.14 1d lilac CC. Stamp has lost its SE corner in life’s turmoil- which we virtually ignore as this pmk is rather rare8065View
288Dominica1d on 1/- magenta SG19 finds room for “Ports” (usually thus abbreviated for Portsmouth) “1/16/ “ – the least challenging of manuscript village marks, still very scarce60unsoldView
289Dominica1877 perf.14 1/- CC p tog block of four, unintelligently mounted by a previous owner, so as to leave hinge remainders and/or paper adhering to reverse – SG9, cat. £520210unsoldView
290DominicaAficionados of Antigua, Dominica, Montserrat will have to compete for an uncleared master die of KEVII 5/- in black on tough, unyielding card, cut down to within 1 mm of frame line all round. We list under Dominica to give fans of all three territories the best opportunity to be present when this lot is reached. You should all own one of these (but there aren’t enough to go round)180170View
291Dominica1903 Landscape set of 10, all with SPECIMEN opt. reading upwards, fresh and fine appearance SG27s/34s cat. £1807054View
292DominicaThe same CC landscape set f.u. (SG27 to 36). There are 10 in the set with two extra 1d values, at least one of which should show chalky paper, we reckon, pmk. Oct. 06. We treat other denominations as ordinary paper (not checked) – cat. £170+7565View
293Dominica1909 6d, 1919 2/-, each in vert. strip of three optd. SPECIMEN upwards, SG52s, 53bs, fine – multiples are scarce6046View
294DominicaSPECIMEN opts. (upwards) on WAR TAX 1½d, 3d, vert. strips of three, WAR TAX ½d, and 1920 1½d/2½d, vert. pair, all fine and dandy, SG 59s, 58s, 57s, 60s. cat. around £300120190View
The next three lots will first be provisionally offered singly, then re-offered as the complete set that they constitute, lest the eventual buyer wishes to keep the set unbroken. The stamps present as SPECIMEN opts in blocks of four, which doesn’t happen; close inspection reveals two vert. pairs of each value artfully joined at the hip and everywhere else. Assigning ascending estimates to ascending denominations reflects tradition rather than logic.
295DominicaThe ½d, 1d, 1½d values in “blocks of four”, the 1½d being the only member of the set showing SPECIMEN upwards, SG 62s, 63s, 64s, fine80110View
296Dominica2d, 2½d, 6d values in “blocks of four”, SG65s, 66s, 67s95115View
297Dominica2/-, 2/6 in “blocks of four” the opt. on 2/6 so deeply impressed it’s almost a breach, SG67s, 68s both fine90110View
298DominicaMounted on small pieces of stiff card are the REVENUE optd. QV 1d, 6d, 1/- which became SG R1, 3 and 4, each handstamped CANCELLED, first two in green ink, last in slate-purple. This is DLR archive material which you can’t duplicateR£680680View
299DominicaHere the QV 6d, 1/- have fiscal pen-cancels, as does a defective ½d (not necessarily legitimately) – but a Leeward 2 ½ d shows “ent” underlined in red. As the “Sol” is missing, we shan’t warrant, but if you have faith you’ll trump our estimate107.5
300DominicaDie stamp impressions of QV head within oval frame headed DOMINICA, the surrounding spandrels enclosing wavy lines. Those on olive-yellow, emerald-green, cherry-brown and brownish-grey are on stiff card cut-outs, and the deep brown example is on a larger piece of softer cartridge paper. Some call these essays. More critically we see “bogus” added. 19th century anyway and collection enhancing90110View
301DominicaThis is the example of landscape 2/6 grey-green and ochre CC which has led to its listing with wmk. Crown to the left of CC. We believe the GPO cancellation (top half only visible) postdates the live issue period of the stamp, but used is used, and SG have accepted this on its merits. Our job is to find a value for an unpriced item. We are prepared to be proved wrong and for realisation to rocket, but still have to fly fairly high for new-born SG34w180unsoldView
302DominicaVert. pairs optd. or perf SPECIMEN, being 1920 Landscape 2/6 black and red/blue, 1923 MCA 3/-, 5/-, £1 and l-mgnl. 1½d of 1933. The 2/6 mint, the 1923 trio are mounted only on the upper stamp, the 1½d has no gum. All are scarce in pairs, and vert. format is preferable to horiz. in this size of stamp8060View
303DominicaUniversity College of the West Indies, the 1951 pair, each in a mint block of 20 (4 rows of 5) from top left corner, the 12c with light even toning, both structurally fault-free57.5
304DominicaKG6 2½d purple and bright blue SG103 in sheet of 60 with Waterlow imprint and full margins, the bottom one guillotined at a slight angle upwards by 2mm from left to right. We don’t disturb its neat wrapping but assume mint throughout, which is how it appears. Will it fit your album pat 410 x 190 mm? Only if you quarter it – but you wouldn’t, would you? cat. £270R£95unsoldView
305DominicaThe 1951 decimal set of 11 values to 24c inhabit this lot, as far as we can tell without disturbing their slumbers, all are faultless mint. You need more than that and you get it: from 1c upwards, each stamp is from SE corner showing either 1 or 1a as its plate, and as the ½c enjoys no such luxury you have a NW corner example instead107.5
306DominicaDominica thimble-size on Leeward QV 1d, but you can’t call it a c.d.s. ‘cos there’s no date under the name. Just a poor orphan then, we haven’t seen a brother or sister before22.5
307DominicaThis is an old friend in need of a new home: it’s the 1½d Leeward p/s card sent by the Dominica postmaster to Mortimer St. London W. in June 1892 and asserting (as part of some personal hard selling) “what a bargain Mr. Thompson of Bishop Auckland made …” (Remember him? No? Well, buy this lot and remind yourself) 2 slightly rounded corners, but a piece of history2521
308DominicaDissection of a stamp from top rt. (probably a Leeward ½d) has slightly disturbed the QV ½d that remains, with its neat small A07 killer gently embracing, but the Portsmouth date stamp of AP 23 (no year) and the fuller GPO c.d.s. of AP 24 00 are all that you need to give proving status for the location of the killer on a tidy front to England7unsold
309DominicaCover of SP 2 02 reg’d. to WL Wall of Montserrat, so as to safeguard the three Leeward surcharges SG17-19 which it bore. Only the 7d value has more then normally aberrant lettering48unsoldView
310DominicaBoth the landscape 1d scarlet and the surcharged ½d War Tax serve their proper functions on uncensored 1917 cover to Manchester2116
311DominicaReg’d. 1919 cover to W.A. Caughan, St Louis apparently held “stamps on empty cover” despite its normal size. We take the adhesives that accompany landscape 1d carmine-red to be 1d, 3d SG38, 41 in which case cat. a theoretical from £90, but bear in mind use is posthumous50unsoldView
312DominicaA 1920 cover printed for P. S. Maynard & Sons, Roseau was franked to a local address bearing right mgnl block of four of 1½d/2½d orange, short fraction bar at upper left, making variety’s position ascertainable were it not already known. Note scribbled in a lady’s hand shows that other multiples were enclosed and that the error was known about. Although philatelic (leaving multiplier x5 open to criticism) this is historic and valuable80unsoldView
313Dominica B/w ppc 1934 to NY greeted the addressee with 5 real photo vignettes of Dominica. Sender’s text (“A swell town with nice trips up the hills”) flatters Roseau, but downgrades the mountains. The 1d badge is cancelled by SS. Dominica classy black POSTED AT SEA cachet (Bermuda & West Indies S.S Co. Ltd)1638
314DominicaAttached to rectangles of card headed S. T. 1873 and S. T. 1874 are KG6 ½d and 1d in the issued colours of SG99 and 100. Are these archival material? We combine with 11 NO cover (year not readable) opened by Examiner RR/ (2 deleted, 51 written in) to Sussex bearing the 1d, with 1/-, by air to NY. Compare the freshness and clarity of the first two; answer question, unequivocally, Yes11590
315DominicaNo sightseeing in wartime? This ppc managed it. Off from Exmouth (GB 1d) 23 Nov ’41, then St. John’s, Antigua 23 Dec, Roseau 5 DE. Oops! Perhaps that was 25 DE and perfect timing; it was addressed to Dominica, saying Happy Xmas. Uncensored, too, even though view side is a Harvard trainer “in service with the RAF”12unsold
316GrenadaLIVERPOOL/SHIP letter of 16 March 1793 “per the old Dick” reaches named merchant’s partner of London 4 May (Bishop’s mark). In frangled French “votre humble & obeisant serviteur” writes of rudeness, maltreatment, cold indifference in Grenada, and his own retaliation – Neatly penned, but these were turbulent, divisive times out there, reminiscent of a referendum in BritainR£210210View
317Grenada1812 EL landed as a ship letter at Dover, so the breed is reasonably familiar. However, you don’t usually get the Crown/SHIP LETTER _ DOVER dbl. oval cachet, and even though this is lightly inked, it enhances greatly – usual central fold, condn. is good 90110View
318GrenadaWithdrawn. The Committee which handles this stamp was unable to spot the watermark seen by the members of the auction team. The stamp will be brought to the auction room, and anyone interested can discuss its future with the auctioneer.unsold
1d Chalon gd. U. perf 15 all round, wmk large star uprt. Would you recognize it, if we stopped there? As this is our first encounter with SG15 since our auction began, it has been sent for certification, and you may have to deal with it on trust. Assuming it arrives before auction day, it will be withdrawn unless rated genuine, and even the price at which sold will be discounted if certifying panel finds more to criticise than our assessment implies – but your bid will still have to beat any competitor cat. £2,250600
319GrenadaThe 1888 2½d, still current in mid-95 when used from GPO in a block of four which doesn’t look philatelic, but might not have clung together without a snippet of hinge joining the embrace on reverse side. Have some fun with this: show it to your 10-year old and ask which way is up. SG32, cat. £120, not plentiful24unsold
320GrenadaFine mint KG5 MCA 3d on white back, top mgnl we presume, as a purple symbol above the jubilee line shows where to position the perforator, and rt. mgn. is cropped by the guillotine through the presumed gutter 32.25
321GrenadaWe won’t hear a word against KG5 6d dull and bright purple horiz. pair from the top row SG97, with plate no. 1 over r.h. stamp, this item is delectable1010.5
322GrenadaKG5 MCA values to 1/- lightly u., no 6d, 1d, 3d 2 each, 1/- (3) which include blue-grn./olive back v.g.u. cat. over £1001827
323GrenadaKG5 Script ½d, plate 2 pair from top row; 2d orange plate 3 SE corner pair; sandwiched between is local WAR TAX r.h. mgnl. block of 4, small A variety in TAX at top left. Split perfs. noted on ½d without the plate no., tiny marking on reverse of this and bottom left of the WAR TAX block, otherwise all are mint and fine30unsold
324GrenadaThe scarce script chalky blue shade SG120a cat. £501615
325GrenadaIf you can live with the perfs trimmed off all round and no room for the 62 that may have followed the high-vis 18 (of the year) still on the stamp, this is a classy first type first period A on no wmk 6d SG3. Our guess is stamp was cut down to fit the printed rectangle of an 1860’s album 10unsold
326GrenadaFirst type “A” c.d.s. seen here in its second period of use on Chalon 1d, 6d (fault at NW), 4d blue, 1/- mauve – nice strikes colourful assembly25unsoldView
327GrenadaPmks with a difference: 1st alphabet c.d.s. gives B on Chalon 4d; C on no wmk 6d(light central strike, sleepy stamp); D on 1883 6d; F on Chalon 6d. Second alphabet set (both types of A) do not repeat these 4 stamps, or one another, including 2½d/8d and three more 2½d, with 2d, 4d, 6d, and when you meet the common D, it’s on 1d orange and green fiscal – no doubt by favour or inadvertence. The only other 1d value (DLR key type) has a super G, which is a spare in case the other is a C, altered by fraud. Finally there’s a ½d with a fine full A/GRENADA/c.d.s. We can’t repeat this array and value it highly8565View
328GrenadaThe second series of 7 code marks A to G (i.e the tall thin A is not included. E is on 1883 4d, F on badge type ½d, all are good examples, varied orientation3224
329Grenada2nd type G on 1883 2½d at 8 o’clock, always hard to track down107.5
330GrenadaCONCORD pmks:- 3 black. QV 1d (70%) is MR 5 01; KE 1d, JY 30 03 (85%, no room for more); KG5 1d brown on piece, OC 4 30 in full circle, would be sweet music, were the lost C(H)ORD to be found, everything present is strong and clear on all three2227
331GrenadaCROCHU JA 28 04 on KE 1d, almost 90% on the single stamp, and top quality at that1612.5
332GrenadaHigh quality DUNFERMLIN(E) 5 JA 30 clothes 1d brown on irregular piece1612.5
333GrenadaAn elegant full GRAND ROY c.d.s. 5 MY 47 on KG6 pictorial 1½d, nicely holding its own against the black centre32.25
334GrenadaA Myerscough cover SP 19 95 from St George’s, diminutive in size, using the 1880’s ½d and 1d(2) defins. rather than the newly arrived 2½d in DLR’s emerging standard key type. This contrasts most pleasingly with the drab printed covers plastered with repetitive low values across reverse, which this recipient usually invited, but opened out and minimally reduced 2821
335GrenadaOHMS reg’d. cover from GPO to Maidstone, Kent sports 1/- SG142 looking as if it has every right to be there, as maybe it does 15unsoldView
336GrenadaWe approve when commems perform commercial duty. This time Victory 3d vert. pair team with 2/- to pay for an air mail cover of MR 11 47 to travel to the City of London – 7 days en route and a touch of class1612
337Grenada“As the lower values of the current stock of postage stamps has not been sold out” reads 1d p/s card of 22/8/98 to London. “The postmaster has decided not to issue the new lot until next month”. Off with the old, on with the new22unsold
338GrenadaB/w ppc primarily featuring The Supply Stores at the foot of Constitution Hill (St George’s) actually bears on its undivided reverse the cachet of Jos. E. Fullerton’s Stores in St Patrick’s and was posted from Sauteurs to Antwerp 29 FE 13 – it’s nicely franked with KG5 2½d on picture side – scarce and desirable320unsold
339GrenadaA ppc of RMS BERBICE in St George’s Harbour. It bears the cachet of JOS. E. Fullerton, but was clearly bought by a customer in his shop, then written and posted to Missouri from Sauteurs, whose c.d.s. of JY 18 17 is struck over the ½d green pair on the face, and again beside it. On reverse is next day GPO transit c.d.s. Despite slight wear at the edges this card is a cracker.2629
340GrenadaA companion card of the Inner Harbour probably shows a smaller mail boat there, too indistinct to identify. Also franked with ½d pair on face, GPO dbl. ring c.d.s. MY 17 17, and single ring c.d.s. next day on the back. It went to France, no message, so the stamps were printed matter rate. Another b/w souvenir card with quartered views on the face used a 1d War Tax there, cancelled 13 JU 20, presumably at GPO, but top did not print. Again, no message, pencil address erased, destination unknown1819
341GuyanaIn 1981 Guyana felt the urgent need to proclaim ESSEQUIBO IS OURS. The Postage Due set, less the 55c value, surcharged for postal use (and assessed at peanuts by a no-doubt disapproving SG) appears here cancelled 8 JUN 1981 on an unaddressed cover which will one day have a historic value which we anticipate in the estimate. Inexcusable, irresistible7unsold
342GuyanaWe think that the emanations from Guyana between 1981 and 1985 have become worthy of closer study, but leave the Reichenbachia issues onwards well alone – for these 3½ years show a postal system on a very low budget going it alone, tackling local issues, social and philatelic history with creativity, passion and colour. To get you going here are the FOR|T ISLAND surcharges SG1303, 1305, 1307 together with the Girl Guide commemoratives SG1318 to 1327 in their complete sheets of 25 each. The 3 Fort Island stamps are o.g., the 2 sheets mint so far as practicable, all in impeccable condn., cat. abt. £51. We can see exactly why SG1322, 1327 have key stamp status, but why is SG904 so cheaply priced. Have we started a stampede? 1310
343JamaicaThis page was written up by David Atkinson to show the pine issue in SPECIMEN form. The 6d is here imperf. with the usual block capital format. The 1/- has a small upper case h/stamp in blue-black – a rare usage, seemingly on its last legs from its very faint appearance. Another 1/- has Specimen hand-written, the ink ending up looking brown. Both 1/- stamps have one strt. edge and other trimmed perfs – one can’t expect to find them looking fine.140170View
344JamaicaWritten up pages for 1890-1 2½d/4d varieties: two are the PFNNY error SG30c both f.u., one with light ‘12’ US maritime cancel; two fine m. are the broken K error SG30ca, one of which shows ‘F-like’ first E in PENCE above PFNNY in the line below – cat. £450+ - you can go the extra mile with this one130160
345JamaicaWar Stamps: Apr 1916 ½d mint pair, one no stop SG 64a; 3d m. on pale yellow, u. on lemon, the back looking white, ovpts. low and light; a very ordinary Mar ’17 ½d m., and 1½d of the same breed with double opt. that we refuse to trust107.5
346Jamaica1921 1½d pictorial showing the doubling of ropes and blurring of faces caused by the major re-entry SG96a fine pt.o.g. centred low left cat. £1203756View
347JamaicaPositioned at row 9/1, the SJ extra flagstaff variety lends itself to effective display in pairs or blocks. Derek Sutcliffe presented the 1½d SG115a here in vertical corner pair below an enlarged reproduction of the 1/- value3023
348JamaicaKG6 5/- close to 200 used arranged on s/cards. We offer these as comb perf. throughout, so if you find the scarce line perf. you may return this lot as inadequately described 4865
349JamaicaKG6 5/- used bears the perfin UFCo of United Fruit Co. Though not easy to get, the perforator saw a lot of service as some of the pins are blunt by now97
350JamaicaFrom NE corner of SW sheet quadrant with full mgns. immaculate block of KG6 £1 SG133a cat. £2406075View
351JamaicaThis, we believe, is all that remains of Derek Sutcliffe’s 1921-9 pictorials. On 2 pages are blocks of 1½d to 2½d and 1/- (with a pair also) fine m. and 6d and 1/- f.u. There are 1d covers locally (2); 1½d to the edge of N. London, 2½d to Philadelphia, 8d by air to London ’35, 1/4 by air to Tampico, Mexico ’37. Then comes Groves & Lindley – 6 fronts (1 ½ d, 5 and reg’d. at 3½d); on full cover 3½d reg’d., and a large cover by air at 1/3. Here’s what you didn’t expect: they all went by air to Huddersfield, Yorkshire, where the firm re-established itself in 1921, in a barely successful struggle to survive against the US mail order giants in the lean inter-war years8565
352Jamaica66 used QV to 1920’s on 4 3-row s/cards. We notice a QV2/-, a local official, a 5/- used 1926; these apart almost every stamp has a pmk tale to tell: several railway cancels with readable names, A80, E06, E30 among the numerals, pictorial blocks of 3d (Lascelles) and 2/- (Spur Tree), a dozen Llandovery with fullish c.d.s., A61 on 3d pine (stamp is wretched and so flavoursome)7580
353JamaicaSutcliffe pages of KG6 are still with us, a proliferation of values to 2/-, but the 4d, 9d, 1/- and the last of the 5d trio found other homes before now. 2 FDC’s for the ½d and 1d, exploded booklet pane, a 1953 cover to Seattle with 5x 1d green, 4 of them linked by gutter mgn., team up with a left-handed and right-handed 2/- booklet, one exploded, other left intact, SG SB13 – yours for a bargain estimate2821
354JamaicaKG6 perf 13 10/-, 3 used on an album page, and a single £1, SG 132aa, 133a and another on slightly posthumous reg’d. cover to the Bronx3023
355JamaicaAlthough rated scarce, the Topaz premium for A65 on 1/- pine is a mere £6. Still, this is a sumptuous strike at 10.30 o’clock, and the stamp is rather nice too2015.5
356JamaicaThe present example of the rare A79 type J on 2d CA happily subdues its milder slate background and is considerately struck at 12.30 o’clock to provide absolute maximum coverage 60unsold
357JamaicaA79 type J on 4d red brown CA – rated VR by Topaz, reduced (with all deference) to rare by ourselves, yet a strike of this quality must be worth estimate5040View
358Jamaica‘598’ at its easiest is considered v. scarce. On 4d CA Topaz rarity premium is £90. This example is light but clear at 2 0’clock, partly overstruck, but not obscured, by a second strike (40%) which makes the recipient look crowded3023
359JamaicaHigh quality numeral pmks. As follows: A35, 4d pine; A47, 3d CA; A59, 1/- pine; A61, 2d slate; A72, 1/- pine; A75 wing mgn. 1d pine; A82, 2d key-type; 199, 1d carmine. Orientation is mostly sideways, A63 , 72 apart. cat. abt. £115, Topaz premium £149, all stamps intact80120View
360Jamaica“Telegraphic Intelligence!!! Not for the Mail Bag” These US inspired yellow envelopes with Special Correspondent’s name and Kingston Jamaica printed below galloping horse and rider are very hard to find nowadays. This example bears the large logo of Myrtle Bank Jamaica Bureau (New York Associated Press). It’s undated, but think Leeward I. Sexagenary opt – it’s probably contemporary4875View
361JamaicaA Sutcliffe QV bargain remainder, comprising his telegraph stamps on 2 pages, and 10 covers with the DLR 1d and 2½d key-types with ½d green often added to attain the rates – previously offered at a total estimate of £130 (and worth it)6590
362JamaicaAnother Sutcliffe lot at a bargain estimate, containing 3d ultramarine and green in plate 2 block, imprint single and block with re-entry (also a used pair with we’re not quite sure what); 3d blue and scarlet FDC’s from Moneague and Whitfield Town (plate 4 vert. pair) also a quirky r.h. mgnl. block ; and to add what matters most, a used single with broken chimney and a blown up illustration of the variety6046
363Jamaica40 odd covers 1950’s onwards postmark and other interest (we noticed a BWIA FFC) – pot pourri, to clear815
364JamaicaAfter a year or two of remission, are you ready for more de Laurence TRD covers? This batch of 28 (20 are reg’d.) starts Above Rocks, Beacon Hill, Big Bridge, Bridge Port, Burnt Ground, Burnt Savannah …. Have you got the picture? Plastered with differing rates, stamps pmks, date range 1968 to 1990 (no, one is 1995) but largely mid- late ‘70s. Last in line has a Yallahs b/stamp though reg’d. at Llandewey4232
365JamaicaDerek Sutcliffe explored many side roads off the main philatelic trunk routes. This lot relates to the 6th Jamaica BWI sweepstake held in Dec. 1939 (30 odd years after horse racing officially began in Jamaica). There’s a ticket booklet in beautiful condn., a promotional leaflet, an official Accommodation Address slip, and a 1939 cover Stony Hill to Chicago where – as in the US as a whole – a dim view was taken (and still is, we reckon) of gambling input from abroad. Actually Britain was just as touchy about the Irish Sweepstake. Think of the fun you could have at your local stamp club if a letter ‘S’ night let you display the postal history of Sweepstakes4030
366JamaicaJU 27 13 cover Port Antonio to NY, endorsed Ansd July 4, and 7 more covers (6 from Kingston, 1 from Mandeville) all seem thoroughly commercial 1933 to 37, rate 1½d to England, 2½d to Kentucky, 9d airmail to US (4) – 3 use 9d, one scatters ½d, 2½d, 4d, SJ 1d (2) – and one by air to Canada, 8 x 1d pay its way. A clean lot, 4 with printed trade address on cover36unsold
367JamaicaLetter Montego Bay to NY OC 30 1939 got censored en route, but because it was so early in the war, this label has bare red “OPENED BY CENSOR” text devoid of numeral code, signature or other sign of authority: 2 x lightish brown 1½d, tidy, uncommon and let’s make it cheap107.5
368JamaicaEven with a segment cut off at top rt. – presumably for some additional stamp – the strong GIBRALTAR CAMP cachet on a 6d fraying air mail cover from Mrs Parkes, Hut 2 at the Kingston Camp to L/Sgt Parkes R…. Drakes Island Plymouth opened by Examiner 6882, has much to commend it1015.5
369JamaicaThe next 5 lots feature mail carried on the first inward air mail from Colon in the South to Kingston. It is recorded that 1823 items of mail altogether were carried of which 35 were reg’d., almost all of them being brought from Ecuador by Panagra. The cover in this lot decoratively plastered with 5 diverse issues of Panama (totalling 24c) was self-addressed for return via Kingston to Colon, and was off-loaded directly in Kingston, while the bag holding the much larger consignment from Cristobal was taken through to Miami, with mail for Jamaica returned from there. This is a rather satisfying cover with all the right markings, no real room for more29unsold
370JamaicaTwo covers to the same English address in Dorchester, both sent by a Gatun resident. One is posted at Colon and at a cost of 15c Panama stamp is festooned with the markings captured by the earlier lot paying 24c. The other, posted at Cristobal, received a 20c Air Mail stamp, passing through but ignoring Kingston for onward travel from Miami. The cachet on this is the map showing Canal Zone to Miami/Jamaica/Cienfuegos, Cuba35unsold
371JamaicaAnother self-addressed cover (weren’t they almost all?) with the difference of an origin in Mexico, and entrusted to the care of the US consul in Kingston. Someone decided that 40c in air stamps was not enough to pay. Someone else decided the opposite and the Insufficiently franked for travel by air (in Spanish, of course) was scrubbed out21unsold
372JamaicaSelf-addressed cover c/o Postmaster Kingston, the 15c air mail stamp machine cancelled at Cristobal, received only the Canal Zone to Jamaica FF cachet with nothing to mark its extra journey Kingston-Miami and back14unsold
373JamaicaMr. Lobato of Cristobal was willing to pay 20c for the single hop to Havana by way of Cienfuegos, while 15c was enough for a Roessler cover to travel Colon-Kingston and on to East Orange (no extravagant franking for him – ever?). The third in this group, again at 20c, was for NY and having received the blessing of Panama Postal Agency, was offloaded at Kingston. All 3 covers bear the pertinent pmks. and cachets40unsold
374JamaicaA simple FFC to Miami c/o Postmaster would not deserve single-lot status, but the signature of Culbertson as Pilot & Master P.A.A. Seaplane NC 669M adds the extra something. We leave it with its album pon which David Atkinson typed a useful historic summary1511.5
375Jamaica4 FFC’s to Cuba show clearly that 1/0 ½d was the standard rate with 2d to add for reg’n., which applied to a Dr. Hall cover sent c/o a correspondent in Havana. Despite the Miami cachet most of the Cuba-bound covers never went to Miami (because of incoming delay to Pan Am’s seaplane) so that Caribbean Airways to Santiago da Cuba were probably the first carrier of the first Air Mail, yet deprived of credit titles. The other covers were addressed c/o American Consul Cienfuegos (2) and the last to a resident in Havana5444
376JamaicaFFC’s to Cristobal, of which this cover c/o Postmaster is an example, were carried by Pan Am’s NC670, piloted by F.V. Clarke. 1/1 was paid with 5 stamps and ’Miami’ was deleted from the usual cachet, ‘Canal Zone’ h/stamped instead1411
377JamaicaWhat’s different about an FFC paying 8d (with 3 stamps) to reach Vancouver? Well it was posted from St Ann’s Bay 8 DE 30 on Bank of Nova Scotia stationery to a Miss McIntosh, hand endorsed in red “By Air Mail via USA”, with blue AIR MAIL etiquette. Doesn’t that look like a commercial sending – and push this into the rarity class? Even the usual FAM cachet to Miami looks pallid35unsold
378JamaicaTwo 4d pictorials and the FFC cachet to Miami front a cover to a Mr Williams in London SW. The reverse bears the surprise of a GB 1½d on the flap which was cancelled in turn 19 DE; because of this curiosity we don’t claim commercial status for the item (although opened on arrival) but you may do so, if you wish12unsold
379JamaicaThese three covers caught FF to Miami, each paying 1/0½ then on by FAM 6, one to Porto Rico, one to Dominican Republic, one to Haiti, each with Jamaica-Miami cachet, then with clear and appropriate b/stamp42unsold
380JamaicaIt cost Geo. A. Goubault 9d to send a cover as FFC via Miami intended for himself in NY. John Da Costa’s cover taking the same flight en route for Paramaribo (in present day Surinam) was charged 1/7½d. Still that gave a reason for using the pictorial 6d which enhances any cover to which it gets attached2721
381Jamaica3 covers taking Pan Am inaugural flight to include Kingston, soiled enough to be commercial, but we rate them philatelic: Nov 29 1930 FAM 5 cachet, 10c adhesive from San Juan; same from St. Thomas, V.I.; Dec 3 Canal Zone cachet, 15c Air Mail from Cristobal, all terminate at Kingston Dec 6.22unsold
382Jamaica… but we must rate 15 plus 5c franked Dec 2 30 FFC Pedro Miguel CZ to Washington (slightly chewed NE corner) commercial despite the FFC cachet Canal Zone to Miami via Jamaica – v.scarce but undesirable (no, that’s not fair)16unsold
383JamaicaWe feel sure this torn open cover (8d fare assembled from 4 stamps) was commercial, despite its FFC status Kingston-Miami DEC 10 30. It went to Mrs Lea S.W. 716unsold
384JamaicaDavid Anderson’s annotation comes in useful on the pwhich holds this FFC to Cuba, for he tells you about the single outward flight to Cuba. This was Caribbean Airways in a Fairchild Seaplane (not Panam) and there’s a copy photo of the aircraft here as well. So your familiar cachet for 10 DEC ’30 by air to Miami is ambiguous. Cover has return address for Trinidad. Did it get there for 9d? No idea 2125
385Jamaica9d (first all-inclusive rate) paid for air cover to Mrs Spooner, Constant Spring P.O.; 11d in stamps for FFC JA 2 31 to Kingston, small part flap excised, – each cover arrived JA 7. Then a massive 48c laid out to register 19 DE 30 FFC to Dr Heilbron, Royal Bank of Canada, reaching Kingston, Xmas Eve – Not one of our usual addresses, and it was opened, but too discreetly to be commercial we thinks48unsold
386JamaicaCovers of 14 and 15 JA 31 from Liverpool and London, each paying 10½d each travelled by the first service to reach Kingston via NY. Mrs Spoons at Constant Spring opened her envelope Mr De Paas at Liguanea didn’t bother23unsold
387JamaicaLieut. C M McPherson sent an FFC of Feb 4 1931 to himself as Mr Carl. M. McPherson c/o Kingston Postmaster – but the flight (though with prominent cachets from Managua, Nicaragua) did not happen and the cover ended up all at sea. So that was most of 57½ Nicaraguan cents wasted, and we infer that its late arrival was the reason poor McPherson couldn’t claim it26unsold
388JamaicaThis first international flight from Cuba is a sleeper – only 45 items of mail were carried. Air Mail env., large unsightly boxed cachet; written by John G. Kunz to H. Cook at a Kingston box no. which turns out (from a lovely receiving b/stamp) to be the home of United Fruit Co.2620
389JamaicaFFC Havana to Kingston c/o US Consul there, whose black, 3-line Mar 4 h/stamp subtends the FAM 4 m/c cancel of Mar 2 1931. 10c Cuba air stamp on flamingo pink cover and lge black boxed FF cachet at left. Last leg was FAM 5, just 45 pieces taken yet somehow it flames, yet lacks sparkle. Maybe you prefer these that way2223
390JamaicaFFC of 29 Jun 1931 reg’d. from El Salvador to Pan Am at Kingston, apparently one of 100 pieces carried. 4 stamps total 90c, barred rectangle cancels. 4 frontal cachets (inc. reg’n. Box), 2 signatures presumably co-pilot and pilot (whose name reads rather like Farage, but we’re sure he wouldn’t have wished to be an ancestor). Arrived b/stamp 4 July, clean and wholesome29unsold
391JamaicaThe first flight to Baranquilla, Colombia was on May Day 1931. Here are two covers that travelled. The one paying 1/8½, addressed to the Postmaster in his own name was returned to Syracuse NY, as sender requested, but only the Kingston m/c cancel and the bold next day cachet of receipt. The second, reg’d. at 1/10½ received a twee frontal endorsement (maybe by sender for himself), and all but an essay on the back, signed and dated by R O D Sullivan as pilot, probably because addressed c/o Pan Am. No doubt the pilot was known as Rod3830
392JamaicaFFC of American Clipper from Cienfuegos to Kingston (for this cover) and on via Baranquilla to Cristobal was scheduled for 17 Nov 1931 (see cachet) but postponed for 2 days (see s/l h/stamp). Lindbergh was the pilot, so we twin with two US covers from Miami stamp expo ’81, celebrating American Clipper’s 50th anniversary – sponsored by their local A.S.D.A. (Bob Topaz? – and others)2620
393Jamaica1/- rated cover of NO 20 31 from Kingston c/o Postmaster, Cristobal shows red ink endorsement “Lindbergh Flight per American Clipper”. We are not prepared to guess whether that legend was contemporary86
394JamaicaThe American Consular Agency received and b/stamped a large boxed cachet on FFC of Au 8 32 at San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic. The boxed cachet Jamaica-Haiti-Dominica-Porto Rico appears here and also on reg’d. cover (at 1/-, paying 2d extra) c/o Postmaster St. Thomas (US Virgins) whence sundry deletions and a single penned “Rebut” sent it back to Kingston via NY3138
395JamaicaShould we pay attention to an inked “First” on front of cover Sao Paulo to Kingston? Unsealed, h/stamp “Impressos” (printed matter), 6 assorted stamps totalled 250r12unsold
396JamaicaRated a mystery by us – that is, we can’t explain 2/9½ paid in 1934 for a cover by air from Kingston to Demerara. It was clearly on official business, with an OHMS label over flap, torn (as intended) on opening, folded twice addressed by name to Commandant British Guiana Militia, unreg’d. (which you’d hardly expect) and no careful thought in the arrangement of 2/-, 4x 2d, 3x ½d. History to be undertaken here 2821
397JamaicaOutgoing to Florida, Pennsylvania and NY are three 6d franked FFC’s for British Caribbean Airways. This was a DE 1 ’49 flight to Miami only. All three have been opened, so perhaps there was news to pass on instead of just loading the aircraft – violet boxed cachet on each19unsold
398JamaicaBWIA had its first flight to Miami Apr. 1 ’50 – this oval cachet tells it straight, despite the date. The return flight was next day, larger boxed cachet. The covers here paid 8d for the privilege16unsold
399JamaicaSome of you will have loved the VC10 when you were kids, now more than 50 years ago. Here are BOAC FFC’s. 3 flew to NY – Montego Bay 30 APR 65 (one with UN stamps); 3 took same day return flight, one going on to Nassau; two of 28 OC65 were for Lima in Peru (I from Montego Bay, one from Kingston); last was 4 AP 65 London to Mexico, and the map printed on the cover shows it called in at Jamaica38unsold
400JamaicaLufthansa gets in on the act Jan 11 ’66 with first flight Frankfurt – NY- Kingston/Montego Bay – Lima – Santiago. There’s a cover Frankfurt – Kingston; another Montego Bay – Lima; two to California, leaving the flight at NY; two incoming from Chile to Montego Bay 16 Jan (one somehow acquires b/stamp dated 15 Jan as well); forward to 1973 with two covers Quito (Ecuador) to Frankfurt and we infer a Jamaica connection (why otherwise would David Atkinson have owned them?) finally a cover received 7.11.75 introduced the DC8 from Frankfurt via London to Montego Bay and Kingston56unsold
401JamaicaEastern Airlines on the scene with FFC Kingston-Newark NJ DE13 ’69, followed by JUL 1 ’72 whose legs were Minneapolis-Atlanta-Montego Bay-Kingston. 3 FFC’s came out to Montego Bay, 1 each back from Kingston and Montego Bay. All six are pristine, which may appeal to Eastern fans30unsold
402Jamaica1.4.71 FFC Swissair Zurich-NY for philatelic handling there by their Cargo Operations for Jamaica to be sent back to their own Philatelic Club. Then there’s a less decorative Mexico-Jamaica FFC of Dec 1 ’62 80c franked, full cachets. Lastly, American Airlines Mar 2 ’77 , the colourful stamps include Apollo Soyuz, Jamaica map fills the boxed cachet. None of these was opened, of course.23unsold
403JamaicaIn case one or more members would like a single representative range, here are 8 covers chosen somewhat at random on the basis of one per airline (with FFC embellishment of course). These comprise Air Jamaica, Frankfurt via London, 1975; BOAC NY to Jamaica, 1960 with the ill-fated Comet 4; BWIA DE 13 44 to Trinidad, uncensored; Delta 1964, New Orleans – Kingston; Eastern 1972 Kingston – Atlanta; airship HINDENBERG, acceptance JY 2 36 for London; Lufthansa 1966 Kingston – Frankfurt; and, of course, Pan Am 1962 NY to Montego Bay. All philatelic? Count on it6550
404Jamaica16 covers ex Sutcliffe bear KG6 issues: 3 low value FDC’s; 6 George Odom reg’d. inc. 1 from March Town, rates from 1/6 to 3/4; 3 Arthur Pierce covers, ordinary correspondence; air mail on 6d to Toronto, 8d to NY, wartime to London at 4/4, opened by Examiner 8803, commercial to London @ 5/-, we can’t read year date 7560
405Jamaica½d War Stamp pair off to NY, far greener than the pineapple field to which they cling: Nova Scotia bank b/w 1d on face from Montego Bay, to Kuopio, Finland – not the beaten track. We pass over 2 Bog Walk Standard cards to England. Hotel Casablanca, Montego Bay, unused and looks it, but the others in this group are lifted by an unused “Real Photo” of the Square, Montego Bay, with a solitary car of the early 1920’s posing in the foreground30unsold
406Jamaica5 ppc’s 1939 to ’41 (4 to England, 1 to US) all with vertical views, paying 1d, 1½d or 2d, posted from Kingston, Liguanea, Montego Bay, Morant Bay, Myrtle Bank. Among other things you get for your money, a view of Port Antonio, a plaque where Nelson dwelt, the leaning tower of P… (wait for it) …ort Royal18unsold
407Jamaica5 ppc’s of which 4 unused ones have Derek Sutcliffe annotation to abbreviate the producer. Earthquake cards depict Harbour St. taken from Duke St., in colour, and Paymaster’s Office, Up Park Camp b/w; Montego bay, Square, and New King’s House (the Governor’s large unstately home) – this with nipped off corner – both b/w; lastly the lively coloured Wakefield on Market Day (no. 25287) used to Surrey, 1937, stamp removed3728
408JamaicaOf 12 ppc’s, one (Banana Blossoms) has message, unposted, the rest are unused. 5 undivided backs feature Logwood Tree, Coconut Palms, Rockfort, Kingston Harbour, Market, Brown’s Town- all b/w. For divided backs we move into colour with cotton pods (we think), Hope Gardens, Titchfield Hotel, all clearly pre-war, then Boston Beach, and Myrtle Bank Hotel swimming pool, probably 1950’s,’60’s, and a rather charming Coin Diver, doing an unconscious reprise of Copenhagen’s mermaid of the same period3325
409JamaicaThree b/w ppc’s of Elder Dempster’s ‘Port Kingston’ mailed at sea 1906, ’08, ’11. Those bearing GB KE ½d (underpaid, but not taxed) and 1d collected ‘PAQUEBOT’. and Hamilton Bermuda cancels. A Bermuda connection is claimed also for the PAQUEBOT cancel on ½d Jamaica pair4252
410JamaicaA rare ppc of An Obeahman (“a species of witch-doctor), writes sender Harry) as portrayed in a sketch by Cyril G. Jackson, a local artist. Despatched from Kingston 20.7.18 having been PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR (and also, be it said, by GPO who failed to spot that two ½d War stamps wouldn’t pay tax as well as postage) to London for a fully written card. Unless, that is, the writer enjoyed concessionary rate working in Naval Control Office12unsold
411JamaicaTwo delightful ppc’s advertising Charley’s Punch Bowl in Kingston, sharing this lot with bills of lading (3) of 1807/8 from vessels carrying hogsheads from Manchioneal, Old Harbour, Port Royal1817
412JamaicaThere are 11 good quality, polychrome Duperly cards in this neat souvenir ppc pack for Jamaica, so we infer that the pack leader has been detached and used. What remains is intact and appealing29unsold
413JamaicaThe one common thread linking 14 uncensored ppc’s in the WWII period is how remote they all sound from armed conflict. Apart from one to US, another to Bermuda, all went to the UK; many cards were the work of Clearly & Elliott (more colour than depth) and when we hit upon a view with more character, it turns out to be the main street in Havana. The whole group is in sound condition with all stamps intact, largely from principal offices40unsold
414JamaicaClassy novelty card whose b/w King’s House View partners a red and black pillar box proclaiming Souvenir of Jamaica, holding 6 pull-out mini-views of Kingston (one features the fire brigade). It went registered to England 12 JU 18 – 6d postage paid with 1d red plus ½d, 1½d, 3d War Stamps. If you’re ready for more, the 3d (SG75) has a miniscule stop, so we turned it upside down and it’s from that controversial end-of-row position where you don’t know whether or not there’s a missing stop and/or an inverted ‘d’ for p. As we still don’t know the answer we assess no premium for stamp, only for the card24unsold
415JamaicaGroup of 10 court judgements or Plaints, 1902 to 1939, show the use of QV, KG5 or KG6 Judicial stamps in values of 3d, 6d, 1/-, 2/-, 5/- paying Court fees between 2/- and 6/-3642
416Jamaica9 further court judgements or plaint minutes, with various QV Judicials paying fees – pts nearly £401221
417JamaicaOn these pages single examples of QE 6d violet and magenta, 1/- black and green optd. JUDICIAL breed into clumps of 9 and 20 (with side or corner mgns.) for each value and an inter-panneau horiz. strip of 4 of the 1/- - all fine mint or o.g.12unsold
Leeward Islands
418Leeward IslandsQV 2½d lightly u. in Dominica – slightly rubbed top rt., with 1 shorter perf there – its seldom seen inverted wmk. plainly visible, SG3w conservatively cat. at £20075unsoldView
419Leeward IslandsSexagenary low values used at Nevis are not difficult, values from 6d and above are another story; this one is the 6d, strong central opt., displaying at SE the tail end of A08 killer struck at 4 o’clock – a decent example of SG13 cat. £1305060View
420Leeward IslandsAfter close inspection we can give a clean bill of health to a Sexagenary 4d with strong Montserrat c.d.s. You recollect, we feel sure, that only Virgin I. received a smaller supply of these commems SG12 cat. £80 with a vigorous plus8060
421Leeward IslandsSexagenary 7d value which shows a lively bounce over the top third of the opt. which some people persuade themselves is a double. It isn’t of course, but does add animation. Toned pt.o.g. and, curiously, each corner perf at NW and SW has lost its gum – nothing wrong with frontal appearance, cat. £70 plus30unsoldView
422Leeward IslandsIn this instance a fine, fresh pt.o.g. 1/- SG7 has been endowed with a forged Sexagenary opt. inadequately impressed on this stamp, so that we are not prepared to categorise it as any specific relative of the many types that have been classified. On the whole this makes it more desirable, not less so16unsold
423Leeward IslandsBy way of contrast, this ½d with Sexagenary opt. is authentic, but struck from such a dry inkpad and h/stamp that the design is pressure-spread and barely distinct – we’ve not seen the like before. Stamp is fine pt. o.g., giving birth to an ugly duckling (which, if you remember, came good in the end)6unsold
424Leeward IslandsOn the assumption that any discomfort arising from the offer of QV values on pt. page, where SG1-9 include ½d, 1d used and a sub-standard 6d, supported by Sexagenary ½d to 4d, and 1902 1d/7d, will be mitigated by telling you the rest look fine pt.o.g. and that we reckon that a moderate valuation for cat. about £250 will do we offer42unsoldView
425Leeward IslandsWhoever mounted KE (to 1/-, 3) and KG5 MCA to 2/-, Script to 4/-, on these 1½ pages appears to us to have been more perceptive over wmks than shades. On this footing it’s win-some, lose-some; out of 35 stamps (19 u) we note a duplicate 1/- blue-grn/olive back masquerading as white back (but 3d on white back is fresh and fine,) script 6d die I and, surprisingly, 3 KE 6d dull purple and brown, two in the MCA section. One 2½d had overtones of a Swiss transit mark – no premium value. Including the four SJ values our cat. calculation is around £600, leading to 8565View
426Leeward IslandsWith diminishing enthusiasm we reach the KGVI pages, 33 stamps (15 u. values to 5/-) cat. just under £75, which we upgrade to exactly that because of a 10/- used at St Kitts, bereft of its NE and SE corner perfs which you may not cast aside as we do. In any case we have spotte4d a “white chip” variety, emerging on the first E of LEEWARD to which you are welcome to ascribe collectability129
427Leeward IslandsKE7 ½d green showing plate 2 in upper mgn; stamp is mint (gum crease seen on reverse, not obtruding on face) but was, we infer, once mounted in mgns. in the days when plate numbers were abused rather than hugged (or hogged)6unsold
428Leeward IslandsThe KE 1907/11 set of 10 in universal colours used (with 1d shade also). If valuing for condition you’d downgrade the 5/- for colour wash – but you look for pmks. too don’t you? So it’s Portsmouth (Dominica) on 5/-, Road-town on 2/6, St Mary’s (Antigua) on 2d and, probably 3d, St Kitts OR (Old Road) on ½d. So we’ll rate by ref. to set price £150 after all. The strikes above are partial – identifiable but not prominent60unsoldView
429Leeward IslandsThe high-cat. KG5 MCA 3d, 1/-, 5/- on white back, SG51as, 54as, 57as fine pt.o.g. SPECIMEN8075
430Leeward IslandsThe same white back 3d, 1/- in fine SPECIMEN horiz. pairs SG51as, 54as60unsold
431Leeward IslandsHere we again meet the 3d, 1/-, 5/- in SPECIMEN form (SG51as, 54as, 57as) this time with part cancellations applied by just one or two postal administrations such as Madagascar3930
432Leeward IslandsThe same part cancellation treatment has been given to three more SPECIMEN stamps being KG5 2d, 3d, 1/- SG49s, 51 as, 54s which we think can be ascribed to French Congo3628
433Leeward IslandsThe 1937 Coronation set of three perf SPECIMEN looking mint and smug5052
434Leeward IslandsDramatic SE corner block of four KG6 2d scarlet SG104 fine o.g. displaying the two different plate no.s 3 and 2 for head and name duty plates - a lovely and scarce addition to your many examples of single plate nos.2016
435Leeward Islands48 stamps on a plovingly arranged (which doesn’t even look crowded) on which you find QV set of 8 to 5/-, Sexagenary 1d to 7d inclusive (all with genuine h/stamp) the three 1902 surcharges plus the two tall narrow ‘O’ variety in horiz. pair, while the KE7 sets are present in full (extra 1d and 2d grey shade) and space left for the listed 2½d and 1/- varieties, as to which we wish you the best of Brexit luck. cat. moves just into four figures, so you’ll have to dig quite deep200unsoldView
436Leeward IslandsAnd now on two pages assembled and organised with equal dedication, containing 88 stamps m, is what we take to be the full range of listed shades and papers, the numbers being swollen by extra shades that might deserve, but won’t achieve, separate listing. cat. of this group runs to over £1250 and, bearing in mind the wealth of high values, you’ll have to dig very much deeper for we cannot fault the general condition 320unsold
437Leeward IslandsA much less comprehensive page from the same collection displays QV to 1/-, ½d in pair, Sexagenary ½d, 1d – 2½d is a forged h/stamp – the 1902 surcharges, KE7 CA set of 9 to 5/- and the succeeding MCA issues to 6d, all the foregoing are gd. to f.u. ½d SG9 was used in Montserrat, as was the KE 5/-, otherwise there is just a boxed Barbados Posted on Board to note on a surplus KE 1d, stc in all over £600150unsoldView
438Leeward IslandsThe next page of used stamps – 38 of them – provides the 1907-11 set of 10 in universal colours along with ¼d and 1d shades and the wide ‘A’ variety on 2½d blue followed by KG5 values to 5/- and 4 each of 3d and 5/-, intended to cover listed shades or papers so far as the offered stamps extend, total cat. said. to exceed £900240180View
439Leeward IslandsWe are not in love with the top values on the next page (holding KG5 die II script values to 4/-) because the 10/- has pulled perfs at NE and NW corners, while the cancellation on a nice fresh £1 looks to us to be fiscal. That said, there is enough postmark variety to cover each of the Principalities. Tortola on 3/- being quite good news. Apart from the 10/-, £1 cat. is as close as may be to £500. Justice should be done at120unsoldView
440Leeward IslandsAlbum page of 41 KG6 values to 5/- m, SG identification lightly pencilled below relevant stamps with an odd space left for varieties yet to arrive, but most, not quite all, of the ordinary goodies present and correct. Shades have been added, and will save a lot of work for those (like ourselves) who struggle correctly to link live stamps with their relevant pedigrees at this period – stc abt. £480120unsoldView
441Leeward IslandsMounted on part album leaf are 8 KG6 high values, being 10/- (3), £1 (5), identified as SG113, with b and c, 114 with a, b, c and shade. One of these £1 stamps has a gentle dent in lower left scroll, which we think represents Dickgiesser’s flaw 54, but please forgive us, if we reserve our enthusiasm for the listed flaws of WWII. Which side are you on? Do the lesser imperfections justify compiling the book, or does the book justify highlighting the flaws? Anyway the stamps are fine and cat. is over £1,000350280View
442Leeward IslandsPart album page for the 1946-51 commems SG115 to 124 inclusive with the Victory Specimen pair included also, all m. cat. £11220unsold
443Leeward IslandsOn the next two pages you’ll see the KG6 used section of this year’s Leeward collection – 44 defins to 5/- (2), the 1946 to’51 commems, and 10/- (3), £1 (2). Up to 5/- most but not all of the listed shades are identified as included; the £1 values are the intermediate printings, without the first and last; the 10/- stamps would have been complete but the best of them has gone off to Anguilla and we see no other pmks to need individual attention. Condn. is generally fine, stc abt £640200unsoldView
444Leeward IslandsThe QEII issues SG125-40 complete on two pages, one of each stamp both m and u, all seem to be fine, cat. £9030unsold
445Leeward IslandsKE7 p/s card MY 27 08 from St John’s to Amsterdam, B223 on arrival is code for its destination. Addressee’s name is inexpertly redacted, but our command of Dutch is inadequate to explain the text anyway1110.5
446MontserratCombining pleasure over the opportunity to rehabilitate a scarce and valuable stamp with dismay at the certifier who degraded it to the status of “6d green… SG2”, we resolve the ethical question by offering to members QV 6d CC blue-green SG3 pt.o.g., centred slightly NW (but design still within lines of perfs) tiny rust spot in one bottom perf, otherwise fresh and fine, and offering purchaser the opportunity for a cost-free reappraisal by the said certifier –cat. £1,200. The buyer, if present in the sale room should ask the auctioneer for the details of the defective certificate.300580View
447MontserratWe draw comfort, as we feel sure that you do, when the bisect making up 2½d rate is placed between the two 1d stamps on piece. Light and authentic AO8 cancels and we infer from the shade wmk CA, SG5c/ca, cat. say £160 and for this format getting close in value6575
448MontserratLeeward QV 2½d with inverted wmk SG 3w – we list under Montserrat because this is its 1894 pmk – cat. £20080unsoldView
449MontserratThe Nov. 1907 badge-type MCA 1d, the two bottom rows from l.h. pane fine mint complete with its two plate numbers, and all mgns., SG25 cat. £2049070View
450Montserrat1935 SJ set of four, each with its neat SPECIMEN perfs, fine5242
451MontserratNext comes the 1937 Coron. trio each with unblemished horseshoe SPECIMEN perf5039
452MontserratFFC Montserrat to Paramaribo JU 6 1930 – 14 flown we’re told. So v. scarce. Whom are we kidding: what would trigger 14 same day letters GPO Plymouth to Surinam, even today? Still these have their fans and they don’t come cheap, not then (1/11½d regd.) not now. PS By the way there’s a Paramaribo b/stamp of 11.3.31 to explain – simple, it never flew but travelled as late, late mail no extra charge, no discountR£50unsoldView
453MontserratThe same source tells us, 32 flown, for FFC (we’ll add ‘?’, see below) Montserrat to St Lucia. Here’s the rub: 1/- and ½d stamps get a c.d.s. JU 20 1930 – turn over, please, b/stamps, St. Kitts 23 FE 31, Castries 26 FE 31, and turn back (to front) GPO Plymouth FE 23 31. Now turn back (to back) GPO Plymouth 8 MR 31. Have you got the point now? Neither have we. So come in you air mail fansR£5050View
454MontserratWe all know those crude early reproductions of the QV DLR key type for the colonies that issued this design, and presumably you already own the ½d, 2½d, 4d set. Well, your set is incomplete, for here is the ‘used’ 6d green! It could be a fantasy forgery, except that its creator fantasised he was forging a genuine stamp. Straight edge at foot, so not in the £50 class108
455Nevis1862 1d dull lake, 2 unused, their perfs. too trim to be original – call them SG1 or 1a, as you please, for we have no strong views on blued paper. Also aboard are recess 1d SG9 pt.o.g., and unused but respectable examples of litho 1d pale red and vermilion-red SG15, 17. High cat.: but don’t get carried away2521View
456NevisThe 1862 green medicinal spring 1/- SG4 on the greyish paper that we prefer to the usual semi-blued – centred left but fine large part o.g. cat. £350105unsoldView
457Nevis1866-76 1d (3, unused, just a touch of gum here and there) SG9, 10, 15, the first mildly abraded top rt., with these 4d blue SG30, tidy A09 at 3 o’clock, a pleasant looking quartet, cat. £145 for three (omitting SG9)4030
458Nevis1882 4d blue CA SG30 part o.g., centred rt., while it looks fine, dry inking on the face, and minor spotting or discoloration on the gum might worry the purist – cat. £35070unsoldView
459NevisIt takes patience. If you want your youngster to take an interest in stamp-collecting, buy him these “leaders of the World - Locomotives” covers (19 FDC’s) – wait 5 years, then gently explain to him how to improve his collection. cat. (if it matters) £27 64.5
460NevisCrown Circle PAID AT NEVIS on ½d SG25, a full central strike, instead of one shared with partner at left – and it can just be seen that the partner must have received its own full strike too – so v. scarce, but no need to add extra value for the high cat. of the ordinary low value35unsoldView
461NevisA captivating 1½d p/s card Mar 1880 to Messrs Whitfield & Co. Ipswich (guess who) in which J.P. Bridgewater declines “doing any more business for you”. We infer that the dealer addressee has underpaid for goods despatched, but a crucial small part of the detailed message is hidden by paper adhering which we assume tender care will remove2020
Saint Christopher
462Saint ChristopherA somewhat careworn 1771 EL whose faded text remains legible, revealing a rather faded personality, lamenting to his brother the dearth of letters received, but the writer is almost as sparing of local or social detail. Not much reward then for the 1/7 it seems to have cost for HM Schooner under Capt. Daniel Graham to help it on its way to Argyllshire. B/stamp two-line GREEN OCK in circle90unsold
463Saint ChristopherThis is a premium example of 6d “yellow-green” SG4 as its full c.d.s. has a proving date of NO 1 70 and, what’s more, the uncommon code A/ST. KITTS/(date) instrument was used. Very well centred too, which is more than you can say for wmk. which shows SW corner line and the l.h. ‘C’1529
464Saint ChristopherPerf 12½ 6d green SG5 f.u. showing remarkable apocopation of final E of PENCE: if this wasn’t caused by some foreign body ephemerally on the printing press, it must have been cured very rapidly by DLR24unsoldView
465Saint ChristopherNormal experience: you try for two shades of QV 1/- used, and end with one pale mauve, one mauve. True? We suspect, if you include our present example, you could count the number of bright mauve you’ve come across with your two thumbs, and have one to spare. You see the bright mauve may have been part of the second consignment, which reached Basseterre after the Leeward issues took over. Never mind: we have found here (found in Australia) at last a shade rich enough to class as SG21, strong A12 killer at 5 0’clock, one shorter perf top centre, still fine, well centred. If you have to pay in blood its not our fault, because seller instructs us to sell at half-cat. 90150View
466Saint ChristopherA Bulletin article in the pipeline discusses the lack of conformity of type 4 ONE PENNY surcharge, and suggests that multiples needed to build a coherent picture are in very short supply. So clearly a fine mint block of four of 1d/6d SG24 is a premium item against cat. £8060unsoldView
467Saint ChristopherSix stamps, (three each of the ½d and 4d surcharges) triggered the discussion just referred to over disconformity of type and dearth of information to help tell right from wrong. Here they all are and though we now incline to the view that there are no forgeries here, we cannot promise it. cat. if genuine, is £210, and would be much the same if none was surcharged. All are fine pt.o.g. Do you want to take up the challenge? 40unsold
468Saint ChristopherQV 1d dull rose and 1d magenta SG1 and 2, both unused. We’d guess the gum you can see on the latter once stuck it with excess of enthusiasm to a very old album page. On the face both are comfortably soft in shade, cat. £17522unsoldView
469Saint ChristopherOn SP 30 72 (this with digits inverted) a cover left Basseterre for the New Sombrero Phosphate Co. in the City of London. 20% has now been excised from bottom left in geometric step type pattern. What remains, importantly, are the 6d stamps in horiz. strips of six and five straddling the top. Each stamp is separately cancelled, filing fold passes through between the two rows. It can’t be called handsome, only historic, because we doubt there is a more heavily franked survivor (11 x ¼ ounce = 5/6). We assess at a full valuation which the owner probably will not reduce200220View
470Saint ChristopherAn unattractive yet formidably rare cover MR 30 78 to NY with five 1d magenta carefully placed along the edges of this small envelope so as not to obscure the address. You can see the problem – they didn’t have 4d stamps for another year. SG rating would be one side or another of £1,000, so we’ll amend our starting epithet to ugly, attractive350unsoldView
471Saint ChristopherUnused QV p/stationery cards, comprising the smaller format 1d carmine, 1½d red-brown, following these two, the standard size 1d scarlet, 1½d deep brown, each as singles and reply cards, and all four with their corresponding SPECIMEN cards, healthy condn. throughout4030
472Saint ChristopherThe scarcest item on this s/card assembled by a fiscal collector is the perf 14 6d CA optd. NEVIS/REVENUE, and SAINT KITTS in serifed letters of different character. Above these repose the set of five to 5/- from SGR3 upwards. All these appear unused, but don’t count on it. Of 12 other QV stamps, 10 are Nevis, four with opts. or h/stamps for St Christopher added, while the other two show the former owner mistaking village postal cancels (in pen) on 1d magenta, 1d rose SG12 and 13 for fiscal use. Then fast forward to 1984 – there’s a $15 Postage & Revenue stamp with SPECIMEN opt.6046
473Saint ChristopherThe reputedly bogus essays for St. Kitts on thin card. There are four here in black, greenish black, and brownish-black in size ranging from about 50 x 60 mm, to 30 x 35, to large even mgns, to mgns. only just clear – style apes undenominated St. Lucia6590View
474Saint ChristopherNow this is just greedy: six 1d stamps have been tidily arranged around the address to send a cover to R F Garraway Postmaster Dominica MR 10 90. The stamps were of Antigua, of course, thus deplorably depleting a shrinking stock. Yet the A12 killers and thimble date stamps are all so elegant that one is tempted to forgive gluttony and think only of the very many hundreds of cat. value240600View
Saint Kitts
475Saint KittsNothing special about lge.pt.o.g.. 1920 2/6, 5/- SG33, 34 except they look v. nice and fresh – well, we have to keep feet on the ground sometimes4unsold
476Saint KittsOur view of the 1929 1½d rose-red perf. SPECIMEN SG38sa is that, with the average valuation of these Script CA issues £25 a head, and nothing to choose between numbers distributed through UPU at this period, cat. quote of £70 is a marketing ploy. Still, if you need a fine example to complete your holding, here it isR£23unsold
477Saint KittsSubmitted as ‘kite and vert log’, the Nevis dbl. circle on SJ 1½d makes verification difficult; the ‘log’ is in the rt. position, the ‘kite’ may well be there, but possibly not. With cat. £170 what about a punt at …20unsold
478Saint KittsWith this 1913 ppc, franked: if you please, by 2c US Parcel Post (!) you get a colourful view of a bridge at Clinton, Massachusetts and it went to St. Kitts. You’ll have to live with the coffee stains at foot – no point in crying over spilt beans21.5
479Saint KittsOHMS foolscap cover to Harry Huber bearing only 1½d Was Stamp received Official Paid c.d.s. JU 5 19, GPO duplex a week later (why the hold-up?) and has a faint violet strike of the usually alluring (but not in this instance) oval h/stamp of the Administrator of St. Christopher & Nevis. Also aboard here tax marked cover (no sign of collection) to St. Thomas sporting WWI ½d War Stamp block; and a final curiosity, Leeward 1/- on 1945 St. Kitts co-op groceries cover to Canada which also bears Official Paid c.d.s.48unsold
480Saint KittsConveniently struck at 4 o’clock almost all of date 23 JUL 29, and CAYON (and even last S of St Kitts) power dressing on Leeward 1d red, a rarity when so complete36unsold
481Saint KittsCAYON cancellations appear on 8 domestic, 6 Leeward items, KG5 (6), KG6 (5), QEII (3). Most are gd. to fine strikes, 3 on tiny piece, but the v. scarce TRD is reassembled to show St. Kitts/C/23 APR 29 and only the N of CAYON4837
482Saint KittsDIEPPE BAY in the TRD period, 1928-31, the normal stock of this sub-office was Leeward 1d red, 1½d red-brown which could accommodate only part strikes of the instrument. Here a strong lower segment on 1½d and weakfish r.h. effort on 1d build up much but not all of a full cancel – v. scarce4031
483Saint KittsDIEPPE BAY The 3 DB code marks could have you scratching your heads – they are seldom obvious – but the TRD cancels on 1½d red and red brown are a fair substitute if you’ve lost out on the lot before. The c.d.s. examples are good quality and only 4 x ¼d on a piece is a stand-out philatelic; you get 5 domestic items, 12 Leeward, 1 QE, 7 KG6, the others earlier50unsold
484Saint Kitts19 items in the OLD ROAD group, with QV 1d perf. 12½, 14 allocated from the handwriting of the village date cancels (we applaud former owner’s homework, but neither confirm nor negate). Of the rest – values to 3d and 3c – 3 are OR code duplex, 14 c.d.s., 11 items Leeward, 6 domestic, with KE, KG5 (7), KG6 (7), QE (2). The c.d.s. are all reasonable to fine, we’ve seen better examples of the OR code 44unsold
485Saint KittsSANDY POINT : 26 items are found here, starting with large SP Code on domestic 1½d and Leeward ½d, 1d (2), 2d (2). The rest are all c.d.s. with name in full; 12 of these 20 are Leeward issues. Of the whole batch, half each are KGV – values to 2½d – and KG6 values to 6d; there are 5 items on piece, and strikes are full or fullish, clear to read60unsold
486Saint KittsCover of 24 JA 19 from a trader in St. Kitts to a trader in Florida paid its way with Leeward 1d and 1½d WAR STAMP – unusual combination20unsold
487Saint KittsIn contrast to the made-for-collectors style of most covers to Marshall, in Barton Arcade, Manchester, this 2 DE 25 reg’d. example from Basseterre, via Plymouth, neatly franked with 3d ultramarine horiz. pair SG45 has been carefully opened at left and top to remove its contents, thus affording it extra status18unsoldView
488Saint Kitts2½d franked cover of 30 NO 39 to Detroit bears on its face Treble – circle “Crown/St. Kitts – Passed by Censor 2” cachet in carmine so fresh it might have been the first day of use; oddly, the S of censor wobbled up, to register twice2621
489Saint Kitts6 more covers of the 1950’s (one from Dieppe Bay, another with the only sign of Officialdom an Official Paid c.d.s., while the also-rans include one cover whose date stamps make impossible reading) and a PAQUEBOT piece, landed at Basseterre off SS Student, complete the items extracted from a small collection3023
490Saint Kitts½d green p/stationery: the small format card unused, the wrapper unused and another, 1924 to Harry Huber, Pittsburgh (sic), noted as 7 days in transit: with these come SPECIMEN examples for both issues2519
491Saint KittsA larger selection of badge p/stationery for the 1d value, with the buff wrapper unused and SPECIMEN, the single card unused and SPECIMEN, the reply card as SPECIMEN only, 2 unused envs. in differing shades and a SPECIMEN plus a 1907 cover from Nevis reg’d. to Meister, opened for its contents, adhesives removed from reverse, clean and compelling on its face3833
492Saint KittsFor the 2½d badge there is p/s env. unused and a SPECIMEN, harmonised for colour with 2d ultramarine PSRE unused and (front only) 1917 to Montgomery Ward, ½d and 1d added2216.5
493Saint KittsA MISSENT item that one would seldom have a chance to find: a crimson label for air-mail carriage from Bridgetown, Barbados to St Kitts. It looks unused until you turnover and see a boxed MISSENT TO BARBADOS. Air buffs might be able to assign a not-before date from designation of airports as BG1 and SKB. Otherwise we would have to say not before1903 when Wright struggled off the ground (or would we?)87
494Saint KittsAir letters: one KG6 12c unused, then QEII unused, being 5c (2), 12c, 15c (2), and the used (from 1955 to ‘70’s) to England (3), Barbados, Canada, US consisting of 5c, 12c (3, one uprated by 5c), 15c (2). One shows boxed Princess Alice appeal, one started at Charlestown, the rest Basseterre3829
495Saint KittsFoolscap cover which travelled uncensored to Montreal by way of Halifax in April 1940 and was opened by neat minor reduction of its l.h. side. If that is a trivial blemish, a major boost is that it started at DIEPPE BAY and it’s commercial at that. There’s a succulent c.d.s too on 2d SG71, same day GPO cancel below, after which no route markings, as wartime discretion required. Though smaller covers work better, this is a wartime rarity of which to be proud40unsold
496Saint KittsLess exciting is a philatelic quartet: 1954 air letter to Marshall from Dieppe Bay combining St Kitts 3c, 5c with Leeward 2d; and a Roger Wells reg’d. sending, 1956 from the same office, 3 Leeward values totalling 17c, and you can hardly read the c.d.s. Another Wells cover was reg’d. from Old Road MY 5 47, Leeward Victory pair, with ½d added; lastly, Leeward 3d orange (from NE corner with sheet no.) and don’t be fooled by the address to a Glasgow bank in 1941 (uncensored) this is just as artificial as the other three29unsold
497Saint Kitts A souvenir folder for St. Kitts which can’t be called ppc’s as there are different views each side; 9 sides are concertina folded together so you get 18 island scenes which by and large are far less posed than is usual for ppc’s – and the better for it. This is a CNR production, so Lady Boats get a look-in once or twice – it’s pencil dated 19331914.5
Saint Lucia
498Saint LuciaWe can’t explain why (4d) deep blue SG2a is left unpriced, unless one infers that the philatelic powers that be can’t decide at which point to differentiate from the common shade. Anyway this large pt.o.g. example is to be commended both for condition and depth of hue, so we treat as a bit special150170View
499Saint LuciaHere’s a DLR (4d) indigo SG5 so pale in shade it will make any other (4d) Chalon seem deep. PS. Don’t try it on.810.5
500Saint Lucia1863 (6d) emerald-grn. fine pt. o.g. with wmk. reversed – DLR probably took a deliberate decision to print a sizeable proportion of this stamp on the reverse side of the CC paper, having found the resulting product more satisfactory – recess printing took them outside their real comfort zone – SG 8x cat. £1905444View
501Saint LuciaFragment of an annotated page, which holds (1d) lake, (4d) indigo, (1d) black, (6d) violet, SG5, 7, 11, 14 – wmks. not checked – all m., v. fresh appearance, perfs. trimmed or short at left on the (1d) stamps cat. £350-40075unsoldView
502Saint LuciaWhat is special enough about the gettable QV 1d intense black SG12a (with intense 1874 c.d.s.) to earn it a lot to itself? Impeccable centring, that’s what1015.5
503Saint LuciaEd Addiss used to own this QV Die I unused 1d, and labelled it “interesting Re-touch? Pinhead Variety”. Well, we’ve never claimed to know everything. What do you make of it?2unsold
504Saint Lucia1883-5 Die I CA – five of the six values healthy, fine used. For the 6d lilac see next lot. SG31-4, 36 cat. £190 between them, and we’re happy to offer a 1/- that we trust90130View
505Saint LuciaYes, here is the 6d lilac SG35, and you’d take it for f.u., but for us the thimble-size c.d.s. of NO 27 87 has been drawn in, for all too often the top values have been fiscally u. and given a makeover. Prove us wrong in our judgement and you own a rare stamp which is a gift at our as-is estimate2231View
506Saint LuciaQV SPECIMEN examples of Die I 1d dull mauve, Die II 2d, 5/-, 10/-, cat. around £1203830View
507Saint LuciaQV Die I ½d, 1d, 2½d, of 1882/4; 1886/7 3d, 6d; Die II set of 10 to 10/- with two shades of 1d to emphasise how brown and dirty plate is. Condn. varies but many are fine cat. £4004635View
508Saint LuciaWe will not speculate the rate for which a QV Die II 2d horiz. strip of four stood as payment or contribution. It must be v. scarce used812
509Saint LuciaLeaving out the 6d violet, 1/- orange, which often turn up in this form, here are the rest of the QV key types all fisc. u. (and we reckon it’s no easier to complete the Die II set this way than postally u. Are you too proud to bid? (Cat.. as postal over £260)26unsold
510Saint LuciaKE7 1/- black/green SW corner pair featuring plate no. 2 fine mint (hinged on mgn.) 1215
511Saint LuciaLocal type WAR TAX on 1s scarlet (2 f.u.). One ovpt is uncomfortably high on the stamp and looks rather too fresh. Is it right or wrong? In its favour is authenticity of register and as month of use JU, visible in NE quadrant of pmk; SG89 is £21 and a forgery of this quality would be worth as much as genuine – at least108
512Saint LuciaIf you want a genuinely used KG5 5/- multiple you have to settle for fiscal usage; or else accept a philatelic frolic. Here you have a horiz. triplet of SG88, pen-cancelled 11/4/16 fine condn. and well worth it’s 10% of cat. £2552522View
513Saint LuciaKG5 script 1/- orange-brown optd SPECIMEN which we diagnose as a forged opt. because of a maverick ‘N’. If we’re wrong that makes it even more interesting21.5
514Saint Lucia1936 2½d black and blue mint multiple of 24 from bottom 4 rows complete with all mgns and DLR imprint with plate no. 1. fine2216.5
515Saint Lucia½ d green, 1d violet perf 14½ x 14 each in continuous mint strips of 30, with coil-joins at intervals. To avoid a long drawn-out (say 30 inches) description, SG128, 129 cat. £240, fine40unsold
516Saint LuciaKG6 pictorial 1/- perf 12, handsome NW corner example showing sheet is 0610 in l.h. mgn, faultless o.g. 1unsold
517Saint LuciaSelected pairs of QV key-type ½d, 2½d, 4d, Die I 1/- and KE7 1/- grn and black all fine fisc. u. with various Colonial Bank oval h/stamps, together with Pitons 2d so delicately pen-cancelled that it’s a work of art18unsold
518Saint LuciaNo worries about pmk. authenticity here: these 10 Chalons are all fine fisc. u. with pen cancels; all are surcharged, and postal fiscals except 6d SG28. Specifically, you get ½d, 3d, 4d and 6x (1d) black, inc. handsome pair SGF1 and what we take to be a doubled Revenue at top of F24 – but you must take your chance on that. cat. as postal seems abt. £360, maybe much more40unsoldView
519Saint Lucia3150 is a low no. for Postage Due SG2b (unused) for, though we know you can get down to the high 2,000’s, no one knows what has become of the very low nos. – if they existed at all. Numbers ending in 0 come from row 10, and generally have wide format no., but through direct knowledge of nos. 3120 and 3110 from the sheet preceding, we can say that the left of line, no. 3180 had a normal narrow N in No. What of it? Well there were sheets with higher nos. which had the normal narrow N on the first two stamps at left. Hence our stamp was actually printed after a quantity of stamps in the 4,000’s. Numeration of these dues can drive you bonkers, an excellent reason to start collecting them1512
520Saint LuciaOnly the 1d carmine rose SG32 seems to receive the well-known but scarce ringed cancel reading GOVERNMENT OFFICE ST LUCIA (and otherwise dumb) and we don’t know why. This is a fine example, and is partnered by Die I 1d SG39, with succulent St. Lucia S of Soufriere – AP 21 91 at 11 o’clock1622
521Saint Lucia1½d P/S card, used 1895 to Leipzig, a philatelic address (not Senf) as usual, but a straightforward business enquiry20unsoldView
522Saint LuciaKG5 2d took a commercial cover to Michigan, 1925; the front is all that survives of ½d p/s wrapper to Guernsey with QV ½d added; the group is completed by cover to Oxford needing only QV Die II 1d for payment18unsold
523Saint LuciaRoughly opened reg’d. cover to Paris MY 26 12, the 5d rate built from KE 1d red and Pitons (2) ranged round the address. The grey envelope is a sombre background, but sender was no philatelist32unsold
524Saint LuciaColourful and informative philatelic cover to London’s Campden Hill, JA 14 13. It bears ½d , 1d , 2d Pitons, 2½d , 3d, 6d, and it is an easy inference that these seven were the only lower values at the post office at this date. If you didn’t think the 2d Pitons was still on sale over 10 years later you know better now42unsoldView
525Saint LuciaThough we estimate cheaply, you may like to consider how often you’ll see a ½d franked cover slip without hindrance to the US with no indication of printed matter54
526Saint LuciaA printed cover of Galbraith goes to NY stamp dealer. Still this was reg’d. 5 SP 16 and carries the WAR TAX 1d carmine-red sandwiched between 2d and 2½d – so, the better shade on a properly rated cover and it’s odds-on it held some stamps inside. This takes cat. into the £200’s you can forget philatelic90unsold
527Saint LuciaWhen you turn to the back of a ppc of Victoria Hospital St. Lucia, you see why violet ink has splashed on the picture; for here alongside Can. 2c rose red is the seldom seen cachet of “R.M.S.P. Coy./S.S. CHIGNECTO”/ 17 JUL 1919/ POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS. Sight of the mere CH triggered off thought of “Chauchiere” but this one is scarcer still2025
528Saint LuciaMid-30’s covers to US, Switzerland and Castries, local, franked at correct rates of 2½d, 2d (1d, 2x ½d) and 1d by KG5 pictorials22unsold
529Saint LuciaWell-timed 1½d p/s card picks 8 DE 91 to send New Year greeting (in German) to Vienna – the face is unusually neat and tidy1813.5
530Saint LuciaA dbl. size fine unused b/w ppc, folded centrally as always, shows Harbour & Town, Castries – undivided back75.25
Saint Vincent
531Saint VincentBlack ink line across 6d deep grn. SG4 probably denotes SPECIMEN use. Good colour and appearance, but hinge remainder stiffens it at the top. Well, the stamp is old, call it arthritis. A scarce item (rare would overrate)2031
532Saint Vincent6d deep green SG7: perf. 15 all round never quite separates evenly, but if a panel were awarding points out of 10 for colour, softness of cancel, and centring, we think those would each average 9.8. cat. £75, so3242
533Saint VincentWhile we feel confident that the collector who once owned this lot was Peter Jaffe, we have to take sides between those who claim this is a pt. o.g. horiz. pair of 1/- SG9, and those who claim it as two such stamps married together. So we’ll go with the doubters and draw attention to a perf fault, upper rt. of l.h. stamp. Still the two stamps cat. £750 together, so there’s plenty of value here – and to judge by the generous top mgn. capturing the base of the stamps above, our stamps were probably joined at the hip when they were born anyway. Mild discoloration in this area, l.h. stamp8075
534Saint VincentHere ascribed with equal confidence to Peter Jaffe are two singles of SG9 in nicely contrasting shades, both pt.o.g.. You’ll find that the base perforation of the darker stamp runs straight through the value tablet, but separation was 2mm lower to give a lge strt-edge mgn. Peter used to like that sort of thing and so do we. Cat. together is £750, both fine105110View
535Saint VincentNext, for someone who can make do with a space filler for SG9, is yet another pt.o.g. single. The fault which downgrades it is a pulled SW perf, with underlying thin. Stamp itself is of handsome appearance and has captured a sliver of the stamp below. Ex Jaffe? Sure thing. Cat. £3752015
536Saint Vincent1866 compound perf. 1d rose red SG10 v.g.u. (which is about the best rating one can usually give to these dull-looking varieties). It once had cert 51,031, no longer to hand. We infer this may have been RPSL who would probably respond to a query whether the no. related to an SG10, and that could save the purchaser re-certification were that felt necessary. For our part, we can but tell you that this is what this compound breed looks like, cat. £1,100280440View
537Saint VincentQV 6d (5) gd. to f.u., but for one strt. edge at left – we take them to represent deep grn./blue-grn range SG4, 16, 19, 19a with one to spare, so cat. around £24032unsold
538Saint VincentOn 6d pale green SG26 (strt. edge at top, Cat. £450) 60% strike of CO (Colonarie) JU 23 presumably 78, light red, but distinct with this friendly background6085
539Saint VincentThe 1878 6d SG26a, itself presentable but no real quality, gains distinction with PML type 13 no code c.d.s. in black for NO 22 78 – you have made your day (or year perhaps) if you find one2526
540Saint VincentWhen the Perkins Bacon 1d pale olive-green and the DLR 1d drab are side by side, the contrast between the styles of the two printers working from the same plates stands out – yet the shades are surprisingly close (and PB are not yet printing in drab, that came in between). Both are pt.o.g., SG29, sideways wmk, 39x, reversed wmk, cat. £2756652View
541Saint VincentThis stumpy A10 killer is struck on 1d olive-green SG29. Please consider PML p.86-7 – it can only be a further attempt to clean and resurrect killer no.4, put out of use in 1878. The Rip van Winkle effect takes us to 1880, and we offer two examples, one faintly inked86
542Saint Vincent1d/6d SG34 emphatic bright grn.. Its gum lies over a double layer of paper, which we ascribe to the paper manufacturer – we are satisfied that there was no thinning to require re-backing and no re-gumming. It’s unusual but as fine as it looks. cat. £47512090View
543Saint VincentQV ½d proof, horiz. pair in grey-black, careful even mgns. all round – we wonder whether this is the last of the batch that trickled onto the market about 5 years ago95unsoldView
544Saint VincentThe CA on the face of our 1d drab SG39 looks almost like wmk. showing through, but of course it’s a CALLIAQUA c.d.s. (OC 1 85) lightly struck in black and stamp is equally fine2020
545Saint VincentPerf. 12 1/- orange – vermilion SG45 o.g. in a full rich colour, cat. £1504836View
546Saint VincentQV 6d violet SG52 with much of her original gum and all of her dignity intact. Centring? Slightly elevated but why should a monarch complain at that? Cat. £1805038View
547Saint Vincent1888 QV 6d violet, light, indeterminate killer cancel, with inverted wmk. (much scarcer than its closely priced unused sibling)95100
548Saint Vincent2½d elegantly surcharged on 4d chocolate (as chocoholics we prefer this designation to PML’s lilac-brown) and elegantly cancelled JU 9 92. If we did not suppose that hardly any of the 1500 printed have gone to work, cat. would surely be higher than its current £120 (SG54)4452
549Saint VincentWell contrasted part o.g. examples of the 3 shades of 5d/6d are accompanied by the succeeding QV key-type 5d (with gutter mgn.) and 1935 SJ 2½d used from Georgetown19unsold
550Saint Vincent1893 6d deep lake, a SPECIMEN example and lge. pt. o.g. issued showing short F variety, quite hard to spot against its background, SG60d, cat. £88, fine34unsold
551Saint VincentThe 1907-8 SPECIMEN set of five, SG94s/98s. The 2d shows it’s the junior member of the group, as its opt. sits low, but the 3d, whose colour is much deeper than usual might have been born on the wrong side of the blanket – the other four are fine4836
552Saint VincentThe 1907 Pax et Justitia 1d, a SPECIMEN example showing constant variety broken “M”. Hesitate if you wish, you have one chance in 60 of finding one for yourself4852
553Saint Vincent1935 SJ 1d 1½d, 2½d each in a mint block, and each is side marginal, the mgns in every case were folded under when received. Condn. fine, perf irregularity in places (at the expense of former neighbours), and horiz. perfs stretch one hole at each side beyond the final vert. columns of perfs (which might tell the super-knowledgeable to what printing they belong, but doesn’t tell us). Cat. just £148unsold
554Saint VincentThe 1938 KG6 set of 11 to £1 all perf SPECIMEN – the SG set price of £325 includes the 4 values added in 1947, so cat. of the original set is about £250 (ex Jaffe)4990View
555Saint VincentMint SW corner 1½d orange, 3d blue Victory duo, the current nos. 45 or 46 inverted in lower mgn on each. Reverse shows minor discoloration at points where the press has squeezed hard in printing, but both are fine4unsold
556Saint VincentQV DLR 5/- and Pax et Justitia £1 both fisc. u. are among 28 QV fiscal items, 7 of which bear the local italic Revenue opt. – among this a 6d, once SG44 would pass for unused. Also scarce are the block cap. REVENUE on 1d red (with 1d surcharge) and same opt on 6d. The modern issues comprise the $5, 10 and 20 values of both designs current in 1980, and a 10c value of 1995 we thought to be mint6556View
557Saint Vincent17 stamps on a pdevoted to the italic local Revenue opt. on PB and DLR, taken to be fisc. u. except as qualified below. PB are 1d drab, 4d bright blue, 6d bright green, 1/- bright vermilion, and 3d/half 6d; ink has been cleaned off 1/-. DLR are 1d drab (4) – one might be unused – 1d red (credible fake A10), THREE PENCE/3d lilac (4), 4d blue perf. 14, 6d green perf. 12, 1/- vermilion perf. 1270unsoldView
558Saint VincentAll that you could wish for in a CALLIAQUA c.d.s. JY 3 3 (code C on its belly) on KE7 1d CA. Not difficult? See if you can better it on any value107.5
559Saint VincentThere’s a trompe-l’oeil effect to a reg’d. cover which left Kingstown MR 23 05, fuelled by 3 x KE3d (that’s unusual in itself) bound for Hamilton, Bermuda. New York (Exchange) added a red reg’n. label which comes out near-enough transparent, so that you can see bits of stamp and pmk beneath, leaving you guessing what sits on what. Happily reverse bears the crude St Vincent reg’n. label, too large for the front, and NY (7 Apr) Hamilton (10 AP) b/stamps in the right order: we’re intrigued – are you?4470View
560Saint VincentRemarkable PSRE size H2 (not listed by H&G) whose existence was recently established by Nigel Chandler. Reg’d. Kingston 8 JU 21, re-reg’d. Plymouth 28 JU, addressee and address unobtrusively scraped away (but forensically recoverable?). Does franking of QV 1d pair, 5d/6d pair, KE 1d, 3d, 1/-, 2/- (total 4/4) mean “philatelic”? Think again. It was insured for £137. Our best guess : sent to a Plymouth stamp dealer with enclosures, could be a quadruple weight at 4 x 10d plus ins. 1/- or something similar (add 2d reg’n.). Rating as commercial, cat. from about £300, plus real rarity value of this size of cover180120View
561Saint VincentWhen a 1927 reg’d. cover from Kingstown to Rudolf Menzel, Chicago uses a 1910 2½d, along with 4d SG113 and, we presume, script 4d, this has to be for decorative effect rather than to pay a reg’d. triple rate. Well, the colourful result on both front and reverse amply achieved its purpose1914.5
562Saint VincentTop mgnl. SJ 1½d took a card to George Hill, Philadelphia; cancelled by Paquebot c.d.s. and Lady Hawkins Purser’s cachet, both struck in black. We can’t read the date – a pity, as there’s no message and we like to keep track of the period over which black ink was used on the Lady boats2116
563Tobago1805 El from Tobago to Perth (Scotland) – hugely rare, and its 3 ptext, which reads like a directory, substantially intact despite significant structural damage caused by rough folding and tearing off the seal: The large fleuron was in the target zone but 80% survives. Several rate marks including 2/4 and 4/8 on a crowded face – an item of character worth research and tender loving care6070View
564TobagoBut for a nibbled SE corner, our valuation of this example of GB 6d SGz3 would be well into three figures in view of the quality of the A14 killer. As it is we must estimate at 48unsoldView
565Tobago1879 1d SG1 fine soft rose, lge.pt.o.g., cat. £14035unsold
566TobagoWe are not troubled by a central thin or, quite possibly, oil stain visible from reverse (it has minimal, if any, impact on the face) but rather by a manuscript P, which triggered close investigation of the strong yet precise A14 killer on 1d rose CC. We are now satisfied that our SG1 has an authentic pmk, and that P is written over it – so a pleasant high cat. stamp. Does the penned letter, we wonder, throw any light on the later occasional use of code P in a Tobago c.d.s?18unsold
567TobagoOrdinary 4d grey m.; another beautifully cancelled MR26 90 – it hums and dings – ½d on 4d grey with stop between G & O; same variety on 2½d on 4d (thin low centre which doesn’t show through) – these examples show the variety at its best – and ½d POSTAGE on fiscal 4d m (usual reverse toning, this was aged stock when surcharged) where the letters of POSTAGE have gone to POT … see photo5644View
568TobagoTrue the crisp A14 killer at 9 o’clock overrides; we still had to look three times to make sure there was 2½d PENCE as surcharge on 4d grey – the shyest example you’re ever likely to meet (making itself scarce, of course)10unsoldView
569Tobago½d/2½d dull blue figure further from PENNY, raised P, lge.pt.o.g, mildly foxed SG26a cat. £3812unsold
570Tobago1882/3 ½d to 2½d, 1885-94 ½d to 1/-, and surcharges (4), 19 m., & 4 of the above with two of each value showing shade variance, whether listed or not – pleasant appearances stc nearly £200 25unsold
571TobagoIn 1886 the UPU distribution of SPECIMEN stamps was still only barely into three figures. We don’t know how far survival rates have reduced that now – you can take your chance with the 6d orange-brown SG23s cat. abt. £602419View
572TobagoAn assembly of 19 QV to QEII (mostly QV of course) but the later inc. 1953 Coron. pair are Tobago cancelled. Of note among the rest are 1d SG1 m. and f.u. 6d orange brown (pair) and the CA 1/- (both shades) fine m. Also aboard a wretched looking unused “Robinson Crusoe” ppc and QV p/s ½d reply card44unsold
573Tobago3d lilac and black QV fiscal with nice Treasury/Crown cancel (which had wider purpose then to serve as postage due)45.5
574TobagoQV 1d p/s card leaves Tobago JA 29 03 written from “Montgomery Tobago”, to Port of Spain next day and arrives at Herrnhut, Saxony Feb 13. Sent, it seems, to an Institute director from one of his clergy 1512
575TobagoMagnificent forgery of 5/- CC, the A14 killer wholly convincing, shade a thought too dark, the impressed “wmk.” will leave the inexperienced perplexed, and design won’t withstand close inspection – all the same, wow!36unsold
576TobagoAnd here comes the forged £1 CC with all the same characteristics and perfs as near enough perfect match. The killer is not quite as prominent, leaving you more of the stamp to enjoy5444View
577TobagoWe’re not done with forgeries. This is the 1/- CC “unused” from the same stable. The shade could fool you, if you weren’t expecting it2015.5
578TrinidadBy 1844 with the benefit of the 1/- packet rate, a whole letter sheet could be used merely to wrap the contents, with no extra charges – and the age of the waste-makers has begun. This example (from John Collingford to Rev. John Beecham of London’s Bishopsgate left Trinidad MY 6 (a dbl-arc c.d.s. on flap) and was received on 5 June 3527View
579Trinidad(1d) dark grey SG10 o.g. with pleasantly even mgns., the colour deep enough to have spent time in Trinidad – but who can tell?2721
580TrinidadDon’t be fooled by a supposedly imperf 4d light grey and 6d deepish green (this with extra backing) separated by a gently ‘used’ (1d) black which is at least a genuine forgery and not at all common. The other two derive from SG74 and perhaps 62, Correctly looking down on these two are imperf (1d) grey and (1d) rose red, this with mgns all round the other scores 2½ mgns, each most humanely used and healthy shade SG5 and 12 cat. £140 – a group to learn from 34unsold
581Trinidad1858 4th Impression (1d) local lithograph SG18, the shade less intense than usual – a plus, because you can see quite a lot of background lines. Indistinct type 2 “1” cancellation, 3 narrow mgns, in along the foot, a shallow thin, not apparent on the face – how has it escaped being rebacked? 4 forgeries accompany – two crude Britannias, another imaginative, and the last a pale brown attempt at the 1883 QV 1d which might have cost more to produce than the genuine to buy. A fine lot, think you not? 75100View
582TrinidadAt first glance this Britannia 4d dull purple looks to be cut down to imperf all round. When you turn it over you see pin-perf all along the foot and the whole of one side. You could classify as good average or average average according to taste – this is SG41, lightly cancelled type 2 ‘1’ cat. £1102821
583Trinidad(1d) rose red in a pale shade, v. lightly cancelled with pin-perfs all round (see Note under SG45a). For extra animation we add (1d) crimson-lake even more lightly cancelled with red TOO LATE struck criss-cross from each corner (best seen by transmitted light) and as an envoi a ½d OFFICIAL with a 3-ring cancel in which we have no faith whatsoever. To summarise SG52 and 60 cat. £38 and £27 (plus plus in each case) and O10 (cat. £11 minus, minus)4836
584Trinidad(1d) Britannia perf 12½ apparently unused (cat.. £65, if so) whose very ragged perfs exemplify with precision the perforation difficulty experienced by DLR, as explained at p.79 of Trinidad, a Philatelic History to 19138unsold
585TrinidadIt’s not all that hard to find an example of 1/- bluish slate SG63 f.u. with light cancel, but how do we put a value on 1/- bluish slate fault free, v. lightly cancelled, perfectly centred? Nary a perf clipping the design. We can hardly believe our eyes – SG63, cat. £1107590
586TrinidadYet, here is another example where not a single perf clips the design, and another chance for you if a large-gold winner has snaffled the preceding lot - SG 63, cat. £1104640
587TrinidadThe 1935 SJ Specimen set of four in company with the sets m. and u., all fine, cat. £1494848View
588TrinidadThe 1935 set of 9 pictorials, and their 6 perf. changes are beautifully mounted and written up on an album page, so that every stamp sparkles SG230-238 all inclusive. Cat. £1254232
589TrinidadThe same stamps in the same format f.u. Though our personal preference is generally for used, this ensemble cannot quite replicate the sheen of the previous lot. Cat. £882624
590TrinidadQEII 3c Coronation, a fine mint top rt. corner block of 10 incorporating sheet no. 03025.25
591TrinidadThe 1869 5/- CC softly adorned at 5 o’clock with the type O7 ‘2’ of San Fernando OC 9 1874; the 1894 5/- maroon o.g., centred rt.; and the 1907 5/-, its light GPO c.d.s. nestling on the word SHILLING and so symmetrically poised as to stretch belief – SG87; 113, 144 (cat. £230) – blend so harmoniously that we offer them together. Still, if you want to make single bids, demand will be assessed on auction day and we’ll see what happens70unsold
592TrinidadType O7 ‘31’ of CARONI on red perf 14 (1d) Britannia – but that’s almost all you get of this RR mark as it’s a 25% strike at 7 o’clock, DE of month also clear, 30 for the date is inferential20unsoldView
593TrinidadLovingly selected pmks. for their completeness are La Brea on 1d values in 1920 and ’33, Manzanilla ’94 on QV 1d (at 6 o’clock) and best of all BLANCHISSEUSE 8 JA 94 on QV 2½d, that deserves a lot to itself1825
594TrinidadThe rest of the Trinidad period (less the final 3 stamps) is addressed by the two continuation pages (18m, 32 u, we make it). The 5/- SG122 is included, fine o.g., otherwise values to 1/- (8). The 1d SG116 is there with plenty of gum, but plenty creased also, and a tad sad. Rated n/c by a previous owner (charitable to buyer, uncharitable to stamp, though we have ancient knowledge of three in appro book at 8p each) – our view is 10% cat. does justice, so est. cat. +/- £300 in all40unsold
595Trinidad8 more album pages take this collection through to about 1970, about 190 m and u, values to 1/- in the sterling period, full sets seen thereafter, but mixed m and u and a few dues etc. come in at the end, our cat. est here being £600 or so, condn. smiling throughout65unsold
596TrinidadCombining Tobago issues with Trinidad this lot contains 1/- black/green, 5/- brown and green (2), 5/- lilac and mauve and 10/- green and blue, two of these with Registrar-General c.d.s. and 12 from Tobago inc. first type CC and CA wmk, and the replacement design to 6d (inc. apparently unused) and a 1/- green in a shade which suggests to us a later printing contemporary with the lilac-group issues. The high values would cat. around £700 if postally used, and even the fiscally used survive in limited numbers60unsoldView
597Trinidad1/- green and brown SG121 from SW corner, crease on mgn., stamp flawless and mint. Twinned with 1898 anniversary 2d horiz. strip of four, mint, and Red+ SG157 glowingly fresh unused. cat. £4512unsold
598TrinidadThe only difficult Trinidad War Stamp, 1d red SG 184 fine o.g. cat. £7030unsold
599Trinidad1916 Red Cross 1d red, o.g. block of four (hinge remainder shared by 2 stamps) it shows damage at foot of 6 of ‘16’, a recurrent minor flaw, on lower left stamp2unsold
600TrinidadType O4 ‘10’ – a lovely example on 6d green CC, far from plentiful on this value1521
601TrinidadType O9 ‘T22’ (Claxton Bay) on ½d CA SG102 (cat. £75) at 6 o’clock. (Interested Observer) Q. “Does one value by ref. to cat. or to pmk?” A. “You can justify our estimate on either footing. Just remind yourself you are getting double value for a variety on this very short-lived issue.4031
602TrinidadAbout 200 items c1900-30 assembled on album leaves for their pmks from 19 locations outside Port of Spain (e.g. 29 from La Brea, 22 from Gran Couva, 1 each from Mayo and Gasparillo, 8 from Guaguayare etc. together with 2 pages of random later with KG6 and early QEII – quality of marks variable but all are identifiable25unsoldView
603Trinidad5 s/cards fairly crammed with largely used stamps (say 600+) QV –KG5 occupies most of the first two, and we note 28 19th century Britannias with hint of pmk. interest here and there. Mixed condition is assumed but should be value at40unsold
604Trinidad850+ stamps used early ‘20’s in 16-side s/book. We can see a mass of machine cancels with or without slogan and GPO cancels by hand, but it’s easy to miss more interesting items without v. close inspection – 1½d, 1d and largely ½d values8unsold
605TrinidadCarefully assembled on s/cards in 59 rows of 7 or 8 stamps each are Port of Spain date stamps from 1890’s and 19 noughties to show the use of each code from A to W inclusive. We’ll tell you for free that A is the commonest, if you want the rest of the order, you’ll have to come to the auction or buy this lot, as we don’t always give away hard-won information. There are also 6 covers and a Kiderlen card, which don’t seem to add anything but don’t subtract and look quite decorative. Is SG116 included? Come and see40unsold
606TrinidadThe Port of Spain theme continues with a few Trinidad c.d.s. that precede the previous lot and 500+ stamps from about 1910 onwards. Eventually we leave the low values, move into decimal currency, encounter the scenes, birds and flowers that took over the 60’s and 70’s. With these come 9 covers, maps, pictures, articles from tourist brochures etc. and perhaps you’ll work up the enthusiasm to tell our Bulletin Editor things about GPO cancellations that have yet to be promulgated. This lot may not be cheap to post25unsold
607TrinidadPreserved from the early 1980’s are 18 covers that travelled by air as printed matter to Lincolnshire, the latest sent 1996, and all have different frankings, different post offices of origin, with commercial rates rising from 90c to $5.50. They have been acquiring status and one of us should be in a Horry to collect them.27unsold
608TrinidadHow long is it since you saw a KG5 era cover used locally from MUCURAPO? …. We thought so. Well this one (unkindly opened) sent greetings Xmas Eve 1935 using SJ 2c, but as you weren’t actually searching for one, we can estimate it at just 822
609TrinidadA blue envelope to a business address in London’s Leadenhall St in AP 89 bears 4d grey SG110 for which there is no obvious reason – it could have travelled for less. With no hint of philatelic purpose in paying too much, we rate this on its merits as a stamp not easily found on cover2015.5View
610Trinidad4 1c Quetzal defins uprate Guatemala 5c p/s cover, surcharged 1895 Seis Centavos, chamfered corner. It travelled late July 1898 from COBAN (indistinct octagonal violet cancel) to reach Port of Spain via NY in early Sept. It can’t have been urgent, but might have been pressing, as the address was the presumably lovely Senorita Nieves von Bauditz2620
611TrinidadA mildly battered cover of 1917 from Venezuela to Princes Town has captured our fancy here. It’s not the 25c and 50c stamps that are significant, certainly we quite like the near copper-plate in which E. F. Stone Esq. and Trelawne are written, and weight is added by the railway company (it’s quite a climb from sea level), but the crowning feature is the red registration label. This reads “Carcaas” giving yet another way of pronouncing the name of the capital to add to the 3 versions that we’ve heard. Perhaps a Freudian slip for Carcass on this occasion2026
612Trinidad1934 cover, 2d brown vert. pr., to Washington’s US dept. of Agriculture; 1932 cover, Dutch sender, destination Milan, 3d blue stamp from P O S; 1922 Queens Park Hotel stationery to Gosforth, Leeds, horiz. pair 1d bright scarlet, foxing to cover edges. Stamps on this one seem 1d too much, perhaps a WWI hangover, but note this has to be script wmk SG207 which had a short life and a pair on cover won’t be plentiful1512
613TrinidadSJ 1/- on cover MY 23 35 to London’s Steelworks Rd. Battersea, sent by air. Untidy writing, a couple of shortish perfs. visible on scrutiny – well, it could hardly be more commercial and is rare thus3829
614TrinidadBlack Lady Hawkins cachet acts as escort to US 2c carmine SG782 which is itself embraced by dbl-circle Paquebot Trinidad c.d.s. (date indistinct, presumably 1937). The card itself, creased at one corner, is philatelic to British Columbia, no message, but a barely legible South Slocan b/stamp confirms its safe arrival129
615TrinidadWe share your scepticism over the purpose of an unaddressed OHMS envelope which proudly bears 1d rose red SGO9, with a GPO cancel separately struck JU 7 10 – never opened so far as we can tell. Whatever the breach of protocol, it’s howlingly scarce and SG don’t even suggest a multiplier (say, X12 for philatelic, X40 for commercial)6046View
616TrinidadIf we have lukewarm feelings for postal stationery we have the warmest affection for the tiny serifed SPECIMEN h/stamp that Samuels classified TR11, on whatever item it appears. So we applaud this 1½d card, in mint condn., whose opt. garlands the queen’s neck on each of its halves3627
617TrinidadSize F KE7 2d blue PRSE, paying universal 1d rate SP 21 04 to Surinam took 31 days to arrive and front is plastered with reg’n. and re-reg’n. markings. If we read correctly it went to Bhogwan Singh, owner of Estate & Mining Office. We could wish for a clearer Paramaribo b/stamp, but a Sea Post-Office c.d.s. of OC 22 04, with its wealth of inverted letters and digits might be more at home were it carrying the cover to Mr. Singh in India (N.B.:D.G. under Surinam stands for Dutch Guiana not the grace of God)3023
618TrinidadThe next PSRE is KG5, 1930 to NY and by now the 1d paid for travel is concessionary to the US – a very clean, commercial item26unsold
619TrinidadCommercial use 1911 of a KE7 p/s card to London, and with this 11 unused ppc’s of the common or (we could add largely) garden variety – no doubt earlyish inc. undivided back30unsold
620TrinidadDavidson & Todd sepia ppc of Rice Cultivation, Trinidad, not often seen (maybe because not all that attractive). The mountain backdrop (does it shelter Diego Martin, we wonder?) looks a little sinister; but the feature of the card is that the 1½d received the Port of Spain Empire Exhibition m/c cancel (common enough on stamp, but on entire….?). To be fair, an anonymous, continuous wavy line cancel was superimposed 13 days later when redirected from London’s Golders Green to Royal Marine Barracks Plymouth. Rather scarce we opine12unsold
621Trinidad“Island Scenery”, 12 sepia views of Trinidad printed in Britain in Vandyke photogravure and sold through F.P. Bruce-Austin. One of the views was detached for use in the past. The package and the other 11 are present in good order23unsold
Turks Islands
622Turks IslandsBy grouping 1d dull rose (fine pt.o.g.) with 1d dull red (fresh pt.o.g., mildly curved NW corner) and another (gd. u., squat, square appearance) one brings out the subtle, soft shade differences, and the perf. characteristics of these early issues, because the points described above are typical of Miss Stewart’s perforating work – sometimes she would have a bad-hair day or other feminine malaise – SG1 and 5 cat. £18544unsold
623Turks Islands1d dull rose pt.o.g. with throat flaw (more prominent than usual on this early issue) but the scissors consistently used for separation in Grand Turk have partly missed their aim at rt. SG1a, cat. £25052unsold
624Turks Islands1867 1/- dull blue unused and lightly u., both of good colour, but with ungenerous mgns. (Miss Stewart neat, if over precise on the first, the postmaster’s scissors a trifle erratic on the second – cat. £16039unsold
625Turks Islands½ on 6d black SG7 v. fine unused because – quite exceptionally – it is as near perfectly centred as you will ever find in a Turks 1. classic, with perfs. clear of design all round, cat. £1003527
626Turks IslandsA healthy part o.g. example of the type 4 ½/1/- lilac with the short thick bar SG12b, to which our seller adds (with more expertise than we can claim) variety 1 cat. £550. P.S. We derive minor amusement in seeing SG describing the thick bar for the more expensive 10a and 11a as shorter – translated into English this probably means it’s either longer than the present surcharge or exactly the same size. We live and unlearn 180unsoldView
627Turks IslandsA fresh-looking unused vert. pair of ½ on not-so-dull red SG17 and 18 have their identities pencilled on the back (like our other surcharges this year) – these include “variety 10 and 15” which means that they have been plated as the 5th stamp in rows 2 and 3 of the setting – but remember that this repeats in sheets of 30. cat. £155 – some gum left, maybe, but hinge residue reinforces where they join44unsold
628Turks IslandsPart o.g. singles of ½ on 1d SG17, 18 comprise this lot. If you have just bought our vert. pair you can start your plating reconstruction as these are believed to be the next stamp to the left in rows 2, 3, cat. £17536unsold
629Turks Islands ½ on 1d SG15 a sound unused example from the top row, probably, cat. £8518unsold
630Turks IslandsType 10 ½ on 1/- lilac SG20 part o.g., natural perf. separation 3 sides, and scissors very kindly used at the top to leave a full row of perforation within and a stamp of decent size cat. £18052unsold
631Turks IslandsThroat flaw m and u, neck flaw m., all on 1889 1d pale rosy lake or lake, cat. as cheapest £842854
632Turks Islands½d CA pale green top mgnl pair mint showing plate no. 2 above l.h. stamp minor gum creasing but fine and scarce1833
633Turks IslandsSPECIMEN examples of the 1900 4d and 6d, each with broken M variety, gum of the 4d with a moderate tropical tan5065View
634Turks IslandsThe remainder of the 1900 SPECIMEN set together with the MCA 3d. The 2½d is of course the blue shade that is so elusive in ordinary use; ½, 1d and 2d are unhandsome on reverse, the MCA 3d (cat.. £50) is contrastingly fresh. Cat. of CC and CA values is, say, £2106552View
635Turks IslandsThe 1900 Badge of the Colony 2/-, 3/- o.g. SG 108, 109, handsome in shade, impressively centred cat. £13044unsoldView
636Turks IslandsA strong Avonmouth c.d.s. of AP 7 09 on 1900 Badge 2/- SG108 suggest scarce and v. collectable maritime usage of a high value. There’s some additional marking at top – not a part c.d.s. – not deciphered by us, the ink seems consistent with the Avonmouth cancel – cat. as normal is £805052
637Turks IslandsKE7 1909 2d grey SG119 complete sheet of 60 (no sign of a gutter mgn.) covered in plastic which we shan’t disturb - cat. £33095190View
638Turks Islands1909 2/- red/green SG125 o.g. – it even makes KE7 look handsome cat. £451612
639Turks Islands1909 KE7 3/- black/red SG126 fine o.g. It’s centred NW – does that lower the tone for you? For us, the expanse of red lends a slightly richer tone; chacun a son gout – cat. £481411
640Turks IslandsSelected KG5 high values largely o.g. 1913-28 comprising 2/-, 3/-, SG138-9, 2/- SG174, 5/-, 10/- SG185-6, this last centred rt., minor gum crease, the others v. well centred and all five are fresh – cat. £13440unsold
641Turks IslandsThe 1921 Script set of 8 optd. SPECIMEN, mild toning on some values SG 154s/161s cat. £1503224View
642Turks IslandsThe unobtrusively difficult 1921 Script 1/- brown-orange SG161 o.g. and u., former with v. slightly rounded N.W. corner, the latter is A1, cat. £591914.5
643Turks Islands1922-6 defins, the full SPECIMEN set of 14, all looking healthy, even if the shade difference between the two x 2/- surprises. Cat. £250 85100View
644Turks Islands1935 SJ set of four perf. SPECIMEN – a fox spot, or possibly two, on each, except 6d which looks fine – cat. £1002015
645Turks IslandsThe 1937 Coronation set of three perf SPECIMEN, not quite mint; if you look closely enough, cat. £903638View
646Turks IslandsSome fine o.g. KG6 high values, being 1938 2/-, 10/-. 1950 5/-, 10/- SG203, 205, 232-3 cat. £133. (We’ve only noticed the liniest trace of prior hinge on the first two, but if we said they were mint, that would be humbug). Yes, but why no 1938 5/-? Look at the next lot please4030
647Turks Islands1938 5/- yellowish green SG204 o.g. We cannot fault the centring and, interestingly, the mgns. are wider all round than in the previous lot; otherwise there is the parity of v. light hinging cat. £6022unsold
648Turks IslandsThe 1946 Victory pair perf. SPECIMEN, apparently mint, but 2d shows a gum bend, or light crease. cat. £801921
649Turks Islands1957 10/-, 1960 £1 SG250, 253 cat. £70 fine o.g. (Again we wanted to say mint, but they’ve just got us licked)23unsold
650Turks IslandsLight, neat duplex 158 of Cambridge caresses the die of a GB 2½d PSE which was sent to Grand Turk in 1897, the c.d.s. showing its arrival on the face, just after Xmas after 19 day journey. The gummed flap sweated a bit in the hot climate5254View
651Turks IslandsAn ordinary looking cover which travelled for 2½d in 1899 to Cleveland, Ohio – but we tend to forget how few covers of the period are around in or out of Turks I. when – like the present one – they don’t have links with E. J. Cameron6070View
652Turks IslandsOn MY 17 01 1d and 6d took a reg’d. cover from M. Arthur Darrell to an attorney in Troy, Ohio, via NY, paying dbl (Troy) weight. Cat. from about £403650
653Turks IslandsWhen we see reg’d. letters of 1909 and 1920 to addresses in Leipzig and the far more obscure township of Apolda one using 7½d (6 stamps of 4 different values) the other 1/- and 3d, and note that each is in the same handwriting, and that both are in unified ownership more than 100 years later, we can but suspect a philatelic purpose. The name Paul Loster might be familiar. Albert Schneider’s is not. Even if we can explain the rates we don’t find a multiplier of cat. of abt. £310 credible – so how abt. cat. off cover £4052unsoldView
654Turks IslandsAlthough this cover to NY bears the imprint of Alfred Stubbs Estate at Cockburn Harbour, we take the cancellation of the 2 x 2d adhesives with code A dbl circle 1925 to belong to GPO – at this period you need code B, and single circle with blue in the ink for the sub-office, so you’ll have to rely on imprint only for the connection. Coffee stain top rt. seems to have preceded franking2833
655Turks IslandsB/w ppc of Govt. Wharf & Warehouse, franked 1d badge, left 5 JA 09 for Melbourne, touched in at Jamaica, redirected on arrival to Caulfield P.O., accruing lovely duplex numeral 300 cancel from Elsternwick. No message, only a forwarding h/stamp from Tatum & Co. Salt Cay (but posted from town) 4254
656Turks Islands“REBUT” in oval, “non Trouve, Not found NY”, boxed “RETURNED TO NEW YORK P.O./Dec 11 1929/ TIMES SQUARE STATION”, along with “Opened to Ascertain Sender’s P O”, in red ink, and a numerical reference on the face, where Miss Natalie Marriott’s NY address is crossed out, all describe the vain attempt to deliver 2½d franked cover from Turks. A lightly written “ R. O. Challis” on the face suggests that this item went back to its GPO of despatch, where they readily recognised the handwriting of the sender2418
657Turks Islands1945 cover to Roanoke, Virginia paying 6d and 1s to get there, opened and labelled at each end by Examiner D/43; who also dealt with a smaller cover (printed address of Robert Kearsley, date unreadable, just to Ripon, Yorkshire) and a handsome air mail cover of JY 22 43, its 2½d, 6d, 1/- each boldly christened by the cds of SALT CAY (for which SG cat. from £10.70 doesn’t even get close).42unsold
658Turks Islands 2d/buff size G PSRE with SPECIMEN opt86
Virgin Islands
659Virgin IslandsBefore its 1866 issue there were two trial settings of the 6d value in deep blue, the first being rejected and the second approved for printing, after change to the choice of colour. Here we have a single from the rejected setting in lovely condition7054
660Virgin Islands4d plate proof in just as fine condition, in roughly the DLR shade as issued. This doesn’t mean it has to be DLR rather than Nissen & Parker, which is our preferred choice; paper is without wmk. and we usually meet DLR’s imperf proofs on CA paper52unsold
661Virgin IslandsThe perf 15 6d SG10 and 13 was a single printing and issue of 50 sheets of 20. The 1d green perf 15 was issued in exactly the same quantity and format and the blind perfs visible (here at left and right) on most, but not all, of the 1,000 issued are exclusive to this supply – a fact to which expert committees have never caught on and probably never will. Please forget cat. quotes for SG8, 9, 12 which belong to subsequent supplies. Our example here, believed to be from row4/3 is fine unused80unsoldView
662Virgin Islands1868 single-lined frame 1/- on toned SG21b pt.o.g., centred low, light staining on reverse but even so a good-looking example, cat. £16040unsold
663Virgin IslandsQV 6d deep violet SG39 fine pt.o.g., on which you’ll find a prominent diagonal stroke across the letter S in value tablet, which can be plated to row 2/1 in the sheet of 24. We are cautious about including lithographic flaws (which are prevalent) but this is a most prominent example20unsold
664Virgin Islands1888 4d/1/- on toned, fine, pt.o.g. Surcharge is blacker in hue than usual, and you’ll see a trace of it soaked through to the reverse side, this is not a fault SG42 cat. £140 44unsoldView
665Virgin IslandsVirgin I. broke the Leeward mould when they resumed issuing their own stamps in 1899 (after a delay of 8 months for DLR to replace a cracked plate). Here are SPECIMEN examples of the ½d, 1d, 4d1814
666Virgin IslandsTired of looking for a plate block? This Venetian red KG5 1½d mint block, incorporating gutter mgn. with double Jubilee lines each side, could lift your album pas well, or better. The format won’t be readily duplicated1212View
667Virgin Islands3d purple/lemon WAR STAMP complete mint r.h. pane showing plate 5 top and bottom. Guillotined through gutter mgn. (as supplied from London) with smaller opt. at bottom left – SG78a immaculate mint throughout cat. £350110unsoldView
668Virgin IslandsVirgin Gorda c.d.s. caressed KG5 1d carmine-red SG70c, and less distinctly rt. mgnl. 2½d pale blue horiz. pair SG93, each item on a small piece, the second reg’d. , and each we think served a commercial purpose; cat. of the stamps is £100, but it’s the office of origin that matters to us40unsoldView
669Virgin IslandsA Wilson cover MY 18 27 carrying the 1d violet and 1½d carmine-red unregistered from VIRGIN GORDA to Birmingham36unsoldView
670Virgin IslandsPhilatelic reg’d. cover FE 16 28 to Everett Erle (San Jose, Cal.) has the good taste to combine Virgin ½d and 1½d with Leeward 2½d for its proper rating at this date2519
671Virgin IslandsThere’s always a touch of class with the scarce KG5 1d scarlet p/s env., even if it’s only in SPECIMEN form (Did we say only). Clean and fresh, too2420View
672Virgin IslandsA Walter Beckhaus sticky label furnished the address for 1d P/S env., sent JY9 26 from Tortola to Berlin with ½d & 1d adhesives added. It was opened solicitously, so it’s another example of a business reason for sending to a philatelic destination – an elusive item in proper use44unsoldView
673Virgin IslandsHave you ever looked through a few hundred dealer’s boxes of early BWI ppc’s and found an unused view of Tortola photographed by Jose Anjo. Neither have we. So when one turns up for our auction, we rejoice. A bright spark has pencilled SCENE alongside photo, otherwise immaculate. Items with crown circle Paid at Tortola are easier to find but cost more1210
674Virgin IslandsIn 1922 Montserrat and Virgin I received 5d stamps in their own indigenous designs. In 1923 and 1925 there were two printings of Leeward I 5d values, each of 12,600 stamps and it is unclear to which of the Presidencies these were allocated. This lot holds Leeward 5d horiz. pair sharing Tortola c.d.s. SP 5 27, which we believe would compete for scarcity with a similar used Virgin I 5d pair – but look at the cat. difference!16unsoldView
675MartiniqueThe boxed red Art. 12 mark which appears here on the face of an 1845 EL per packet to Marseilles is less familiar and much scarcer than the Art. 13 version, each being applied in London to mail in transit to France. Some work is needed to reach a full understanding of the journey from St. Pierre through Calais, and the shortfall and underpayment of which the writer complains in the French text – a little uncomplimentary in his reference to Spaniards, to say nothing of his introduction of “tu” and “toi” in a business letter9070
676MartiniqueIf you like a touch of the UK about an item from Martinique, try this 1848 EL from Saint Pierre, where the translation from ordinary business English into French could hardly have been more direct and must have made the Paris addressee shudder. It passed through England the faint boxed Colonies Art. 13 kept under by a rather redder c.d.s. from Boulogne – these alongside the Saint Pierre c.d.s. of origin, and rating marks from each jurisdiction, leave a busy face to tell the whole story of the journey32unsold
677MartiniqueAn 1852 cover from Saint Pierre to Bordeaux is much tidier, its array of markings distributed over front and back, are complete and clearly legible, the cover and its wax seal almost laundry – fresh. Even the 15 decimes rate changed to 90 is unambiguous balancing2 front stamps, 3 more on reverse52unsold
678Martinique1876 wrapper carried a letter to Marseilles from St. Pierre, Martinique, whose c.d.s. on the front is so beautifully struck as to be a work of art. A contrapuntal St. Nazaire transit mark in blue gives balance; 2 other transit marks on flap and nothing to show a rate – these for consignee mail. Two used ppc’s from Fort de France show the rather shabby high street of R. Saint Louis, and a bathing beach we don’t think you’d choose for a holiday or recommend to a friend. Were it in colour, you might see more and like less5442
British Post Offices Abroad
679British Post Offices Abroad1839 EL from Havana 8 March, travelled on Cecilia, landed as HASTINGS?SHIP LETTER, reaching its merchant addressee in London 20 MY. The step-type mark from this port is scarce5470View
680British Post Offices AbroadOuter wrapper of 1841 letter 8 May out of Havana, 47 days to London arrival; boxed italic Gravesend/Ship Letter record its landfall, unusually it’s struck both back and front – 8d collected4635View
681British Post Offices AbroadLetter of Aug 22 1851 Havana to Paris, strong next day dbl arc c.d.s. on flap, the face showing 15 decimes rate, and the usual COLONIES ART.13 boxed in red and Angl, Calais c.d.s. to record passage through London, with affirming transit and arrival b/stamps36unsoldView
682British Post Offices Abroad1859 EL from La Guayra. While sender’s ink has grown pale and office of despatch stayed anonymous, the “8” rate mark, double boxed GB 1F50c, red London transit c.d.s. TPO’s (3) for travel via Calais, Paris and Bordeaux to Bayonne tell their own rather attractive story4030View
683British Post Offices AbroadGB used in Baranquilla (Columbia), 1/- orange-brown plate 13 from sheet position 1 – A in all four corners – with a quite outstanding F69 killer, cat. £400 (the 1880 watermark is cat. £700 as normal of course). Can it get any better? No, but it can worsen. Though you wouldn’t suspect from the front, there’s a central thin which actually develops a hole at one point. All the same, this is a major-used abroad rarity, and it can’t go cheap8060
684British Post Offices AbroadA real mix of postal systems and accountancy straddles the face of 1870 outer wrapper from Havana, as shown by c.d.s. of Oct 1, h/stamped “4”, “8” in black ink and French Angl/Amb.Calais transit c.d.s. under further h/stamp, GB in triangle subtended by boxed 2F. That leaves reverse free for two c.d.s. of 16 Oct on arrival at Aigre in Charente. The end.40unsoldView
685British Post Offices AbroadBr. P.O’s in Peru. Unashamedly irregular piece from 1870 cover via Panama to NY, so as to show all relevant markings from Callao forward, on which GB 6d (damaged before being put into use) partners 1 dinero green, keeps company with 10 other stamps of Peru, one with 1859 Callao c.d.s., 7 cancelled C38, one featuring B16 killer (Plymouth to Bristol TPO). Values to 1 Sol, and finally an 1896 2c red struck C43 of Paita, which predates by many decades the enterprise of BCPSG in procuring anachronistic cancels from goodness knows where60unsoldView
686MiscellaneousUnited Fruit Co’s SS. TIVIVES took this rather scarce cover by sea towards Groningen, Holland, the two UFC strikes making a good job of showing the Guatemalan 2 and 3 peso stamps who was the boss32unsoldView
687MiscellaneousEL from Manchester 25.7.83 which travelled on SS Australian from Liverpool to Caracas, Venezuela, 4 years after the BPO there closed down. GB plate 18 4d SG161 paid the fare, nice duplex cancel, but no welcoming arrival mark (in the UPU so off strike, or on it?) Cat. on cover £175 or what you will 60unsoldView
688MiscellaneousIn 1875 Royal Mail Steam Packet Co issued their own 10 c stamps to cover postage costs on their letters delivered outside their contracted area (austerity budgets tempted governments even in those days). This lot is a rare complete sheet of 30 with full mgns, line perf. Printed by DLR. 7 stamps have been hinged at one and a former description writes of odd imperfections, yet our eyes haven’t spotted anything else worthy of mention. You’ll love it (we hope)210unsoldView
689MiscellaneousA mix of nice quality pmks. (If you know the marks you’ll know the country): Ireland Island, 1921, 1d; Fort Wellington, Wismar, 1899 2c; Colihaut ’52, 5c; St David’s ’54, 2c; A38, 3d, A63, 1d; and the odd-lady-in Bristol transit of 1887 on Jamaica QV 4d1719
690Miscellaneous1904 ppc Antigua to Minnesota (Leeward KE 1d) but Japanese mother and baby – how come? 1936 cover Roseau to NY, 2½d black and ultramarine; 1937 ppc Hamilton (Bermuda) to Sussex, lily field behind cathedral, ½d and 1d for its passage, small fault at foot; 1928 Knight’s Ltd window env; apparently went from Barbados to St Vincent, 1d franking, but no direct evidence of address remains; KG5 1½d on 1938 cover to London from Castries; mix of ordinary mail sent without pretensions3023View
691MiscellaneousBoston Paquebot cancel smiting Leeward 1d Die II and showing scant respect for a clear Lady Hawkins cachet stamped in black, gives a suitably miscellaneous flavour to a ppc to a Mr Holland in USA’s Dorchester on a Canadian ppc with coloured view (no.17 of the series) of Dinghy Racing in Bermuda2433
692MiscellaneousLady Nelson covers pre- and post-war. The 1937 one (to Dolcis in London) bears violet cachet only on front. Dominica 1½d black and red brown sits on flap, Boston slogan cancel above. The 1951 version – Canada 1c franks it – shows Barbados c.d.s. where landed, while a Long Beach backstamp signals handling there whether before or after re-direction within California3023
693MiscellaneousLady Drake covers of 1937 to Ohio, using 2½d coron. From Montserrat, and 1938 to NY at the bargain ½d rate paid with 2x Leeward ¼d. Both have violet cachet on face, and Boston m/c cancel, one with Xmas slogan; each is commercial, and later redirected inside NY3426
694MiscellaneousAntigua 1939 reg’d. Cover to Queensland sporting the 8 KG6 values to 1/-. Br Guiana 1937 Coron. Commem FDC. Dominica 1951 reg’d. to Butler, Toronto armed with 1d, 2d, 2½d. Virgin !. FDC with 1951 Leg. Council set of four. All these are unashamedly philatelic, quite decorative13unsold
695Miscellaneous8 FDC’s and some singles (8m 11u) display enthusiasm for 1963/4 commems (FFH, Red Cross, Shakespeare). One of these days their value will go up, but we’re still waiting. Think 1937 Coronation. Nine of our territories are represented here86
696MiscellaneousTwo punch holes on 1992 $10 departure tax stamp turn the coat of arms into a sort of goggle-eyed beetle; British Honduras looks fiscally ordinary though two of the QV postal fiscals are postally u.; Montserrat combines 4 QV laid paper 1d stamps of varying shade and appearance with 1983 $12 and $30 values neither with any trace of usage or gum2216.5
697MiscellaneousThere are 6 Jamaica FFC’s in this batch, touring the BWI after Miami, as follows:- to Hazel Heat, Antigua, for 1/2½ ; to Nassau (Dr. Hess, of course) for 1/7; to G.B. Kenniche, Barbados, paying 1/5; from T. Geddes Grant Ltd to its own branch in Demerara (another 1/7½, and the flamboyant 6dx3 suggest philatelic purpose); to Messrs Peter & Co, Castries, 1/5; to Stollmeyer, Trinidad, also at 1/5, finally introducing a scintilla of wallpaper9070
698MiscellaneousThough R. O. Challis is known in the world of philately a cover with Jamaica – Miami 1st Air Mail cachet addressed to him “The Direct West Indies Cable Co. Grand Turk” doesn’t have that feel. Folded carefully it missed any flight, for its Jamaica 9d is cancelled DE 10 20 (this inverted) and shows two parallel violet cancelling bars. No b/stamps to assist: a 1930 Xmas label adds colour, various pencil marks add only confusion3048
699Miscellaneous29 Grenada fiscal items include the orange and green Chalon, 7 values to 1/-, in both perfs/wmks, an extra 4d with spacing contrast, a tall narrow O in ONE PENNY, the succeeding QV design to 2/- (none of the foregoing is a challenging value) and the QEII 2/$1.50 surcharge. A few Dominica also figure (one QV 6d blue is a colour changeling) and a solitary Cayman I. QEII $10 grey-black comes in at the end2829
700MiscellaneousMore interest than value in a view of Hope Botanic Gardens that Hugh sent to Mrs Longeley (sic) in El Cayo (from Munro College, 1½d stamp) SEP 21 40; Belize transit, ignored by censors4unsold
701MiscellaneousWe begin with b/w view of St. Thomas (V.I.) a Mathews (NY) b/w card, no 472, sent Virginia to Kansas; next colour views of St. Thomas and Charlotte Amalie, the latter the office of despatch in 1941 and ’43; a Jan 3rd 1945 view (no. 25084) of Banana market, Roseau (a nice card) went to Georgetown, Demerara with ½d and 1d doing service; an Aspinall card written but not posted, Nov ’08, has an inconsequential Leeward KE ½d on address side and a Newsvendor (location to research, holding a Union Jack on a pole, but no obvious sign of news; finally – this is a miscellaneous category after all – a view of Penedo do Sacco, Madeira captures the RMSP cachet for SS ARAGUAYA, on its way to England with GB 1d in 19153426
702MiscellaneousGrenada QV ½d wrapper that travelled AP 20 97 inter-island to Trinidad and has stayed in commendable condn. ever since129
703Miscellaneous“Glad” (she sounds it too) writes to Ruby in Ontario, on b/w ppc entitled “Expectancy, St Lucia…) purchased and penned Feb 3 32. Posted on board with Barbados 1d 3 days later, it lands at Port of Spain sporting blue-grey LADY HAWKINS cachet – a right old medley, very right in our view1831View
704MiscellaneousThe well-known polychrome postcard pack of Beauty Spots in the West Indies produced for (or by) Elder Dempster with all six cards present and correct, incorporating the oval vignettes of the RMS Port… series vessels, with routes, fares and timetable info, all fine3342
705MiscellaneousTuck’s oilette p. cards of the West Indies are equally well-known (this is Series III, no. 7443) and not far behind Elder Dempster’s in appearance – if 40,000 or more different ppc’s for Tuck sounds a lot, just think of each card as a phone call and you’ll get the message (six fine old friends here)3023
706MiscellaneousJamaica 1d rose SG F3 with two-thirds (OLD) HARBOUR squared circle; St. Christopher 6d CC with light local dumb cancel; St. Vincent 1d black cancelled GB//40c; and the ornamental 5d on 4d SG59 pt.o.g. create an attractive QV group cat. abt. £110, all fine24unsold
707Miscellaneous“Lady” boat card (Canadian National Steamships) addressed to Pembroke, Bermuda by Marjorie who was in St. Kitts & Nevis yesterday and goes ashore Antigua today. A fragment of KG5 Montserrat adheres, but why trust it? (we don’t). No clue to date, but we reckon during WWII, like so many of our cards on offer this year – otherwise we might have seen that elusive Pembroke receiver1unsold
708MiscellaneousBarbados 1d p/s card in German, 1895 to Hamburg; Tuck’s Oilette 1930, Mandeville, Jamaica to London; 1d franked 1905 ppc of the Pitons, commemorates a 2-hour call at Castries (extensive foxing); 1936 1½d cover inter-island from Kingstown, St Vincent, to a lady in Castries – a commercial pot-pourri2731
Philatelic Literature
709Philatelic LiteratureThe Charlton Henry sale catalogue (Harmer Rooke, NY, Apr 4-7 1961) (no PR, but some members will provide you with a copy of them if you ask nicely). It can claim to be the finest general BWI collection to be put on sale – but never forget Ferrary6060View